Thursday, February 18, 2016

Christmas Program 2015

After Thanksgiving comes Christmas! I was a substitute at the preschool 4 days the week before break, and she had to go to the MWF class and the T/Th class.  Since those two classes had two different programs, she had a "dress rehearsal" before her actual program!

On Monday, she sang at the same time as Hudson's class.

Hudson has such a great class (I know because I've been in there as a sub, too).

They both got very animated during their performance of "Feliz Navidad".

I had to go back to class during Hudson's party, but Brian was able to squeeze in a selfie!

And it was like, 85 degrees that day, so Hudson had to pack some "comfy" clothes so he could be more weather appropriate!  We had CRAZY weather the week of Christmas.
 Brian came back the next day for Finley's second performance and for her "actual" class party.
And I was able to sneak over for a second before I had to head back to class!  She is 100% my mini-me!

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