Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Reesie the Soccer Girl

Reese's soccer games are always fun to watch.  She has fun when she's got her head in the game, and she definitely tries hard to get the ball.

 She isn't quite as aggressive going after the ball as Wyatt, so she doesn't get it as often.  But she loves to play, and that's what really matters!
 Sometimes she plays defense, and she's a great sweeper.
 Sometimes she quickly remembers that she can't use her hands in soccer.

But she always knows where the ball is and chases after it!

Reese follows the ball well, but if there are three or four kids around it, she backs off.  Wyatt has been trying to play soccer with her at home so that she has the confidence to get in there to get the ball.  It was entirely his idea to give her these little "clinics," too.  I think it pains him to sit on the sidelines and watch her back off from the ball.

So the other day the kids were playing together, and I heard Reese shout, "I bet you can't get the ball past me Little Girl!"  To her brother.  I would say his lessons are working.  But I could do without the trash talk.

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  1. This is funny. My daughter is playing again this year. She loves it. Last year she wasn't aggressive either. This year she is. Look out. I wouldn't want to play against her. Ha!