Sunday, November 30, 2008

We're Famous!

Okay, so we're not really famous, per say, but McMommy has our Holiday Photo up on her blog! Yes, I did say that I wouldn't post our picture until our Christmas cards were out, but who wouldn't want to be part of McMommy's Holiday Spectacular? So, if you want to see our picture sooner rather than later...go check out McMommy's blog!

We're off to visit baby Natalie!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Wrong Name?

The other night we were playing in the playroom and I decided to put Reese in her exersaucer to give it a try. She's still too little, her feet can't touch the bottom yet, but I wanted to see if she liked it. She stayed in there very patiently and even seemed to enjoy it. Wyatt walked up to her with a football and handed it to her. She held onto it for a few minutes and she looked like a pro. Kind of funny that Peyton was one of the names that we had picked out for her and decided not to go with it! Maybe it would have been appropriate to name her after a big football star!

Wyatt walking over to say hi to "Pieces pieces."
Handing her the football
Reese holding the football
"What do I do now?"

Reese's First Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. We hung out at our house for a little bit in the morning and then went to my parents' house for Round 1. It was nice to be with the family for a little bit and get some good food. The only downside was that my brother wasn't able to be here for Thanksgiving this year. It was the first time (since my first Thanksgiving, which I don't remember) that he wasn't at home. Bummer. But he'll be home for Christmas! Wyatt was not a huge fan of the food. He said "turkey, gobble gobble" and "ham, oink oink" but he wasn't that interested in eating anything but the bread. He loves some carbs! Reese sat in her bouncy seat quietly during the meal and was very good.

After dinner at my parents' house we had to eat and run to get to Brian's parents' meal . We got there and the kids both had a great time playing with their cousins. Wyatt got to ride the Thomas track that was set up at Baba and Mimi's. He had a lot of fun. He also rough housed with his big cousin. They were all over the place tackling each other and bouncing off the couch. It looked like they were bouncing off the ropes like the fake wrestling stuff. Reese got to lay down on the play mat with Piper for a little bit and we let the two girls "talk" to each other. They're all going to have so much fun as they get older. I've never had a girl cousin or family member my age and I know I would have loved to have someone to play with.

The food was yummy. I'm particularly partial to the Chocolate Pie! Wyatt loved his Mimi's orange jello. So much that it was all over him and he needed a bath. When he got in the bath though, Brian noticed a big red welt-like mark on Wyatt's behind. It worried us, but it was gone by the time we got home. I called the pediatrician yesterday to make an appointment and they said the Doctor will call back on Monday. The only problem is that when I changed Wyatt's diaper yesterday afternoon he had three more marks on him. One on his behind and two on his thigh. Brian did some research and we think that they're hives. Neither of us is allergic to anything (well I'm allergic to cats, but I avoid them) so we don't have issues with hives. And we've traced everything he's eaten and there's been nothing new added to his diet. We read online that hives can be caused by vibration and we think that might be it. We first noticed it after he rode the Thomas track and then yesterday he spent a lot of time sitting in Reese's bouncy chair. Hopefully we'll get in to see the Pediatrician early next week

We didn't do any sale shopping yesterday. Wait, I take that back. Brian had to go to the mall for work last night and the kids and I tagged along to buy Wyatt a winter coat and a hat and mittens. Old Navy's outerwear was on sale for 50% off so we got the coat pretty cheaply. We need to keep the little guy bundled up in the cold weather.
Wyatt crawling across the table. I have no explanation.
Reese hanging out in her Thanksgiving shirt
Riding Thomas
Wyatt post orange jello
The girls hanging out with Baba
Reese and Piper hanging out
Wyatt entertaining himself the day after Thanksgiving

Friday, November 28, 2008

New Choo Choo Train!

Wyatt loves trains. This isn't surprising because Brian also happens to like them a lot. He has trains that he sets up and uses to decorate for Christmas. We discussed getting him a train table for Christmas and my parents actually decided to go ahead and get him an Imaginarium table that was on sale at Toys R' Us. It comes with an entire track and you can buy more pieces to go with it, including the Thomas & Friends accessories. That way we can buy the Thomas things if Wyatt starts to express more interest in the show, otherwise we can stick with the cheaper pieces. It is seriously ridiculous how much they charge just because something says "Thomas" on it. The show will entertain him for a little bit now (as long as the trains are moving), but since their faces don't move when they talk he gets a little bored (and I think it's a little creepy).

So my parents bought him the train table. We went to Toys R' Us last weekend to get a few things while I still had a coupon and we saw a Polar Express set. We decided to get it because Brian wanted a Christmas train for him and because he really likes the snippets of The Polar Express that he's seen. Brian set it up for him on Tuesday night and he loves it. In the last few days he has wanted to spend every spare second in the playroom with his train. He learned the difference between the engine and the caboose and he is definitely using his little imagination when he plays with it. He likes the fact that it also has Santa Claus and a Christmas tree. He even makes his stuffed monkey play choo choo with him. (He was also mad at his monkey this morning. We usually put it to bed with him, but we didn't last night because we got home so late and he was asleep. This morning Wyatt woke up and apparently thought the monkey left the room in the middle of the night because he kept saying "Where monkey go? Mean monkey. Monkey is bad.")

We are really looking forward to getting the train table. It will be perfect when Wyatt can stand at the table and push everything around. Right now we have to stop him from climbing over it. Plus, Wyatt has played with a display table at the store and it's impossible to pull him away from it. I know he will have a great time once it's here!

Pushing the train around the track
Noelle supervising the train activities
Pushing the train into the mountain. Or "house" as Wyatt refers to it.
The train visiting the Christmas village

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm Thankful For....

....our two kids! Tonight we were all playing in the playroom and I put Reese on the Rocking Puppy. Wyatt saw Brian get the camera to take pictures of her and he ran over and had to get in on the pictures too. He is seriously such a ham. The camera comes out and he's "on." He was so good with his little sister while he rocked her. He also has started "teaching" Reese things and pointing things out. When he's rocking her you'll see him say "Rocking Puppy" to her and then point out his choo choo train. He does it all the time. At the store he'll point to his little sister and look at a complete stranger and say "It's Baby Sissy. Hey Pieces Pieces." Or if he sees people nearby he'll hold out his arms and scrunch his little fingers and say "Give Baby Sissy a kiss?" He loves to be the center of attention. I have no idea where he gets it from!

Not So Bad!

Today I went back to work. And it was great. Great in the sense that I work with some really great people that I enjoy being around...but not in the sense that I was away from my kids. I got in around 9 because I was waiting for incompetent HR girl to tell me whether or not she got my release note from the Doctor...which cut my day down to three hours. I got in and there was breakfast to welcome me back! Muffins, Panera bagels, fruit, and Chick Fil A biscuits! Yum!

I got to catch up on some office gossip (there is always office gossip...and I guess I've missed a few juicy things), I got to see some folks haven't seen in awhile, and most excitingly, my email box wasn't clogged! My super friend cleaned everything out except for the juicy management moves, the completely idiotic emails that people send that should have been spellchecked, and anything that was actually pertinent to my job. Refreshing! When I came back from maternity leave with Wyatt I had almost 900 emails. Today I had like, 70. Excellent.

Unfortunately my low cost providing company replaced my computer (after using the same one for 3 years) while I was gone. Hello! I lost all of my files, all of my favorites and all of my emails. I am not an email deleter! In a company like mine, some people (you know, the ones who want to advance) will throw you under the bus in a second if they can. You need every email so you can say "On June 10, 2006, So and So A specifically said that RV ERS was not going to fall under me and was going to be passed onto So and So B." I was worried, but then I was able to get everything imaged onto my computer. Now I've got my back up, and I've got a new computer.

The kids did fine without me for three whole hours. Wyatt actually threw a fit when I walked in the door and wanted me to leave (he did that before my maternity leave too), but no such luck! I fed him lunch and put him down for his nap, and Reese has been sleeping since I got home. We are now venturing to the store for a few key items (I know, frightening) that we need for the house that aren't Thanksgiving related (we go to our parents' homes for cooking here!). This should be fun....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our Trip to see Santa Claus

Last night we went as a family to see Santa Claus. This is a tradition that started for Brian and I the year before we got married (a few weeks before we got engaged) when we took Noelle to see Santa Claus. For our first Christmas as a married couple, Brian, Noelle and I went to see Santa to get our Christmas card picture taken. Last year we added Wyatt to the mix and this year Reese joined us!

The trip to see Santa has always been an adventure for us (will Noelle poop in the mall? - Only once, but in front of the AVP of my department at work!), but the kids and Noelle all did wonderfully. The purpose for going so early is to avoid the lines and also so that we could get the Christmas cards made quickly. Wyatt gave Santa Claus a high five but wouldn't sit directly on his lap. Noelle looked at the camera when cookies were flashed in front of her. Reese sat happily on my lap. We were in and out in 20 minutes. It was stellar. The cards have been ordered and are on their way courtesy of Kodak :).
There's a kind of crazy progression because we went from just Noelle, to Brian, Noelle and I with Wyatt on the way, to adding Wyatt and now we have two kids - all in 4 years! We are so blessed! I'll share the previous years' pictures here, but I won't put up this years' until the Christmas cards have gone out!

2005 - Noelle and Santa Claus at MacCarthur Center 2006 - Brian, Noelle and I (with Baby Wyatt cooking - I was 5.5 months pregnant)
2007 - The four of us switched it up and went to Lynnhaven Mall. I think the Santa Claus in the top picture with just Noelle might have switched too...I think its the same guy!

2008 - Still to come...but I will tell you we changed to green shirts!

Three Months Old!

Reese is three months old today! The last three months have flown by - time just continues to pass so quickly. At this point Reese is cooing like a champ and having little "coo-versations." She grabs onto to anything and everything within her little grasp, including hair and whatever is feeding her (me or the bottle). She does a pretty decent job with tummy time even though she hates it. She's super skilled at holding her head up and she's started to try to pull herself up into a seated position. She's eating 6-7 times a day and only wakes up once a night to eat (I'm trying to shuffle her schedule because she goes a long time without eating between 3am and noon - I feel like that should be her nighttime schedule). She's a great sleeper when she's swaddled and she very rarely cries. Based on some home measurements this morning she's about 13 pounds, 14 ounces and about 24 inches tall. She always smiles at her big brother and her Mommy and Daddy.

At three months she's already fought through lung problems, been on her first trip to Disney World, seen Santa Claus twice and she's about to have her first Thanksgiving! We are enormously thankful that our little girl was able to pull through her rough first few weeks and jump on the developmental track with all the other babies her age. Her next monthly "birthday" will be on Christmas! Our little Reesie Cup is such a blessing!

Last night after seeing Santa Claus!

Lounging on her boppy and smiling
Huge smile!
At 10:07 this morning when she officially turned three months old:
In her bouncy seat
Half smile!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Screaming Baby?

Over the last week and a half we've been on the road a lot. I have found an absolutely fool proof method to keep Reese from screaming (okay sometimes she doesn't completely stop, but she definitely simmers down). The song is White Horse by Taylor Swift. You may have previously heard it at the end of the very first Grey's Anatomy episode this season (if you're the kind of person who pays attention to the music...I am). I've been a fan of hers for awhile so I went and got the CD and I love the whole thing. Reese loves one song. Over and over and over and over again. But its a good song. Another great song that you'll love if you're a Mommy is The Best Day. Anyway, just a tip if you're looking for a song that will sooth a screaming baby!

And P.S..... another reason that the Doctor that delivered the kids is my favorite...she released me back to work next week not this week! So I'm not going in tomorrow because I'm waiting on a new note, which should be done tomorrow afternoon. My silly company won't let me back without a note. Nope. So I'm home with my babies for another day! And then I'm at work for a day (and hardly anyone will be there). And then I get a paid holiday (main reason for going back this week). And then I go back to work for a day. And then I'm home for three. Don't push me....I'm easing back in.

Brotherly Love

On Saturday we went to Babies R' Us to get the crib tent to keep Wyatt from climbing out of his crib. I was seriously hoping this wouldn't ever be a problem, but Wyatt's pretty serious about climbing. Since we developed the temporary alternative of placing the short side of his crib against the wall and the taller side facing out, Brian didn't put the tent together until last night after Wyatt went to bed. It will be installed tonight and will make my life significantly easier because I can't reach over the tall side to put Wyatt in the crib!

While we were at the store Brian found a Minnie Mouse baby rattle for Reesie. She loved it as soon as he started shaking it at her and she grabbed of course Daddy bought it for his little girl. The rattle calms her down when she's crying and she loves to hold it. We were getting ready to make our Sunday morning Wal Mart run yesterday and I was packing the diaper bag and Reese was screaming in the Pack & Play. Wyatt grabbed that Minnie Mouse rattle and started shaking it at her saying "Hey Cootie!," just like his Dad had been doing earlier. Yes, he's trying to call her "cutie" and calls her "cootie" instead. It was so adorable!

We did some more Christmas shopping yesterday for the kids. I wouldn't say we're halfway done, but we're getting there. I even wrapped some presents last night while Brian and I were catching up on our DVR. We missed a lot of TV while we were gone. We also have to finish the shows saved on there before Verizon Fios gets installed sometime in December. Back to my original point, I always end up wrapping a ton of presents on Christmas Eve, so I'm glad I've gotten a jump start. I love to wrap, but not all in one night. When I was a teenager I wrapped all the presents for my Mom...including my own. She taped my boxes shut so I couldn't look in them (9 times out of 10 I knew what it was anyway...we went shopping, I picked out and tried on stuff and then she bought it) and I wrapped them! Fortunately my husband doesn't make me wrap my presents from him!

Tonight we're going to to Pet Pics at the mall to get the family's picture taken with Santa. I also have some projects I've been working on around the house that I'd like to complete tonight before I head back in to work tomorrow. I'm seriously having some anxiety about leaving them. I don't know why, and I know it's ridiculous. I cried and cried the night before I went back to work after Wyatt was born and I know I'll probably do the same thing tonight....I suppose my husband should be prepared for that....he loves emotional breakdowns.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A New Nativity for the Kids

So Brian and I have been talking about ordering this since we got the Fisher Price catalog in the mail a few weeks ago. The big debate (for me anyway) is how much Wyatt loves to throw things. I really don't want a mishap where Baby Jesus goes flying across the room...that just doesn't feel right. I'm still sure it will happen though. We want to make sure that the kids understand the true importance of Christmas and they don't just see it as the Santa Claus holiday, and getting a nativity that's on his level seems like a good way to start the explanation. Wyatt played with a Little People Noah's Ark last night and really enjoyed it, so I think the Nativity will be equally fun for him to play with and learn from.

The next few days are going to be a little crazy. We have all the unpacking to do (and just unpacking..the villa had a washer and dryer so I did a lot of laundry there), we want to go see Natalie, we have to get a crib tent for Wyatt (yep, he's a climber now), and we have some straightening up to do before Christmas decorating starts. Brian and I LOVE the holiday season and have a ton of stuff to get out and situated. We're hoping to finish Christmas lists for the kids soon. I also have to start back at work this week....uck! I'm not excited about going back. I'm excited to see my friends, I'm excited to get some work done, but I know that I have my monthly reports right around the corner and most importantly I don't want to leave my kids! I guess the good thing about this new schedule is that I have every afternoon with them from 12:30 on. Anyway, there's a lot pf preparation going on around here this weekend and I'm trying to get these kids back on their schedules before I head back to work on Tuesday!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Some Products...

I've been thinking about doing this and my friend Davy gave me a nudge last week to go ahead and try. Since he just had a baby girl, I decided to start writing about some things that make my life easier (or things that are worthless)!

1. Graco SnugGlider Infant Carseat Swing Frame - okay, this thing is amazing. I wouldn't use this as a regular swing (like my Fisher Price one), but it serves its purpose nicely. I didn't know that this existed when Wyatt was a baby or I would have run out and gotten it. Both of my kids fall asleep in the car, but automatically know when they're inside and wake up. And then refuse to go back to sleep! With this you just plop the car seat in and turn the swing on...and voila, still moving. This week I've used it more as a regular swing because it's small and travels well (good for trips to visit friends or grandma's who don't have big swings). Reese loves it and so do I. If you don't have a kid that has the same problem mine do I wouldn't suggest getting it, but if your kid is as stubborn as mine, this thing is a must!

2. Medela Pump & Style Breast Pump - I couldn't have pumped as long as I did with Wyatt after I went back to work and I definitely couldn't have made it through Reese's hospitalization without my Pump & Style. It's amazing! It's expensive for sure, but my argument to Brian was always that it was the same cost as 2 months of formula...which did he prefer to give our kids? My husband being the excessive breast feeding snob that he is chose to get the pump. It's a big pain to carry in to work everyday because of the long walk in, but I love it! Don't waste your money on the car adapter doesn't provide a ton of power and it takes forever! And if you're not working and just need something to get some relief...get the Swing. It's still Medela and you can only do one side at a time, but its cheaper.

3. Johnson's Bedtime Bath/Lotion/Baby Powder - It really seems to help the kids sleep longer and it smells so sweet. We have definitive bathtime routines for the kids to help them calm down and get ready for bed and this stuff is a part of it. I've always had mixed feelings about it because I like the way the real Baby Lotion smells but it works!

4. Stroll'r Swivel'rs - Love these things! They just pop right onto the stroller and they hold the diaper bag and whatever else you may need to attach. So much easier then shoving stuff into the storage bins underneath.
And that's all I've got for now...but if there's anything you're thinking about getting let me know. If I've used it I'll tell you what I thought!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Disney Tips

Alright, first of all I am incredibly bored. The kids are asleep and Brian's out at dinner with everybody from the park. So I decided to write a blog about some tips I've discovered that make Disney vacations more pleasant...since I've made a whopping 3 visits here in my whole life. And two of them have been in the last year.

Anyway, here are my tips:

1. Stay at a resort. I've stayed off property twice and on once. And my best experience, by far, was staying at the Wilderness Lodge last year. If you watch Jon & Kate Plus 8, which I only do as a form of personal self torture because she drives me nuts, the Lodge is where they stayed last year. It makes everything so easy! First of all, my only complaint (and it's not really a complaint) about this trip is that when you go to the park and leave, you leave the Disney magic. There was absolutely nothing like leaving the park last year and coming back to the Lodge. When you leave the park you're still surrounded by great Disney service and the great Disney feeling. It's really like you leave the outside world the entire week! The second great thing is the transportation. At the resorts there are buses that are waiting to take you to the parks and they take you right up to the front. And even better at the Wilderness Lodge, you get to take a ferry to the Magic Kingdom. It was awesome! With little kids it makes the experience better. There are extra hours for people staying on resorts. Plus it's significantly easier to park hop and to leave the parks mid day to take kids back for naps and stuff. We couldn't have done that if we'd wanted to over the last few days.

2. Get the Fast Passes...they make everything significantly easier.

3. If you're expecting to get the kids to bed "on time" - don't. We're not staying at a resort and I can hear the fireworks every night still! But they're totally worth it.

4. Plan what you want to do. We came here with a pretty concise plan of where we wanted to go and that made it easy. But we've talked since then and figured out when the kids are older we're looking at like, a 10 day trip to fit in everything. Eventually we'll want to go to the water parks (there's two Disney parks and a Wet n' Wild), Universal Studios and Disney of course! With little kids there's some places that will only take a day (like Epcot) and that others that you easily spend two days navigating (like Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom).

5. Make a budget of what you want to spend. Seriously, between the gift shops and Downtown Disney....this place is a cash cow. There is a ton of cool stuff to buy, especially memory related...scrapbooking, picture's easy to get distracted and spend, spend, spend!

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. But I'm still thinking!

Magic Kingdom!

We had a great time at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday. We decided to go there last because we thought that it might be too crowded on Saturday. We left early on Sunday and made our way to the parking lot to catch the tram to the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. Ugh! What a pain! With little kids its so hard to get them to the tram (where you have to fold up the stroller) and then the monorail (where it doesn't need to be folded up but there's no room for it open) and then get everything situated. But we made it work!

Once we got inside we made our way down Main Street USA to get to Tomorrowland. Brian and Wyatt were able to ride one ride together and then we met Buzz Lightyear! Wyatt doesn't know who he is yet, but whatever! Wyatt then picked the most boring ride in the park to go on next, the train that travels above Tomorrowland. He was SO bored. He kept trying to get off the thing. We told him he wasn't allowed to pick anymore rides!

We then took Wyatt to the car track where he was able to drive a car! Brian was excited. He went on the ride last year with T and Colin and he really wanted to take Wyatt but he was too small. This year he was tall enough to ride with Daddy! He loves to drive, he has lots of experience. Every time Brian and Wyatt go to the Home Depot Brian lets Wyatt sit in the cart with the wheel and Wyatt says he "driving." Wyatt had the biggest smile on his face at the end of the ride and he even got his own driver's license with Mickey Mouse on it!

We went to Toontown next and we rode the train around the park. Wyatt enjoyed it at first because he loves trains, but he was over it by the second stop. We also got both kids Mickey ears. Wyatt has an infant pair that no longer fit him and Reese needed little pink ones...they look so cute!

We got Fast Passes for the Winnie the Pooh ride and went and got lunch. Fast Passes are the way to go. No waiting in lines and you can get other things done while you lunch! Wyatt was a little scared of the Winnie the Pooh ride's dark inside, but not scary! We opted to skip the Snow White ride...that would definitely scare him. So we went on the carousel, where Wyatt was very excited because he got the horse he was staring at while we waited in line. Reese and I got a cozy little bench! After the carousel we did the Sword and the Stone thing I already blogged about and rode the elephants. The elephants were the first ride Wyatt ever rode! We got Fast Passes for Peter Pan in hopes of returning later.

We skipped the parade and went to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride where Wyatt was surprisingly not scared! The second highlight of the day (for the boys anyway) was the trip to Tom Sawyer's Island. If you've ever been around Brian you've probably heard him talk about how one of the best times he ever had was when he came here with a bunch of his buddies and they hung out on Tom Sawyer's Island and had a blast. Brian had fun with Wyatt, but I know he can't wait until he's older and can run around all over the place. I was actually surprised that he let me go over there carrying Reese in the front carrier. I thought for sure that he'd be afraid I would trip or something!

We made it back to Peter Pan and then headed out. Both kids melted down at that point..they were both too tired! They both fell asleep before we made it to the Monorail line, and let me tell you how fun it was getting Wyatt out of the stroller while he was asleep and then carrying him while dragging the stroller. Reese starting wailing in the car and Wyatt slept through it...and he slept through getting his diaper changed, putting his jammies on and being put down. At 12:30 we heard "Hi Daddy" and Brian woke up to see Wyatt standing next to him. Yeah, he can totally get out of the pack and play. He woke up for good at 6:30.....and it was Brian's first day of real work. The original plan was for my Dad to come down here and drive back home with us today, but since we got here and have so much space and there's so much to do, the kids and I are staying until Brian's done on Thursday!
Reese bundled up for the cold Orlando day!

Reese and I walking into the park

Wyatt and Brian at Casey's Hot Dog place on Main Street USA

Wyatt, Brian and Buzz Lightyear

Reese and I on the Tomorrowland train

Wyatt driving a car!

Wyatt in his Mickey ears!

Reese in her pink Minnie ears

There's her name!

Wyatt waiting for the choo choo
Wyatt, Reese and I on the train

Wyatt ready to get off the train

Wyatt posing in an elephant

Wyatt on his favorite horse!

Brian and Wyatt on the elephant ride

Reese and I in our elephant!

Reese riding Pirates of the Caribbean

Wyatt and Daddy playing on Tom Sawyer's Island

In a well on Tom Sawyer's Island

Hanging out!

Reese and I in front of Cinderella's Castle

Wyatt and Daddy stopping at Casey's to look at bats!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Year of a Million Dreams

If you've seen the commercials for Disney World, you know that their theme this year (and last year) is A Year of a Million Dreams. They do little things that make people feel special like giving them the opportunity to be in parades and stuff. On a grander scale a lucky few also get to spend the night in Cinderella's Castle. Yesterday Wyatt had a "dream" come true!

We had just gotten off of the carousel at the Magic Kingdom and we decided to take Wyatt's picture trying to pull the sword from the stone (like the movie). We did it last year when we came and wanted to get another photo of him trying to pull the unmovable sword. Wyatt waited patiently for a bunch of kids in front of them to pull with all their might to get the sword up to no avail. Brian took Wyatt up and Wyatt started to tug...and IT LIFTED! I got three pretty good pictures of the ascension of the sword. I didn't even notice it until a teenager sitting nearby said "look, the kids' doing it!" to his friend because I was just snapping away with the camera. Then I shrieked, "Brian! He's doing it!," like it was the most exciting thing in the whole world. To be pretty honest, it was! Brian and I were thrilled that they picked Wyatt.
After he was done lifting the stone a member of the Disney World Dream Squad came up to congratulate Wyatt on his achievement and presented him with a certificate to commemorate it. Wyatt was fazed by none of this, he didn't even know what was going on, but Brian and I were over the moon. I guess it's the little things! Here are pictures of the Sword in the Stone last year and this year. I'll post more about our day at the Magic Kingdom tomorrow!
Trying to lift it last year with Daddy
No movement
Starting to lift...and stick out his tongue!
There it goes!
All the way up!