Friday, May 4, 2012

Our Week...and iPurge

I promise that I'm going to get back to blogging regularly, but man am I exhausted (and worn out!) Monday through Wednesday!  On Monday nights we have Reese's soccer practice and games, Tuesday is Wyatt's baseball games (although I think it's Thursday next week), and Wednesday he has soccer practice.  All of this is at 5:30.  Which means that we eat, pack up, change into uniforms, and walk out of the house by 5:00 (4:45 for baseball).  It's crazy!  But I would MUCH rather have them out being active and learning teamwork than sitting on the couch watching TV!

Reese played a GREAT game on Monday night - 9 goals!  Brian and I were talking the other day, and we have no idea what motivates her when she's playing.  We know Wyatt plays to win (he makes that very obvious), but Reese just goes out there on fire and plays soccer, and then comes back in.  She doesn't keep track of how well she does (like her brother), or get mad when the other team scores (like her brother). We think she legitimately just gets there and thinks, "Okay, I'm here to play soccer, so I'll just do what I'm supposed to do."  I love that you can see her big brother running down the sidelines cheering for her!

Wyatt's class is learning about Dr. Seuss this month.  On Monday he and his classmates dressed up like The Cat in the Hat.  He was not enthused.  He told his teacher that I was going to be so mad at her for making him wear paint on his face!  Not the case!  I wanted to get a picture of his full get up with the hat, paint, gloves and tie, and he would ONLY do it while he was standing in the van.  He did not want anyone to see him!

Reese had pony pictures at school on Tuesday, and this was her Cowgirl outfit, complete with Cowboy boots.  I tried to convince her to wear her Halloween costume, but it isn't Halloween, so I lost that battle!
Wyatt has been playing with his set of Baseball Guys a lot, and he left them on the table the other morning after breakfast.  I heard Hudson shout, "Guys!" and then a bit of a crash.  He pulled the field off the table, and was hard at work playing with the two guys who didn't fall to the floor when he reached for them!  He wants to do whatever his big brother is doing, but I think he might have a bit more of a gentle spirit!
Wyatt's baseball game on Tuesday night got called early because a storm hit just before the final inning.  I waited in this traffic for 30 minutes!  Like, didn't move.  It was crazy!  We're at the very back of the complex, so everyone got to leave before we did.  I felt like we were at a Yankees game! Speaking of which, we are very, very bummed that Mariano Rivera tore his ACL yesterday.  Wyatt watched the footage on TV this morning, and I think he blames A Rod.  Well, not really, but I do!  We're hoping The Sandman comes back next year!
In BIG news, Wyatt got the game ball at his game on Tuesday!  He had a big hit, and made some super plays when it was his turn to pitch!  He was very, very excited to get it!
This weekend we only have baseball (no soccer!), and I have plans to go get a massage and a pedicure.  My neck has been bothering me ALL WEEK (my house is a mess), and I haven't been able to move it!  Hopefully a nice massage will help!

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