Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

We have gone to my brother's house in Richmond at Thanksgiving for the last two years (2014, 2013).  It is so much fun, and my whole family gathers there. This year we stayed home to celebrate Thanksgiving with Brian's parents, his sister and the kids, and his Uncle's family.  

We spent the morning watching the parade (well, I spent it cooking!), and then we decided to take the kids to walk at a huge park at a lake near our house.  We wanted to get our blood flowing before we packed on the pounds at our Thanksgiving Feast!

Excuse the glare, but it was our only way to get a family shot!

We had a lot of fun walking and exploring.  I'm not sure we burned any calories the way we hoped to, but it was still a blast!

We definitely weren't the only ones with the idea to get moving that morning!  We ran into friends of ours and team mates of Wyatt's while we were out. Hudson and Reese especially loved challenging themselves at the stations that are set up around the lake.
We stopped to let the kids play at the park for a little bit, and then we came home to get ready for Mimi and Baba's house.

This is the only picture I took of Hudson or Reese that day. Once Derek and Sophie and Colin and Piper showed up, my kids were gone!  Ha!

Finley had a ton of fun playing in the freshly fallen leaves that Baba was nice enough to rake into a big pile for her.

And she really enjoyed throwing them at me.

Wyatt had to get at least one shot at throwing them before he ran off to play baseball with Colin and Derek!

He's fierce!

We had so much fun celebrating together and with our family, and we were so ready to get home to start preparing for Christmas!

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