Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Strawberry Picking

We went strawberry picking yesterday with Stephanie and Natalie just like we did last year.  Reese had a great time!  Wyatt, well, you know, he's all boy.  The patch was picked out over the weekend, so we needed to search for the strawberries.  He had no interest in that.  He just wanted to throw them.  Next time we'll probably go while he's at school :)!

We ended up filling three and a half buckets full of strawberries, even though they were picked out!  Reese and Natalie had a lot of fun on their "play date!"
Wyatt, well, he was just silly.

After we paid for our strawberry haul, we also picked up some corn, potatoes, and cucumbers. I wanted to get some flowers, but I'll have to do that on our next trip.  And we will be making a next trip!  When we got home I cleaned the strawberries, de-stemmed them, and froze them all on a baking sheet.  After they were individually frozen I threw them in a freezer bag.  Brian really likes to have smoothies in the morning before work, and these were much cheaper than the frozen bags at the store!  I also pureed the "yucky" ones and put them in ice cube trays to use with water.  I'll have to see if that works in all the water I've been drinking!

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  1. I just love strawberry picking!!!! Looks like your kiddos had fun too!!!