Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

It has been awhile since I shared some of my favorite pins on the blog, but since pinning is just about all I've been doing (and also what "gave away" our pregnancy to many, many people), I figured I would share some of my favorites!  So this week I'm linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple to share them!

"Die hard" just about describes our allegiance to the Yankees around here (as evidenced by our trip to the old stadium in 2008 - Day 1 and Day 2, Various Opening Day parties, and play off parties, and our Jeter love), and I think this would look fabulous on our door this spring (especially to counteract the Sox fans on our street)!  The only question is - can I make this?

Source: via Brittney on Pinterest

I can not believe that this is (kind of) what our family will look like in less than a year!  I LOVE this picture!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Slacking, with a Great Excuse!

So, this blog has been neglected.  And it's totally my fault.  

I have been very, very tired lately.  Tired for oh, I don't know, the last 13 weeks?

Because of this little gal.  Or guy.  We don't know which it is :)  And we probably won't find out!

We found out the day after Christmas.  I told Brian that morning that I was "off."  He just looked at me and said, "no you aren't!"  But in his head, he was thinking that I might be.  Apparently I'm a noisy sleeper when I'm pregnant, and the last few nights had him thinking that I could be pregnant.  But of course he didn't tell me that so I wouldn't get my hopes up!

I picked up a test that day while we were out, but I didn't even think to take it until that night.  I wanted a glass of wine, but I figured I should take a test first.  When I got the positive, I was shocked and thrilled.  I try to do cute things to tell Brian about our pregnancies, but this time I just walked out of the bathroom to show him the test!  Ha!  That's when he told me about my noisy sleeping!  And I skipped the Moscato! We are very excited to be adding our fourth (and final!) baby this fall!

At that point I was only 3 weeks (although we thought I was 4).  My original due date was August 31st, but based on two ultrasounds, it's been moved to September 6th!  The first trimester has been good - no nausea or morning sickness, but LOTS of fatigue.  I am tired all the time, so rather than sitting down with the laptop at nap time or night time, I'm more likely to sleep.  Or just be lazy!

Now that I'm coasting into the second trimester (and I've had a few days where my energy level felt normal), I'll be back on track for blogging, and following along with you all!  Which is good because tee ball starts this weekend, and we're about to have a lot of fun things going on!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wyatt Playing Hockey

Today's blog is brought to you by Guest Blogger Brian (the husband & daddy)

Last weekend Brittney, Reese and Hudson hit the road to visit family and celebrate cousin Mason's 1st birthday. Wyatt and I stayed behind because he had a basketball game and I had some other obligations to take care of. So yeah - it was Boys Weekend at our house! And what a weekend it was (but more about that in my next post). For now I will focus on a particularly exciting part of the weekend - Wyatt playing hockey (on ice) for the first time!

On Saturday, national Try Hockey for Free Day was taking place in rinks across the country. It allows kids ages 4-9 the opportunity to get dressed up in hockey gear and hit the ice to try everything out - for FREE. It was an awesome experience for Wyatt. He was a little skeptical at first, but as soon as we pulled into the parking lot at Chilled Ponds he got super excited and was ready to go. We got him dressed in skates, hockey jersey, helmet and stick and he hit the ice. I must add that Wyatt has never ice skated a day in his life. We play street hockey outside all the time (we used to play inside too - until Brittney banned us) but never on ice. Fortunately, Chilled Ponds had some of the coaches and players from the local junior hockey team to lend a hand and teach the kids some things. Wyatt was one of the few kids there that had never skated but he did such a great job. I was so proud of him! He never got frustrated and kept trying the entire time. Even when none of the coaches or players were nearby, Wyatt would leave the bench area by himself and do his best to maneuver on the ice. He fell down many times, but never and I mean NEVER stopped smiling. By the end of the hour he could not only skate a short distance without falling, but he could also stand back up by himself after falling. And the highlight of his day was that he got to shoot a puck into a real hockey goal! 

Here are some photos of his big day!
 Sitting and waiting for his next chance...but not for long.

 Getting tips from one of the players.

 Pucks everywhere! In the process of standing back up after falling. He learned this trick very quickly.

 Down he goes...but not giving up on getting that puck.

 But he NEVER stopped smiling.

 Trying a slapshot!

 Look at him go!

I am so proud of this little guy!

Friday, February 10, 2012

iPurge! Also Known As - Our Week!

We had some really great weather last week!  This week hasn't been nearly as nice, but the kids got used to outside time - and so did I!  As long as they put on their hats and coats, they can run around outside for a few minutes a day.  They need to get their sillies and outside voices out!

 Thursday, 2/2 - Reese "really, really missed" Parker, and she insisted that she "write" him a letter to send to the North Pole.  She has really gotten good at tracing! I guess she figured that it worked in the Elf on the Shelf movie!
Friday, 2/3 - Reese decided to play hockey guys while Wyatt was at school.  Listening to her "games" cracks me up!  She's definitely learned a lot from her brother, but she's definitely more gentle when she plays!
 Saturday, 2/4 - (I promise I love my other kids!  It's just been a Reesie week!)  Reese wanted to help Daddy hang up some pictures!
 Sunday, 2/5 - Katie came over for a Super Bowl gathering.  While Brian and I finished up a few things she cuddle up with the kids and watched Tangled.  Wyatt ran into the kitchen counter just before this and banged his noggin, hence the ice pack!
 Monday, 2/6 - Hudson at his well baby check up on Monday.  We took his basketball to entertain him while we waited for Dr. Jones.  I love how fast he's moving in this picture.
 Tuesday, 2/7 - One of Reese's Valentine's Day paintings from school.  She was very proud of this one!
Wednesday, 2/8 - Wyatt seemed "off" after I picked him up from school on Wednesday.  He felt a little warm, but I was definitely suspicious after I settled him in his room for Quiet Time with the Backyardigans on Netflix, and he decided to hop in bed and take a nap on his own.  After he woke up he told me that it "hurts when he swallows," and then he stayed like this all night.  I even asked if he felt well enough to go to basketball practice and he said no! I gave him some Tylenol before bed, and the fever broke, and he woke up the next day with no fever. He did say that his throat was still bothering him, but that may have been a ploy to get smoothies from me all day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So, after this I will officially be caught up on my Project 365/iPurge (and then I'll post another on Thursday)!  And there will be more blog posts soon.  I'm still catching  up on everything from being sick, and someone else is always sick, too!  Brian says he can't remember a time this winter where someone hasn't been sick - and it's true!  I feel like there is a humidifier on somewhere every night!

 Thursday, 1/26 - Hanging out in his car seat.
 Friday, 1/27 - He found the baby food in the Target bags!  He eats what we eat now, but he loves these things!  How can I deny him extra servings of fruits and veggies if that's what he wants?!?
 Saturday, 1/28 - We took a trip to Toys R Us to use some rewards points before they expired (seriously though, Toys R Us might have the worst system for this ever - they expired two weeks after I got them).  These two never miss an opportunity to explore while we're there!  We ended up using all of our rewards points on a Team Umizoomi math kit - and Wyatt LOVES it.  He wants to do math every day!
 Sunday, 1/29 - I told her she could take a few toys to bed during quiet time (she rarely sleeps nowadays).  She dumped a toy bin in there, and then fell asleep on top of the toys!
 Monday, 1/30 - My little helper picking up all the grocery bags!
 Tuesday, 1/31 - Working on the Team Umizoomi math kit.  Wyatt could use the popsicle shape to make anything he wanted - and we ended up with Derek Jeter!
Wednesday, 2/1 - My assistant helping me make coffee in the morning.  He loves to help put the K-cup in and hit the start button.  He gets down to watch the cup fill.  And then he says, "Mommy, your hot coffee is ready!"
This is what my Photo 365 app looked like at the end of the month!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Basketball Video

Wyatt is having a lot of fun playing basketball this year.  It's his first time playing, and it's so fun to watch him learn to play, and pick up the new skills.  He cracks us up, especially when he's playing defense.  His coaches are a grandfather and his son in law, and they are really great with the kids.  One asked last week how many other sports Wyatt plays because he's really athletic!  Ha!  He plays as many sports as I can get him to at once - this kid has energy for days! Wyatt is typical Wyatt and can get distracted by the other kids while he's waiting to play.  At practice the other night the other coach asked Brian if it was okay to start treating Wyatt like one of his grandkids (he's a little tougher on them) - and Brian said it was absolutely okay!

Friday, February 3, 2012

iPurge Catch Up!

So I've been really MIA.  I just haven't really felt like pulling out the laptop at night.  I guess I've been too busy watching Idol and reruns of Friends on Nick at Nite?  It's incredible how old you feel when you realize that Friends started 18 years ago.  Like, that is some frightening stuff.  I mean, sure I was only 12 then, but still.  Friends and Seinfeld and ER were my shows back then!  

I've also been sick.  I feel like I've been coughing for a month (probably because I have), and I finally went to the doctor and I had bronchiolitis!  Uck!  After some antibiotics I feel much better, and the cough finally seems to be subsiding.  But I was miserable and not sleeping well at all!

Anyway, I guess I've been lazy and sick, but I need to get back on track!  I keep up with the blog to document their lives, after all!  I'm just going to do the week I missed today so I don't post 14 pictures at once!

 Thursday, 1/19 - Wyatt and I working on his sight words while Reese was at school.  He is such a combination of Brian and I!  While he was working he was going through the words and organizing them according to whether he knew them or not (so me!), and if he got one wrong he would go back to the beginning and start over (so Brian!). I can not believe that he is going to turn 5 next month!
Friday, 1/20 - Hudson continuing his hat obsession with Wyatt's Yankees helmet!  And Wyatt's old baseball sweatshirt.  Although, this little guy seems to have developed a love affair with basketball!
 Saturday, 1/21 - Playing in the kitchen cabinets while Daddy and Wyatt were at the movies!  We have gotten new and improved cabinet locks since then.  He was seriously spending every waking moment trying to break into the cabinets!
 Sunday, 1/22 - This is what little boys do, right?  A comic book and a flashlight on his bed?  Ha!
 Monday, 1/23 - Hanging out playing with Reese's Olivia toys.
 Tuesday, 1/24 - Cuddling on the couch with my Reesie!
Wednesday, 1/25 - Reese and Hudson took over Wyatt's Football Guys field.  Wyatt has a collection of Hockey Guys, Baseball Guys, and Football Guys and he loves them.  They really help him use his imagination, and it's sports oriented.  They are awesome toys!

So now that I'm semi caught up, I hope I can blog some more this weekend! We've got basketball games and the Super Bowl, so fun times are ahead.  Wyatt is predicting a Giants win this year.  He was right last year, so maybe he's a sports psychic?