Friday, December 5, 2014

November Little Things

Time to play catch up.  Again.
Hudson passed out on the couch after the time change.  Whenever we fall back I think about the night I spent with him in the hospital when the time changed, and how they never actually fixed the clock in my room.  Between the post baby fatigue and pain, the medicine, and the nurses in and out, I don't think I got any sleep that night and I remember being so confused.  I guess my little guy can't hang, even though he was born in the middle of it!

These two love to hold hands in the car.  Don't worry - we were still in the driveway!
No school on election day means I get to bring four kids with me.  At least they were well behaved!
Marvel Universe Live came to town, and they were so excited to see their favorite super hero LIVE.  Betcha can't guess who their favorite is!
My new niece will be here next month, so Reese and I traveled to Richmond for April's shower!  She got so many adorable things, and I'm so glad they live close enough for a quick visit after the baby comes.  Anytime all 4 of us kids are in the same place at the same time we get a picture.  I'm thinking our next gathering will be at Matt's wedding in March!
Everyone in this house loves Star Wars Rebels.  Even Finley stops what she's doing to watch.  I think that there will be some very excited people in this house when the new movie comes out next December!
After parent teacher conferences at the preschool, Reese voiced some concerns about Hudson's letter knowledge.  She claimed that it was time he got a Phonics book, and he needed to start recognizing his letters.  So she made him some worksheets, a few matching games, and quizzed him after she got home from school everyday.  For the record, I am making none of this up, and if you know Reese, you are probably not surprised by it at all.
My mom watched the kids so that Brian and I could sneak away for an overnight trip to Williamsburg!  We did lots of shopping, lots of eating, saw Gone Girl, and made it to Colonial Williamsburg!
FQB is a polka dot lover!
Hudson got his Phonics book just before Thanksgiving.  It's so fun to look at pictures of them all when they got their book for the first time.  Wyatt was 4 year, 6 months old, Reese was 3 years, 8 months old, and Hudson was exactly 4!  Hudson is also the first kid to come home and tell me exactly what he did in his Phonics book each day.  He's quite a reporter!
Hopefully I find time to blog this December.  It's shaping up to be a little busy!

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