Monday, May 7, 2012


On Saturday we had a bit of a "break" - there were no soccer games, so we got the morning off!  I can't really tell you what we did, but I can say that we somehow still ended up getting to Wyatt's baseball game later than we wanted to!

Wyatt got to play in the infield twice this game.  He played one inning at shortstop and another at second base.  The ball is headed to his glove!
I believe Brian called this shot "proof that kid was actually out."
Running home!  He was the last batter, so he got to run the bases like he'd hit a home run!
After the game we were all hot, sweaty, and thirsty, but his friend Hunter invited Wyatt to come hit some balls with him and his grandfather.  This little girl manned the field and collected the balls!
Wyatt hitting some!  He did a great job hitting without the tee, and he and Hunter had a lot of fun!
After each guy had 4 turns we were done and headed straight to Wawa to get us all drinks! 

After the kids woke up from their (very late) naps, we headed out to free comic book day.  I mean, I went under protest and waited in the car, but Brian took Wyatt and Reese in!  They were very excited to go in and get their books, and they also each got to pick one for Daddy to buy them.  I'm really just kidding when I say I think they're dorky.  I mean, honestly, I will do whatever it takes to make sure that my boys stay interested in reading.  Wyatt loves it now, but I know that as he gets older there will be other things that distract him from it.  And if comic books keep them interested, so be it!  I'll just have to check them first - some of the free ones were for older kids - Brian just makes up his own story now, but that will change once they actually know what's going on :)

After that stop we went to dinner for Brian's grandmother's ninetieth birthday.  She had all three of her kids and their spouses, plus three grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren there to celebrate her birthday!
The kids!  Derek and Sophie are actually Brian's cousins, but I don't think anyone knows the difference :).  These four had a great time playing together!  Derek and Sophie are three months older than Wyatt.
Silly boys!  They spent a lot of time talking about their favorite teams - the Yankees and the Lakers!  Ha!
Reesie asked to look at one of her super hero comic books on the way home.
...and Wyatt asked to look at a couple before bed!  He passed out from his long day almost as soon as we put him down. Ha!

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