Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Weekend

We have been trying to enjoy our final weekend before school starts, but we've also been trying to get some things done around here to get ready!  On Friday Wyatt had his first t-ball practice with the Yankees!

 Reese has a new friend named Ryan that she hangs out with at the practices (her Dad has actually been friends with Brian for a long time - Brian was in their wedding)!  These two had a lot of fun playing and they also go to the same school, so they'll get to play on the play ground there, too!
 Wyatt got right back into the swing of things (ha, get it?)!
 He was so excited to get his new Yankees hat, he had to go show it to Baba after practice!  He had practice on Friday and again on Saturday morning.  While we were there practicing we saw his old coach walking up with his three kids.  I walked Wyatt and his friend Hunter over to see Coach Jim, and they were both so excited to see him.  Wyatt told him that he was on the Yankees now (he was wearing his batting helmet so it wasn't actually obvious), and that he picked number 2 for his shirt!

A few funny things Wyatt has said to me about baseball this season:
We were talking about needing to get him gray pants for his uniform and he said, "Mom, I'm on the Yankees now.  I need stripes for when I'm the home team, and gray for when I'm away." 
He was telling my mom about his number and he said, "I'm number 2, like Derek Jeter.  That means I'm  the captain!"

After baseball practice yesterday we drove over to my parents' house to visit with my sweet little nephew, who has actually gotten so big!  He was awake for awhile, but he got pretty tired.  And he and Hudson weren't very interested in each other!
 Wyatt and Reese just loved seeing Mason!  Reese was actually so much better with him than she is with her own baby brother.  She sat in front of him and was making silly faces and trying to get him to laugh at her!
 Hudson preferred lounging poolside to taking a nap or hanging out with his little cousin! 
 On our way home all three kids managed to fall asleep and take good naps.  That came in handy because we had a late night planned!  Our neighbors planned one last summer "event" for the kids.  They set up a huge movie screen in their back yard (borrowed from another neighbor),  and the kids got to sit down and eat popcorn and watch a movie while the adults had "grown up time."  Before the movie, about half the girls ran home to change into their pajamas!  So cute!

The kids had fun, but they were a handful!  Reese wanted to walk over to tell me about the movie every two minutes, Hudson wanted to be held by only me, and Wyatt capped the evening off by getting a popcorn kernel stuck in his throat and throwing it all up in their grass.  You might be thinking, didn't Reese poop in a neighbors pool on July 4th?  Yes, she did.  And yes, it was Lena's house again.  I told her next time I come over I'll just let Hudson pee in the yard to complete the trifecta.  She cracked me up because she assured me that Wyatt only spit up because of the popcorn, and then she asked him if a s'more would make him feel better!  And it absolutely did!

Today we hung out at home and I made my first batch of home made laundry detergent (more about that later) and cleaned out the van!  We've got to get ready for school and car pool - I can't believe Reese's first day of school is Tuesday!

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