Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First Haircut

When you're born with a full head of hair, you're usually ready for a haircut pretty early in life!  Hudson's hair has gotten so long, and the funny thing is that it was three colors - really dark on the ends, redder in the middle, and then lighter at the roots.  It took a lot of convincing on my part to get Brian to agree to this!  We are both still contemplating taking a trip to Disney World this fall, and he was thinking we could wait until we got there to get Hudson's haircut like we did with Wyatt!

But I was thinking it was time!  So on Brian's day off on Monday, Hudson and I dropped Daddy and the big kids off at Chuck E Cheese for some fun (I. can't. stand. that. place.) and we went to Pigtails & Crewcuts to get his haircut!  Hudson was great while we waited patiently for Ms. Sholanda to be available to cut his hair, and then he sat in the chair very nicely!
 Look at all his little baby hairs on the fire engine!
 Love this look!
 But for the most part - this is what he did the whole time!  He was so good, I just had to slip him some yogurt melts every few minutes.
We got the "first haircut package" that included his name and some of his little baby hairs!  Brian thought "My First Haircut" Mickey ears would be cooler, but that's an awfully long drive for a haircut!  I can't believe how big he looks now!

Anyway, I've got to go - I'm compiling my "final shopping list" before Irene hurls herself at us this weekend (it's amazing how much more seriously you take this stuff when you're a parent and a homeowner), and we also need to pick up a few things for Miss Reesie's 3rd birthday tomorrow!  I can't believe that she's turning three!


  1. stay safe you guys! he is so adorable! he has so much hair! :)

  2. Too cute! Love the face he was giving her, haha. I'm actually going to spend a little more money "preparing"... Horizon makes the milk servings that don't have to be refrigerated (weirds me out a little, but whatever). I will be heading to Sam's Club tomorrow morning, I'm sure it will be crazy!