Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

We spent the morning and early afternoon on Christmas Eve hanging out at home.  First, I need to document Parker's sweet hiding spot that night!
Reese and Brian went to WalMart to pick up some baking items for me and water for Brian.  He is officially obsessed with the WalMart flavored waters.  We try to buy a ton at a time to limit my trips to WalMart to every two weeks (honestly, we have a great store, I just can't stand WalMart).

I prepped stuffed shells for dinner and made pans of the Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls to take to friends!
And the kids decorated cookies.  This is Hudson's cookie that he dubbed "Mistletoe Mountain."  I don't think he actually ate that thing, but this happened under Daddy's supervision!
After we dropped off the cinnamon rolls at our friends' homes, we headed to the fire station to see Pop Pop, Didi, Katie, and Bella.  My dad's newest fire station is right at the beach, and it was in the seventies on Christmas it was perfect!
The kids had lots of fun on all the equipment made for the beach.

A little girl + a fire truck = pure happiness.  I think she may have locked herself in!
And they were trying to solve a few mysteries of "how things work" at the station.  The bay doors were the biggest mystery!
And we were able to get one picture of the four of them all kind of looking at the camera before we left.

We came back home for dinner, cookies, Santa's final report on their behavior for the year (makes mental note to "check in" with Santa in June, too), and some of our traditional stories before bed.  Then we waited for Santa to come!

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