Monday, December 29, 2014

Military Aviation Museum

Brian and I have talked about taking the kids to the Military Aviation Museum for quite awhile, but it was an event Thanksgiving weekend that finally prompted our first visit.

There were trains.  There were planes.  We thought there would be Santa flying in on a plane, but we were wrong.  We still managed to have a lot of fun!

They all loved listening to how the trains worked.
 And checking out the planes!
 Wyatt was especially eager to run from plane to plane so that he could read about the plane and which war and types of missions it was flown in.
 Obviously, they assumed that this was Captain America's plane.  Because why not?
 All my "Jeep Buddies" in front of an actual World War II Jeep.  Brian's grandfather was a Transportation Officer during World War II, so all of the kids were excited to learn about the Jeep!
They also have a dinosaur display at the museum that the kids needed to check out.

 Wyatt was obviously in future paleontologist Heaven!
We had a really fun time - maybe next year we can actually make it on a day that Santa flies in!

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