Monday, April 22, 2013

Wyatt's Baseball Season

 When I say that things are busy around here, I'm genuinely not exaggerating.   With practices and games four days a week, we're doing lots of shuffling around!  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but they're getting good physical activity, plus they're learning teamwork, good sportsmanship (not that Wyatt is all peachy at his games), making friends, and having a great time.  

Wyatt is loving his final season of t-ball.  I can't believe that this is it for him!  In the Fall he'll move up to coach pitch.

He and his Daddy have been working hard on his swing.
 But he's still upper cutting the ball sometimes!
 He takes his base running very seriously.  Especially the sliding.  And the giving of High 5's while he's sliding.
This little guy lives to play in the infield.  If he gets sent to the outfield (he plays out there at least one inning per game), he stands in "right field," but right behind first base.  He tries to be a part of every play!
 He got the out!
 He also takes his "pretend" pitching very seriously.
 I'm pretty sure that he sees himself like this when he's on the mound.
Brian held a few practices over spring break and started working with the kids on double plays.  Wyatt got the out at second, and then tried to get it at first.
Last Monday was Jackie Robinson Day throughout Major League Baseball.  Wyatt had a game that day and told me that he wanted to wear Number 42, just like Jackie.  So I made him a "number" with painter's tape. He said, "I'm just like Jackie Robinson.  I play for the Dodgers and I'm wearing Number 42!"  We've done some talking about baseball's segregation (he has never really noticed a difference in skin color, but it's something he needs to know about, so bringing up the subject is hard), and he tells stories about how he would show the guys who didn't want Jackie Robinson to play in the Major League's his "ninja moves."  He currently wants to show everyone who he disagrees with his ninja moves!  He just says he doesn't understand why people wouldn't want Derek Jeter or Curtis Granderson or CC Sabathia on their teams!

Watching the little guy learn to play baseball is fun.  And exciting.  And sometimes frustrating (he plays ball just like his Dad.  They take the game and errors very seriously).  But watching him play baseball is one of my very favorite things!


  1. This is my son's first year of T-ball. He's just three and it is difficult to get him interested in it more than an inning. How did you guys work with him since they have such a short attention span? Wyatt looks like he's really doing well!

    1. Oh goodness! Wyatt started playing just before his 4th birthday...he didn't always pay attention during the games, and he still doesn't. We do tell him that he's on a team, so he has to sit with them (and cheer for them) while he's waiting to bat, and he has to go out to the field...but he watches a TON, so he pretends he's a Yankee :)