Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Disney 2015 Day 9: Final Day at the Magic Kingdom

Sick of vacation recaps?  Well, we're down to the final day!  Hooray!  Not really.  Leaving Disney gives me the major sads.  I always leave trying to figure out how soon we can get back.  Spoiler alert: Brian and I were <this close> to going last week when the kids had a three day break around a weekend.  But we had too many other commitments that weekend, and not really enough money! Ha!

We got to park in time for Rope Drop.  First time ever for us!

Once we were in the park, the boys and girls went on separate adventures. The ladies had three main priorities.

Mary. Merida.  Tiana. Reesie is a huge fan of Mary Poppins, and she was thrilled when Mary told her that she is practically perfect in every way!

We took a tour of accents.  From Mary's proper English accent to Merida's Scottish accent...

And then Tiana's Southern drawl!

She asked the girls if they'd ever been to Virginia Beach!

And Reese was excited to tell her we used to live there, and her dad still works right near the beach!  Tiana loved it. Once that visit was over, we headed to meet the boys in Frontierland.

Not to worry, they kept plenty busy without us.  I didn't know that they rode Splash Mountain until it showed up on our Memory Maker!  Sneaky boys.

Then they went over to Tom Sawyer's Island for boyish fun.  It's their favorite!

The girls and I were back in time to get a picture of them coming back on the raft.

And then we went to meet Woody and Jessie!
I love the hugs that they were able to get photos of!

Then we went over for one last ride on Splash Mountain (and a photobomb by me)!

Next we made our way to Fantasyland where we met up with Peter Pan. Peter never fails to crack these children up.  Especially the boys.  Those are REAL smiles on those faces!

Photo op in front of Rapunzel's tower!

No one poses like Gaston!  Ha!

I saw the pictures from the end of our last day and said, "Hey babe, thanks for letting me know my ears were on backwards!"  He didn't notice....

We stopped to watch Wishes and then went to Adventureland so Hudson could watch the pirate show!

Had to get a picture with these ball playing boys in front of Casey's Corner!  It's crazy how big Wyatt has gotten since this trip to Casey's when he was one!

And then we went to meet with the big man himself.  And we scared him a little!

Mickey told them to pose like a Cheetah!  He knows Wyatt well!  We went back to Tomorrowland for one last ride on Buzz and another whirl on the People Mover.

And one last family shot before we ended our vacation.  Oh man, I hate leaving Disney World!  I am always so sad while I pack up our room and get ready to go back home.  But once we're on the road I am ready to be home...while Brian and I plan our next trip, of course!  Ha!

We had the best time!  It's funny because I either get asked for Disney advice (which I am always happy to help with - I talked to my pharmacist about her trip this morning!), or I get asked why we got so often.  We just love it.  These 4 are only going to be small for a little while, and they love the Disney Magic - and Brian and I do, too.  There will be time one day for family vacations to other places, but for us, Disney is just the best.  And when they're grown up, we'll probably still be going! Ha!

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