Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Saturday!

We had another busy Saturday this week.  We started the morning at a 9:00 baseball game.  We were all in the car at 8:12, and we planned to be out by 8:15.  We definitely congratulated ourselves on getting out of the house on time (thanks to me - I was up until 12:30 getting everything packed)!

Wyatt played short stop and second base this game, along with an inning in the outfield!
After baseball we headed to look at trophies for the baseball team.  I can not believe that their season ends next Tuesday!  This season flew by.  Then we headed to soccer.  They don't do team pictures through the league, so we ended up taking their picture after the game on Saturday.
We came home and we ALL took naps (again).  I am so exhausted by the mid afternoon most days, and I can barely keep my eyes open!  I laid down on the couch and Brian put the kids to bed, and then he ended up taking a nap with Wyatt!

Later that evening I went with Reesie to get pictures of Katie in her prom dress.  Her group (a very large group of kids) met in a local neighborhood that has a beautiful courtyard.  In a case of perfect timing, my dad ended up getting a call and driving the truck through while we were there!  So I took a picture of the two of them :).
Katie and her date.  There was a wedding party over underneath the "Epcot" thing.
Mom and Katie!
Katie and her best friend Stevie!
Another shot of "the girls," as Wyatt calls them!
Reesie and Katie.  Reese was very confused by the while situation.  She didn't get that Katie was going to a dance, she thought that she was going to a recital.  Then she didn't understand why we didn't get to go and watch Katie dance!  Ha!  The things that they think when they're little.
I can't believe that my little sister had her senior prom on Saturday!  In just a month she'll be graduating from high school, and she'll be away at college when she turns 18 in August!  They grow up so fast!

When we got home from the pictures we headed to Target  o pick up a few things.  Brian even stopped at Firehouse Subs to get me a special Mother's Day dinner!  I have to say that I was dead on my feet by the time I got home that night.  I'm glad that things are going to start to die down as I get farther along in this pregnancy.  Because now I just have to get through the third trimester in the heat of the summer!

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