Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Eve at Mimi and Baba's

We spent Christmas Eve at Brian's parents house this year.  The cousins were ready to have their gift exchange before Santa came to town!

Piper and Colin both helped their little cousins open their presents.  Finley is obsessed with that baby doll and Hudson hasn't stopped playing cars all weekend!
 Piper and Reese exchanged art supplies (for Piper) and Lego Friends (for Reese).  And I just made weird faces in the background.
 Wyatt got his first set of Star Wars Command and has amassed a small army of them.  There are a lot of different sets!
 After everything was open, they quickly got to playing!
 And sharing some ice cream together on the porch!
We all had to leave early though - it was time to get home and prepare for Santa's arrival.  Or in Hudson's case, fall asleep at 5:30 and not wake up until the next morning :)!

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