Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love again to share what I am loving this week!

For starters- my new Thirty-One Summer catalog.  Seriously, the cover is like an organizational dream, and the inside?  AMAZING.  Especially the new spirit collection!  It's so perfect for fall tailgating.  And I'm sharing this because?  Well, there's a possibility that there WILL be a giveaway soon.  Like, next week!
Um...I am so not ashamed to share how much I loved this movie.  I loved both Iron Man movies and Captain America, but I didn't really like Thor.  But I LOVED this movie.  It was seriously so, so good! 
I LOVE how hard this little guy is working on his readers!  He asked if he could work on his reading after I put him to bed on Friday night, and I found him asleep like this!  He finished it with me last night, but I sent him off to school today to show his teachers that he knows it.  Once he does his word list he'll be ready to move on to Reader #4!
Speaking of his teachers, I sent these to school today for Teacher Appreciation week!  I got the cups off Very Jane about a month ago, and filled them with water mixers.  The little tag says, "Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge!"  I got them (and the idea) here. Gotta love Pinterest. So cute!
Because Reesie was born on August 25th and this Baby Girl will be born around the same time, I'm definitely not going overboard in her clothing department.  But she does have two cute little outfits (chosen by her very excited big sister).  The purple one matches one of Reese's dresses, and the other little one was just too cute to pass up!  We are VERY excited for her to come.  And we are slowly progressing on the naming situation - even though we WON'T be sharing it with anyone.  Especially the big brothers and sister!

And now some pinterest finds:
I am in LOVE with this idea for MORE storage.  I found cubbies like this at Target last week, and I think I know the perfect spot for them in the play room!

I love this link for ideas on teaching kids about money.  Even if it backfired in my face.  I was trying to teach Reese about how we need money to buy things and we get money from our jobs.  Kudos to me on the wording.  She came back at me with, ""Mommy, I know where Daddy gets his money. But where do YOU get all the money you spend?"  Aaaaaah.  Of course Brian wanted to know about "all the money I spend."  These kids, man!  These kids!

I love this!  My littles will go an entire morning while Wyatt is at school without the TV on, but it's harder for him.  I love these ideas!

LOVE this printable.  It is sure to find a place in our home this summer!

It's amazing how much I look forward to getting back in shape when I'm pregnant and then never actually do after I have the baby.  But this time I am losing weight!  Of course, I've barely gained anything this pregnancy (I've actually lost 5 pounds and my doctor isn't complaining about that if that says anything.  And it should.) I am hoping to use this blog for inspiration!

Instagram is by far my favorite app on my iPhone!  And I love a bit of knowledge!  I also ordered a camera class for my own Mother's Day gift.  I'm really excited to learn some more about my Rebel and finally get it out of Auto mode!


  1. Dane says " Dad has to go to work to give mommy that cash" Makes me mad, cause I don't want Derek to teach him that I spend all his money! LOL

  2. Hi

    Haven't been here in ages, but I love this post and link up. Off to check out lots of those links - especially the Instagram link.

  3. We kept our boys' names a secret until they were born, too. It's fun!

  4. I love Instagram!! I don't know what I ever did without it haha.

  5. Just found your website-it's adorable! I love the gifts for the teachers-super cute! And it's funny because I have already pinned the storage one and the money one-looks like we think the same!