Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too Much Beauty and the Beast?

Reese loves Beauty and the Beast.  It's probably her favorite Disney movie!  Over the last few weeks she has been asking me a ton of questions about why Belle's Papa goes into the forest.  Why does he want to go to the science fair?  Why doesn't he run away?  Why is the Beast so mean?  Are there wolves in every forest?

We went to the park yesterday with friends.  About halfway through the adventure Reese decided she needed to use the restroom.  Shannon and I just decided that she would walk the boys around the walking trail (through some trees) and I would meet her after we walked the other way to get to the bathroom. 

We got the bathroom with no problems.  When we came out and started to meet up with everyone else, my little girl froze.  Why?

Because she didn't want to walk through the forest of course!  What if there were wolves, or the Beast?
She wouldn't budge from her spot by the restrooms.  Fortunately Shannon came out with Wyatt and her kids right about this time, so I didn't have to push her to walk through them. 

But I really think she's missing the point of the movie.

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  1. Well now it makes perfect sense!! You have a Reese TOO!!!!! So how did you pick yours? Mine was my major love for Reese Witherspoon... Such a sweet name!! Reese Lynn is beautiful. My mother's name is Lynn... We went with Reese McKinley after my grandmother... hugs!! Cute blog and cute KIDS!!