Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun Day!

Today was probably the most fun "day off" that Brian has had this summer. It started out not so fun though. Wyatt had a nightmare (we're assuming, whatever it was made him not want to go to sleep in his crib tonight too, but no such luck for him!) that woke him up at 4:45 this morning and he was screaming. Wyatt typically sleeps until at least 7 and never wakes up crying, so we went in to check on him. He cried every time we put him down so we brought him to bed with us (against our better judgement...this previously resulted in a very bad stretch of sleeping in December and January...but we also knew his crib needed to be lowered and didn't want him hanging out in there). He was being very cute, but wasn't falling back asleep. So Brian and I tagged teamed like we did in the olden days and I got up with Wyatt and went and got Brian at 7 so I could get a few z's before we got on the road. Apparently I left Wyatt with a dirty diaper for Brian to clean. Oh well!

We took Wyatt to Water Country USA to play there. Brian and I both have Platinum Passes (mine courtesy of my parents who gave me their fourth one free :)) so we can get into any of the Anheuser Busch Theme Parks. We've used them before at Water Country and Busch Gardens since they're so close, but also at Sea World and Discovery Cove in Orlando when we were on our Honeymoon, and again at Sea World when we went to Disney in December.

Anyway, Water Country has three kiddie areas, which were pretty fun for the little guy. Having Brian around was great because Wyatt could do whatever he wanted with Daddy. There were inner tube slides in the kiddie sections that Wyatt could ride with Brian (with a life jacket) and he had so much fun. He also go to ride the little kiddie slides by himself because Brian and I were both there so one of us could take him to the top and the other one could catch him. With the exception of the inner tube slides our local waterpark (and no, I'm not saying this because I'm partial) has a better kiddie section. I think the Pirate Ship and the Lazy River are just a lot of fun. Anyway, Wyatt had the BEST time on the Hubba Hubba Highway, which is kind of like a lazy river with no tube. You just float through while wearing a life jacket and the current takes you away. Brian held him while they floated and he said that Wyatt was just smiling and talking and cuddling up the whole time. We both had a feeling that Wyatt would love that ride the most and he proved us right! I was sad that I couldn't go, but I was afraid of getting kicked in the stomach.

On that note :)....Baby Girl Update!

We left Water Country and drove straight back here for my 31 week Doctor's appointment. After some crazy drama in the waiting room (let's just say there was a weird couple fighting in there...seriously, and it made everyone uncomfortable), we finally got called back to see the Doctor - our favorite one! She was excited to see Wyatt because she delivered him and he was excited because she's a cute blond. All in all I'm doing well...she complemented my weight gain (18 pounds!), my blood pressure is up a little but still better than average and she answered all my questions confidently. Then she said that we could schedule Baby Girl's delivery if we wanted so we got her definite date of delivery. The Surgery Scheduler asked if we had a preference (and of course we did, we wanted our Favorite!) and told us that she was available on August 25 when I will be exactly 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant. So that's her birthday, August 25! She joins a long line of August birthdays in out families and we can't wait for her to come! The plus of the C Section is that unlike the induction last time, I'm booked for an OR at the hospital that day so there's no calling to check and make sure that there's a bed. And hopefully this time I won't have to go 40 hours without eating again!

After the appointment we came home and Brian took Noelle swimming in the pool. Then we went out for ice cream at Handel's (which took about 25 minutes longer than it needed to because of the Tourists who don't know how to order...and were quite rude to the staff:)!) We came home and Brian lowered the crib to the ground so Wyatt can cry it out tonight if he wakes up and I gave him a bath. When I got him ready to brush his teeth his actually took the toothbrush and brushed his own teeth! I was very impressed.
Anyway, I'd like to post pictures but I'm too tired. Hopefully at some point tomorrow I'll be able to post a few of our day....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

"I'm Superstitious Mom, Not OCD..."

Brian has a few "quirks." We don't call them OCD, they're more superstitions...I guess. The number of times my husband knocks on wood a day is ridiculous. Noelle's collar needs to be put on a very specific way (from the way you stand behind her and hold it to put it on). It all goes back to when he was a kid (seriously, he was just talking about it with his sister a few weeks ago), and he chalks it up to being a baseball player and how superstitious the sport is.

Well, he comes from a family of baseball players, so I'm assuming that Wyatt must have the "superstitious" gene too. The last two times I've given him a bowl of goldfish he has taken 5 out of the bowl (he doesn't know how to count, so I don't know why it's 5), and lined them up all facing the same direction on Noelle's dog bed. He then eats one of them by sticking his mouth directly on the bed and slurping it up (fortunately, our dog never actually lays on her dog it's the only lab hair free surface in the house), and then picks the next four up. Brian says it's a good way to live, but I'm hoping that this isn't a sign of things to come...I'm afraid it is....
The lined up goldfish

Finished the first one, now on to the rest

And this is the face I've seen a lot recently from my little whiny grumpy pants.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Zoo Time!

Wyatt and I went to the zoo yesterday with Shannon and Tyler. We're so glad that our friends have a son that's so close in age to Wyatt because the boys really get along and we're able to hang out with our friends while the boys play. Fortunately, Baby Girl has a big cousin (well, 3 months "bigger") and a friend (our good friends just found that they're expecting a girl!) that will be close in age to her as well. Yesterday the boys had a lot of fun staring at the animals from their strollers (well, Tyler got a few jail breaks because Shannon's not pregnant and was up for chasing him around) and babbling at each other. Almost every animal (I kid you not) was hiding somewhere in the shade of its exhibit. The giraffes were all standing under a tree, the lions were huddled together in a cave, and much to Wyatt's disappointment, the meerkats also refused to come out and play. We got to see the pigs and goats in the barnyard though...what a delight!

After we saw all the animals we let the boys play in the water fountains. They weren't as eager to get wet yesterday as they have been in the past, but they still had fun. When we left the zoo Wyatt and I stopped at Doumar's to get a limeade and a cheeseburger for Mommy and a limeade to drop off to Daddy at work. He was surprised and very grateful (he was sad that he missed going to the zoo, but I think he was a bit cheered up when he found out that the meerkats stayed in their hole). Wyatt and I ran a few errands in the afternoon and then the painter came to give us an estimate for the two bedrooms and the hallway/ staircase that we want painted. We ended the day watching the second Yankees/Mets game (which the Yankees actually won) with Daddy, with Wyatt staring at the TV saying "It'sa balla."

When we got him ready for bed he was in a really good mood (a total improvement from the day before). I have to say that I am really impressed and happy about how much my kid likes to have his teeth brushed. He's so good and opens his little mouth and then clenches his teeth together and then gives little kisses with his fresh breath. What a good boy!

The goats begging for food!

Wyatt smiling at the goats

Wyatt waving bye bye to the ducks, geese, swans and "durdles."

Contemplating a run through the fountains

"Mom I don't feel like running through water. How about climbing across chairs instead?"

Friday, June 27, 2008

Lawn Mower Action

Brian gave in about two weeks ago and got Wyatt a lawn mower popper (you may have read where I complained about the poppers in the past). Wyatt loves it. Brian loves it. I would love it to be an outside toy. Wyatt's new favorite thing to do is to climb on the front of the lawn mower and sit down and be pushed all over the house. He did not discover this on his own....Brian showed him how to do it. And now, pretty much every night, Wyatt will grab Brian's hand and pull him to the lawn mower. Wyatt will then sit down on the front and look up at Brian and smile with a look that says "please Daddy, push me." And Brian gets behind the lawn mower and pushes him, full speed through the den, the kitchen and the hallway and then comes to a screeching halt. Wyatt laughs and laughs and laughs. Then they start all over again. Here's my boys playing....

On your mark, get set.....


Wyatt trying to convince Daddy to get up and play some more!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You Think You Know Somebody!

I think the heat is getting to Brian because he shocked me the other day. After almost eight years together (almost two of them married), I didn't think he could really surprise me. Well...he did.

On Monday he had a meeting at work. He left the house in dress pants and a shirt and tie. When he came home, he had on a sport coat too. Like, a real, new navy blue sport coat. I was astonished. My husband doesn't wear sport coats (and honestly, I prefer it that way). In the summer time he leaves the house in khaki shorts, a white tshirt, a Yankees hat and flip flops or sneakers...with a dog in tow. Needless to say, I thought a stranger had walked into my house.

Later that night, we were watching the Red Sox game on TV. The following phrase came out of my husband's mouth "Come on Jacoby, I need some hits, some runs, some stolen bases." Jacoby Ellsbury is a player for the Red Sox and he's on Brian's fantasy baseball team. I was a little surprised to hear him rooting for one of the Red Sox players though, so I jokingly asked him if he was a Red Sox fan now...and I think he took it too far. The following phrases came out of my husband's mouth (my husband who I always thought was a Yankees fan - you may have to know a little about baseball to get these)....

1."My favorite Dimaggio was Dom!"
2. "The only Red Sox player I hate is JD Drew."
3. "Curt Schilling was bleeding from the ankle. It wasn't a ketchup packet."
4. "And the Sox would have gone to the World Series in '03 if it hadn't been for Aaron F'n Boone!"
5. "Honey, have you seen my Ted Williams McFarland figure?"
6. "I think we should name the baby Varitek. And call her 'C.C' short. You know, 'cause he's the catcher and the captain."
7. "There's nothing wrong with Manny Ramirez, he has cool dreadlocks."
8. "Honey, when I call you could you please be more like Papelbon and answer the call?"

He also made some favorable comments regarding Terry Francona and Mike Lowell as well, but it's hurting my heart a little to keep typing them. Brian says he was just kidding, but he's been banned from the Yankee Room until further notice...and I think he might be disowned of he doesn't stop.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Stuff

Today was...stinky. I went to work this morning and felt fine until just after lunch. I started to feel a little sick and light headed on the way back to the office and then I had to forcibly hold my head up during a meeting. I started to see the "clear dots" floating around me again, so I called Brian and he came and got me and drove me to my parents house (they were watching Wyatt today). I was able to get a nap in and my sister made me dinner while my parents fed and bathed Wyatt (seriously, how great is that?). Once I woke up I felt a lot better and my Dad took Wyatt and I back to work so I could pick up my car. Fortunately I only missed about an hour and half of work which will be easy for me to make over the next two days so I don't have to use any of my hard earned vacation time. I work for a super company and I'm fortunate that my super boss let me work part time when I came back from maternity leave with Wyatt, but the downside is that I only accrue vacation time as a part timer (no sick leave) and I only accrue it based on the number of hours I work a week. I will have a week and a half (like 32 hours) of paid leave once the baby comes and it took me six months to get that! We'll be using my profit sharing check to cover the rest of my maternity leave - and I'm pretty sure I'm taking all 12 weeks (if not 13 - who wants to go back to work the week of Thanksgiving?).

Wyatt was really cute when we got home tonight. Brian was watching the Yankee game on TV and Wyatt kept pointing at the TV saying "It's a ball." But it came out sounding really Italian like "It'sa balla." Then he came up on the couch and he kissed my stomach like a good big brother.

Now that I'm 30 weeks I'm starting to get really stressed about the baby coming. She doesn't have a name - although Brian and I both had dreams about her name last night...not the same name though. And not even names that we've talked about before. When I decided Wyatt's name would be Wyatt it was based on a dream that I had, but Wyatt was already on the table. Brian's name is just...out of the question (and I don't think he's serious about it), my name is a name that I like but hadn't really thought about before (and for the record, I believe it was in the running to be Piper's name - in case you're wondering Allison), but I feel like maybe the baby was telling me something because she even had a middle name! We have two names that are different (we don't like "popular") - a name that definitely would have been Wyatt's name if he'd been a girl but we're wondering about for her, and a name that we both really like but a friend recently named their baby. I don't know why I feel such a rush to get her named, but I do!

And of course the nursery is killing me. We have the furniture and the bedding (it's on sale so I ordered the quilt and two more sheets today), but we still have to get a roomful of stuff moved (Brian has to give up on the Star Wars room...darn) and painted for Wyatt. Then we have to get his room repainted for her. It's not big stuff, it's easily taken care of - Brian's moving his stuff out and he's hopefully getting the painter from the park to paint the rooms. I know it's a bad time of year, but I want to have a pretty little girl room all decorated!

Anyway, that's enough of my incessant ramblings for this evening...I think I'm just grumpy and tired, so I'll go to bed and get some rest. Maybe Baby Girl will give me some sort of name direction tonight.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Beautiful Puppy!

Noelle got brushed last night. And boy was she happy! She was prancing around the kitchen. Check out our beautiful girl!

Another Trip to "Daddy Work"

Today Wyatt and I went back to the waterpark to play and we took Aunt Katie along. She's really handy to have around. She's young so she can chase Wyatt, Wyatt loves her and spends all day asking "Where Katie go?," she's a good swimmer, plus she's a great sister :). And she owes me. I spent countless hours watching her when I was her age! It definitely helps me enjoy taking him there more when I can watch him have fun but can hand him off at times. I can't carry him around as much the more pregnant (and fat) I get!

Wyatt got to play in the kiddie section (which he loves), but we also took him in the wave pool and down the grape escape today. Katie can stand up in the grape escape (I can't, it comes right up to my head), so she can hold him up in the air and walk to the side. It was kind of fun to stand at the bottom and wait for them, I hadn't been there in awhile and the grape escape was one of my favorite spots to lifeguard. Wyatt has fun going down all of the slides and he loved it. He also had a blast just hanging out in the wave pool while the waves were off. He just stood in the water and danced a little. I was holding him, but he did go face first in the pool for a second and he stood right back up and shook it off. Then he danced some more because he LOVES Taylor Swift and one of her songs was playing. Wyatt had some of his "serious moments," but he really seemed to have a lot of fun today!

Wyatt going down a slide with Aunt Katie

Aunt Katie (she got the height and the "good legs") following Wyatt around the Lazy River

This is a new Wyatt thing lately. He'll pull you where he wants you to go. He's pulling me into the Wave Pool.

If only the waves didn't come on. Wyatt and I might spend the summer here. We'll settle for 10 minutes at a time.

A tired boy...for a second.
French fries...and a shy smile.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Billy Joel!

Last night Brian and I had a night off and went to the Billy Joel concert at the amphitheater. It was amazing! I love, love, love Billy Joel and the concert was SO good. He's never been here before (and who knows if he'll ever come back) and there were maybe only two or three songs that he didn't play that I would have liked to hear, but they were all still great songs. There was no opening act, so Billy came on at like 8:15 and played through until 10:30. Two solid hours of Billy Joel songs and he literally talked for about 10 minutes total. Don't get me wrong, he was pretty funny when he talked but it was cool that it was so much music. I would say though that Brian and I were on the "younger side" of concert-goers. As my loving husband noted, the crowd wasn't exactly the same as the set that shows up for Kenny Chesney concerts (maybe that was more of a complaint than a comment). Anyway, I've put together a few "observations" about our experience last night.

1. If everyone in front of you and everyone behind you is sitting down you should probably just sit down too. Dance in your seat. Or something. And don't turn around and wave your arms trying to encourage other audience members to stand with you. We don't want to. Especially for slow songs.
2. Maybe it's best if you don't play the air guitar, air saxophone, air piano, air trumpet, air drums or air cymbal. Especially if you're the only one standing in the audience.
3. I've made a mental note that it's probably best to make sure that I have the proper "support" to be dancing around once I'm older. Things just don't stay the same.
4. I really like Billy Joel. I just wonder how effective it is to spray throat spray down your throat and then inhale a cigarette between the next two songs. It just a little dubious.
5. The guy that sat in front of us looked a lot like the guy Kevin on 90210 that helps Susan steal all of Dylan's money. You probably needed to watch the show to get this, but he looked a lot like him.
6.Other people laughed, but I think I'm the only person that really finds car insurance jokes to be funny. Maybe it's just me, but when Billy Joel said that he needed the money from the concert ticket sales to cover his high insurance premiums (because of some drinking & driving) I laughed for awhile. It probably is just me.
7. Seeing "Piano Man" performed live is probably one of the greatest concert experiences EVER.
8. When leaving the amphitheater, it's best to team up with a friend who also drove to get out of the parking lot. After sitting in the same spot for 25 minutes, we found Dave & Steph and thanks to some skillful maneuvering, we got out in 5.

So anyway, to conclude my "concert review" I would just like to say that Billy Joel is now probably in the Top 5 concerts I've ever been to. And I've been to A LOT of concerts. Next up: Kenny Chesney, Poison (OK, mainly for my husband, but I'm a Rock of Love fan) and hopefully Journey and Heart!

Now the Little Fella and I are off the Family Fun Day for my work at Hunt Club Farms!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yesterday the Virginia Zoo broke ground on their new Asian Exhibit "Trail of the Tiger." We love to go to the zoo. We're members, so we can go as much as we want and Wyatt always has a great time! It's the same zoo that we went to as kids with a lot of improvements (and some things are still the same). They also have a lot of neat programs for kids, like the Zoo Boo at Halloween and the EggStravaganza at Easter. The area that we currently like the most is the Africa exhibit, where there are giraffes, elephants, zebras, rhinos and lions - including two baby ones who were born at the zoo last year. The Africa exhibit is so nice that it's always difficult to go to the other parts of the zoo because they just aren't as built up. Alright - the barnyard is a nice place and Wyatt and Daddy really like it - I just can't stand the smell of the pigs. The reptile house hasn't been touched since we were kids and it's dark (obviously) and just not that fun. Every time I'm there I also think about the part in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone when Harry talks to the snake (in Parseltongue obviously) and the snake escapes. Eeeeeew.

Anyway, the new exhibit will have orangutans, siamangs and gibbons plus Malayan tigers, either sun or sloth bears, Malayan tapirs, otters, giant hornbills, rhinoceros iguanas and giant water monitors. These are animals that my boys especially (they love apes and tigers) have been missing on zoo visits. While the exhibit itself isn't going to open until 2010, it will really be just in time for Wyatt and his sister to really enjoy everything. The new train is supposed to open at the zoo later next month, so that's exciting too.

And as a follow up to any great trip to the Zoo, it's always best to stop by Doumar's Drive-In for a burger, french fries with hot sauce, limeade and a Ringo sundae!

Here are a few pictures from the Zoo Boo in October - I can't believe how big Wyatt's gotten, or how fast the time has flown by!

Baby Yoda with his pacifier with his name on it (fortunately an easily broken habit if your baby gets a cold and can't breathe through his nose!) that we got from my pacifier.

Colin the UPS Driver in the bounce house

Poohzie and Mommy

Wyatt in the pumpkin (Picture People was doing free shots).

Wyatt and Daddy looking at Meerkats

Brian in a Meerkat Mask. Meerkat Manor is one of his favorite shows.

Brian, Baby Yoda, Colin and some storm troopers

Darth Vader, Baby Yoda and Brian

Friday, June 20, 2008

I Think I Just Vacuumed Up a Dog...

Because Noelle is shedding like crazy! With the help of the (pretty, pink, Dyson) vacuum cleaner that I had to BEG Brian to let me buy I'm able to get all the hair up (okay, so you never actually get all the hair up), but I swear she leaves behind enough hair every day to build a new dog. Fortunately it's very nice, clean dead hair that falls off of the nicest, prettiest, sweetest dog on the planet.
Wyatt giving Noelle a cookie

Noelle with her toy

Who in Their Right Mind?

Taught my child how to climb up on the sofa by himself and run across it? Okay, so maybe he learned how to do it on his own, but seriously. He picks up every pillow and runs across the sectional to throw them in the corner by the fireplace. And he totally does it American Gladiators style. Once he's cleared the sofa of all the pillows he tries to climb over the edge and onto the end table with the lamp, which I've stopped about 25 times this morning. I don't have a huge problem with him being on the couch because I put Noelle's dog bed in the middle of it so if he were to fall he'd fall onto her super thick dog bed (and he thinks it's funny), but I'm waiting for him to climb over the edge of the couch that doesn't have an end table and that will not be pretty....

On a happy note, Baby Girl did not have me awake every hour last night! But the hail totally woke me up and I was scared for my car or "cuck" as Wyatt calls it (It's a hybrid word of "car" and "truck"). Wyatt was pretty funny when the hail started. In the video monitor I saw him sit up and look around with a grumpy look like "Who dares disturb the rest of Wyatt?" and then he just threw himself back down and went back to sleep.

Anyway, I'm about to hide all the poppers in the house and Shannon and Tyler are coming to play in the pool!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poppers are the Devil...and Baby Girl Update!

Wyatt has a corn popper. I'm not a fan.

Wyatt went to Tyler's birthday last week. Tyler has a lawn mower popper. Wyatt loved it. Guess who has a lawn mower popper now courtesy of his Daddy.

It's driving me nuts. I know little kids toys are loud, but this is seriously Wyatt's current favorite toy. And tonight he had both of them out. My head is pounding. I understand that Brian had a blast watching him play with it, but I'm thinking that once Brian is home more often he's going to find this popper thing irritating too. As of right now I'm just being a grumpy Mommy. (Who really is grumpy because sleep is getting harder and harder to come by).

We went to the Doctor on Monday for a Baby Girl check up (and no, Aunt Allison she does not have a name!). This is one of the first times this pregnancy that I have been really upset with the Doctor. And not even so much the Doctor, but her nurse. When we were in the waiting room she was talking (loudly) about how some patient was "pissed" that they couldn't find her chart. I walked in the room and the paper from the last appointment was still on the table! I'm sorry, but I have a good feeling about what had gone on in there before and I was disgusted. Brian looked at me and said "You are not getting up there." When the nurse came in she took my blood pressure and took off the paper and cleaned the table, and then asked if I had any problems. I said that I was having a problem seeing dots floating around when I stood too quickly and she wrote it down and left. When the Doctor came in the nurse hadn't left her the paper that she'd taken my questions down on and I had to repeat myself. Then the Doctor pulled more paper up over the table so she could measure me and check the heartbeat. It was so irritating!

On a brighter note, I'm measuring right at 29 weeks so I'm right on schedule. I've only put on 15 pounds this pregnancy (which is about 25 pounds less than I'd put on at this point with Wyatt), and my blood pressure is really good. I also passed my glucose test, so gestational diabetes is not a worry! Baby Girl's heartbeat is nice and strong, and we should schedule the C Section soon. I'm looking forward to having a definite "end date." I'm really uncomfortable at night no matter how I lay down, and I'm always thirsty, but that of course has me getting up to go the bathroom every hour. At that point it becomes a whole new get comfy process and it all starts over again! I'm now going to the Doctor every two weeks and I'm really excited because my next appointment is with my favorite Doctor - the one who delivered Wyatt. She's really great and I'm hoping that I can schedule my surgery with her, but I'm fine with pretty much all the Doctors in the practice. I may just ask for the earliest date that they can give me within a week of the due date and go with whatever!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day!

For Father's Day yesterday we went to the waterpark to visit Daddy, Grandpa and Grammy, Uncle T, Aunt Allison, Colin and Piper. Wyatt had a lot of fun playing in the water and pushing strollers around. His favorite stroller to push was Piper's - probably because hers is so cool! After we went to the waterpark, Wyatt and I came home and took a nap, and then went over to my parents' house for dinner and Brian met us there. We had a really good time yesterday, which is just what my husband deserved!

Brian's Father's Day gift was a candy dispenser (like the old time gum ball dispensers) with the Yankees emblem and special Yankee M&M's with the logos printed on them. We used personalized M&M's as the favors for our wedding and I still get emails from the website, so when I got the email a month ago I knew that was what I needed to get for Brian for Father's Day. I wanted to get him 2 (one for our Yankee room and one for his office), but I decided one was enough and he can keep it wherever he pleases. He also got the book Why a Daughter Needs a Dad, and the book Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz. He also got himself the Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head, so I guess he had a pretty good day!
Wyatt using his outdoor voice....

Looking kind of Grumpy (and his hair looks really dark)...

Colin's trying to make him smile

At least Colin can look at the camera and smile!

He finally smiled when Colin splashed him with water!

Friday, June 13, 2008

5 Things About Today

1. Wyatt learned how to say "Get out of there." It comes out sounding like "Gedouddadere," but I know what he's saying. Apparently either he or Bella were somewhere they shouldn't have been and he picked it up from my Mom telling them to "get out of there." Anyway, he yells it and he thinks it's incredibly funny.

2. Wyatt has found his "outdoor voice." And it's beautiful. Just not when we're walking through Target.

3. Wyatt really likes the taste of toothpaste. And he likes to give kisses once he has fresh breath.

4. Once Daddy is in the house Mommy is no good. He can hang out with me all day long and have a blast, but the second his Daddy walks in that door I become non existent and good for nothing. He can't even stay downstairs with me while Brian runs upstairs. I can't wait for summer to be over.

5. I think my kid called me "Bwiney" today. He doesn't even call me Mommy. And no one calls me Brittney in front of him, so I'm lost. I even had Brian ask Wyatt where Brittney was to see if he would look at me...and he did. Depressing...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kids Learn the Darndest Things

When I picked Wyatt up from my Mom's house today he was staring very intently as she was telling Bella to "Sit, stay, go get it, drop it," in regards to one of her toys. He likes to try to say "Go get it." He also tries to say "Good girl." Anyway, when we got home we were playing in the den and he had a toy. For fun I told him to sit. And he looked at me, smiled, and sat. Then I told him to stay, and he stayed. He had the biggest smile on his face, like he thought it was a game. Somewhere in my head I was thinking that I shouldn't be teaching my kid to act like a dog, but he was having so much fun. When I told Brian what Wyatt could do, he looked at me pretty skeptically, but once he tried he thought it was pretty funny too. I'm hoping to get some video footage to post soon.

On another note, I have to go tomorrow for my glucose test. I'm 28 weeks (I'll be 29 on Sunday), and at no point have they told me that they're concerned about my sugar level, but I guess it's something I have to do anyway. I really wish that my Doctor's office administered the test in their office so I didn't have to go sit at LabCorp for an hour tomorrow, but oh well. This weekend is going to be pretty fun. On Saturday we're going to Tyler's 1st birthday party (with Wyatt) and Tim McGraw (without Wyatt). For Father's Day we'll be going to the Waterpark to see Daddy of course, but Grammy, Grandpa, Uncle T, Aunt Allison, Colin and Piper will be there too! Wyatt and I are excited to give Brian his Father's Day present, we think he'll really like it!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Baby Genius

Wyatt woke up this morning talking about the things around him. We heard him say "Doggy." Then he was looking at his bumper pad and he said "bat, ball." And of course, he followed it up by asking for a "nana."

He's become a little funny guy recently. He specifically knows things he not supposed to do, so before he does those things (like trying to get behind the TV or opening the oven drawer), he looks at me and points his index finger in the air and says "No!" And then he attempts to do it anyway. Last night while I was making dinner I opened the drawer under the oven to get a cookie sheet and he pointed that little index finger in the air and said "No. No." So now I guess I'm being disciplined by my 14 month old.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Daddy's Day Off

On Monday Brian had his first day off in 4 weeks. I know that he really wanted to spend the day relaxing, and I felt bad that there were other things that needed to be done around the house. Brian spent most of his day off vacuuming the pool, putting up a new umbrella in the backyard, and of course going to pick up the Baby Girl's furniture. Wyatt was very excited to have his Daddy around all day. He didn't want Brian to leave his sight, which is weird because he isn't a clingy kid. He talked through his nap (but I don't play the "no nap" game, so he stayed up there for two hours talking quietly to himself), he cried every time Brian left the room even if it was for 2 seconds, and while Brian was in the backyard cleaning the pool Wyatt stood at the door and watched him.

We left Wyatt with my Mom for a few hours while we went to get the Baby furniture and he cried when Brian left him there (and I say Brian because I know he wasn't crying over me)! He was excited to see his Daddy when we got there, and was even more excited when Daddy took him in the pool. He had so much fun playing and splashing with Brian. We took him out for ice cream afterward and he didn't eat a bite of it. He was too busy staring at some young ladies who were running around outside Handel's.

This morning he woke up and Brian said all he could hear through the baby monitor was "Katie, Katie. Doggy. No Daddy. No Ducks." I would love to know what goes through Wyatt's head when he wakes up in the morning because he really likes to lay there for a little bit before we go get him. He's a silly little boy. We took him in the pool again tonight (even though it is incredibly smoky outside, I guess from the North Carolina wildfires) and he loved it. He even started saying "in the pooool." He's also trying to learn to say "bird" as well. Tonight Brian went in after I'd put him to bed to say goodnight. When Brian told Wyatt he had fun in the pool, Wyatt said "in the pooool," and then pointed to the picture of him and Noelle above his crib and said "Doggy."

In another exciting turn of events, Wyatt has learned to say "T." So maybe he'll be saying his Uncle's name this weekend when he sees him! We'll have to practice with a picture.
Being silly with Daddy

"Swimming" thru the water. He really is kicking though!
Some more's his favorite thing!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Pool Boy

With it being so hot the last few days, Wyatt has clocked in a lot of pool time. With Brian's crazy schedule we've been going to my Mom and Dad's to swim because I'm more comfortable taking him in when someone else is around too. We've been going over in the evening around dinner time so Wyatt can get some playing in before bed time (and I think it helps him sleep a little better too).

Anyway, with Brian off today (YAY!) I'm hoping we get to take the little fella in our pool today. I mentioned before how hard Brian's been working to get it ready (it stayed perfect and clear all fall/winter/spring until just when we were about to use it!), but Wyatt's always willing to help Daddy work on the "poooool." That's how he says it. He really draws the "o" out. Anyway, here are a few shots of Wyatt helping Daddy with the Polaris.
"Hold on Daddy, I got this."

"Ooooh, what does this do?"
Trying to pull the Polaris along
Laughing at Daddy

Trying to show Mommy how it works

Today we're going to hang out as a family and we're picking up Baby Girl's furniture from Babies R Us this afternoon. Once everything is painted her room will be all set. We're moving Wyatt to a new room and putting her in his room because it's a better "nursery" so that's two rooms that need to be painted. But it'll happen soon. I hope!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Six Months have Flown By!

So I decided to throw in a few pictures from our trip to Disney World. I absolutely can not believe that it's been six months since we were there. We all had a great time and I can't wait to go back! We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge which was beautiful and went to all the parks and SeaWorld. Christmas is just a magical time to go when everything is decorated. Anyway, here are a few pictures from the trip.

Family shot at Sea World
My little Poozie in the middle of Winnie the Poohs at Pooh CornerRiding "It's a Small World." I was actually surprised, there was so much Wyatt could ride!
Wyatt being punished! (Just Kidding!)

Family shot in front of Cinderella's Castle
Wyatt checking himself out!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Fabulous Husband!

I just want to take a moment to say how truly fabulous my husband is! I am thankful for him everyday although I don't feel like I've seen him much since Mother's Day....

Three things today that have reminded me just how fabulous he is:
1. Our fantastic son who keeps pointing to my nose and saying "nose." And then following it up with a High 5 because he knows how good he is. How smart is he getting?

2. Our wonderful pool that baby girl and I floated in while said fantastic son napped. Brian's worked really hard the last few weeks (on top of the 10 - 12 hour work days) to get our pool ready for summer. And with me being pregnant, on a day like today there is nothing better than floating in the pool reading a book!

3. My glorious remote start in the Rav4. I never really dropped any hints that I it was something I needed in a car, but I did say how handy it was for some people at work who have it. But when he surprised me with the Toyota at Christmas, he surprised me even more by having the remote start installed! On winter mornings it was fantastic, but it's even better now when Wyatt and I are out running errands and the car gets hot. Last summer it was stifling when we first got in the Sentra and I felt so bad for Wyatt who hates being hot, but now the Rav4 is nice and cool.

And those are only 3 reasons of millions that I love my husband!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby Names...

So a question I'm constantly asked, like 85 times a day, is "Does Baby have a name yet?" And due to being pushed a little too far today I thought I'd share my thoughts....

With Wyatt, it really was agonizing to have to hear this question constantly. Brian and I instituted a policy where we really just don't discuss names until we know what the baby's sex is. We then think about names, discuss them and then don't share the name with anyone until after the baby is born.

This helps us several ways:
1. We don't have to deal with people who don't like the name. If you don't like the name we choose, right on. But in all honesty, I don't care to hear that you hate it. It just irritates me. I don't tell you I hate your kids name!
2. I don't have to deal with name stealers. My Mom was going to name my brother Brandon. She didn't. You know why? Three days before Marc was born her good friend named her son Brandon. And now it's Marc's middle name. And my Mom's not really friends with that lady anymore (but not because she stole the name).
3. I also don't have to deal with the nose scrunch. It's not an outright "I hate that name," but it is a "Why would you choose to name your kid that?" I'm pretty confident that if we'd told people that we were going to name Wyatt "Wyatt" I would have gotten some nose scrunches. But by the time they saw my precious little baby, they couldn't picture him as anything but a Wyatt.

Wyatt didn't have a name until I was about 37 weeks pregnant. I had pretty much decided on another name and was waiting for Brian to come around. We debated between Braeden (how sickeningly sweet would it be to have Brian, Brittney and Braeden?) and Wyatt for weeks and then one weekend (we were on a "babymoon") it just occurred to me that I really liked Wyatt. I told Brian I had decided that was his name and he was on board because that was the name he chose. We knew it was meant to be when we picked Noelle up from Brian's parents house and Wyatt Earp was on TV. But we kept it a secret for 4 more weeks.

We also found that since the baby's sex isn't a surprise anymore, at the very least the name can be! It was so cool to be able to introduce Wyatt to our family when he was born and tell them his name then too.
So, when people ask what Baby Girl's name is the truthful answer is no, she doesn't. Brian and I are not at a point where we currently agree on any names for her. Okay, well maybe one or two, but not our top names. But we'll let you know...once she's born.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Wyatt's Day

Wyatt woke up this morning and had breakfast as usual. He then decided that the drawer under the oven was the very best place in the house to play. I mean, who wouldn't want to play amongst cookie sheets and pizza pans? I suppose I'll have to see if the oven door lock that we have would also work for the drawer so that the little one can't keep playing there....

He was finally coerced out of the drawer, but then decided to protest Daddy going to work for the 22nd day in a row. Wyatt either wanted to be able to go to work with Daddy like Noelle does, or he wanted Daddy to stay home and play. Wyatt tried to take Daddy's bag so that he couldn't go to work, but he got caught. Unfortunately, that meant Daddy went to work and Wyatt had to stay home with Mommy. Bummer.
Wyatt spent the day playing on his Kawasaki Green ATV (well, balancing while standing on it, but he's starting to learn to walk it around) and trying to find new, creative ways to reach the remote control that mean old Mommy constantly takes away from him and moves out of reach. By the end of the night he was exhausted, but when we put him to bed he must have thought it was too hot in the house. He took off his socks and decided to put his piggies outside the crib to let them get some air.