Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Eve!

After we got home from Mimi and Baba's, we prepped for Santa's arrival.

But first I'll hit the rewind button to Sunday night.  Brian was starting to feel crummy, so I let him nap for a bit before we went to the Holiday Lights at the Beach.  I thought it would be fun to make Reindeer Food with the kids.

Yeah. Hudson kept "missing" the baggie as he tried to dump oatmeal in,  Finley didn't bother aiming for her baggie.  Instead she dumped her oatmeal in Reese's hair.  Since there was already oatmeal in her hair, Reese decided to throw some sugar in for good measure (so the reindeer could find her obviously).  It was chaos.  But still so fun!

On Christmas Eve, we dumped the reindeer food out for them to find.  Hudson missed out on the fun because he was sleeping.

We set out the cookies and milk for Santa and the carrots for the reindeer, but Finley took off with the carrots!  She can't be trusted!
Once the kids were asleep, Brian got to work getting the presents from us out for the kids.  How adorable are their matching Duffy's?  They really got hooked on Duffy while we were at Disney World.  Wyatt, who is especially into Hidden Mickeys, loves that Duffy's face is one!

While Brian worked on the present mission, I got to work frantically cleaning (because a house should be clean if it's going to be trashed the next day right?), and then got the streamers up on their doors!

While it doesn't keep them in their rooms until we get them, it does at least make it a little harder for them to escape in the middle of the night!
My 12 foot tree.  It is a beast to get up (and I told Brian I wasn't going to do it this year since we would be in Disney World for so long), but goodness gracious it makes me happy!  Brian already had my presents under the tree.  The bottle of wine shows how well he knows me.  Ha!
Santa came!

I love the way my house looks and feels all lit up by twinkle lights!  It always makes me sad to take it down mid January. Ha!

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