Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

We spent our Mother's Day on the go!  I was able to sleep in until almost 8, but then I rushed around like a mad woman trying to get everyone out of the house to get to my parents house.  My dad made a yummy brunch, so we were able to go over and spend time with my parents, my aunt and my grandmother.  Stevie and Katie also gradually made their way home from their after prom parties, so we were able to see them a little bit, too!

It was a nice day and the kids really wanted to go swimming, so we let them.  In what I'm saying is a case of perfect planning, but is really just my own forgetfulness, they had swimsuits and their lifejackets waiting for them!  I wish I had pictures.  I had the camera.  But I took the card out the night before to empty it, and I forgot to put it back in!  Mommy fail!

They both got back in the pool like they had been in it yesterday and did a great job with their swimming!  Wyatt even jumped off the diving board!

We stayed there until 1 and  then made our way to Brian's parents (with a stop at home to get the card for the camera).  The kids had a great day playing with their cousins and celebrating Piper's fourth birthday!
She LOVES to swing!  She would do it all day, but she actually still prefers the baby swing!

As usual, there was lots and lots and lots of baseball!  I've heard rumors of a batting cage, which would pretty much guarantee that I will be getting requests to head over to Mimi and Baba's house every day!
Wyatt wanted to wear his Cano shirt because he loves Robinson Cano, but also because he just knew that Derek would be wearing his Yankees gear, too!  And he was pinstriped out!
As usual, Hudson wanted to do whatever the big kids were doing, but he was more content to do it all on his own!

After spending the rest of the day there, the kids were exhausted!  We came home and got them to bed so that my husband could treat me to my Mother's Day dinner - pizza while we watched the Survivor finale.  This is tradition - long before the children we had reality TV Thursday - we watched Survivor and the Apprentice (when it was good) and ordered pizza every week.  When our metabolism's quickly dwindled at the same rate as the quality of the Apprentice, we switched to just ordering pizza when Survivor premiered and on finale night. It is really one of the only shows on TV that we both still enjoy (along with The Amazing Race, SVU, and Modern Family)!  I like some shows and he tolerates them, and he has some shows he likes that I tolerate, but we both still love some Survivor!

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