Thursday, September 15, 2011

First Fall Ball Game!..and Soccer, Too!

My little slugger had his first Fall Ball game on Saturday morning.  He was so excited to get to the game - which was good because he had to be there for pictures at 8:30!
 He was really excited to try out his new bat!
 He also got to pitch this game!  Here is "pitching" the ball.  Except, he doesn't throw a ball.  I think he's been channeling CC Sabbathia!

 He had a lot of fun, and definitely played hard the entire game.  And then he had to go to soccer!
I forgot the camera for soccer!  Bad Mommy!  Wyatt got there after the game started and only played three quarters - and scored 9 goals!  I had two people stop me on the way to the field (the younger kids and I got there late because we had to drop Reese's birthday party supplies off at TLG) to tell me that my son was a great soccer player.  That's a little crazy for a four year old! 

We have another baseball game this week, and we have the week off from soccer (a little break, yes)!  He really just has so much fun playing all these sports, but he definitely can not go on like this forever!

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