Friday, April 26, 2013


My sweet little Hudson is getting so big.  

His language has taken off in the last few weeks.  He uses words he's never used before, and he usually uses them correctly the first time.  My favorite was "much better Mommy." And sentences galore.  I think 2 and a half is really just a treat when it comes to parenting.  Such a fun age.

He is trying to test the boundaries of his independence.  When we're going somewhere, I can usually count on him to take Reese or Wyatt's hand and head straight for the van.  Now he likes to stage sit ins by the tree in the front yard.  And he isn't as tolerant of his stroller at baseball and soccer as he used to be, but he's also not at the point where I know he can just go play in the sandbox!

The way that he says "Finley" melts my heart.  And it's usually said with a phrase like this - "Oh, sowwy Finney.  So siwwy goose."

Everything to this little guy is soooo silly goose.  If he falls down, he's "so silly goose."  If he's in trouble, I'm the "so silly goose."

 He's a big fan of making noise.  But all of my children are big noise makers.

He loves going to baseball games, and he's really getting into them this year.  He cheers for the team when they're batting.  He says, "Oh no!" or "Yay!" when they're making plays in the field.  He seems to enjoy watching the games.  His Baba says he's got a pretty good arm, too.
 Brian's let him run the bases after the games a few times, and he loves it.  Clearly, his big brother is too distracted by his friends to help his little brother learn where to go, and he left the instructions up to Reese.
 But he adores his big sister, so he was happy to follow her cowgirl lead! (It was pony picture day at school).  When he sees Reese after his nap or when he wakes up in the mornings, he runs and gives her the biggest hugs.

I can't believe this little guy is going to be two and a half next week!  It seems likes he was just born! He is genuinely such a fun, sweet boy.  He's very particular about some things (like his bed time routine.  Do not throw that off.), but he as a huge personality.  I can't believe he's going to be starting preschool in 4 months!

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  1. I can't believe how big Hudson has gotten and Finley. The baby stage doesn't last long.