Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project 365: Week 8

I am so late with my update this week.  It has been a crazy, busy, insane, out of control week.  In addition to having to get 220 kids placed on their appropriate tee ball teams (Brian is the interim player agent in addition to being the field director for Wyatt's baseball league.  Since he has to do field director stuff like make practice and game schedules, I took care of the team assignments), the three youngest kids have all been sick this week.  Including our first go-round with ear infections.  We've been an ear infection free zone since Wyatt was born (I know that's amazing and I'm thankful), but this week both girls had one (or two in Reese's case). So I've been spending lots and lots of time holding my sweet baby girl because she hasn't been happy.  Everyone is finally feeling better and I'm finally feeling like it's safe to come up for air.  And you know, update the blog.

Tuesday, February 19
Tuesdays are, how can I put this?  The worst day of my week.  Reesie has dance on Tuesdays, and while I love that she has dance at school, it has started throwing Hudson completely off.  He hates taking naps because he doesn't go straight from the table to the crib.  He had finally fallen asleep.
Wednesday, February 20
Reesie got her third reader, and I was busy with Finley.  Since it was new, she didn't know all of the words, but she really wanted to get started.  Her big brother was apparently feeling helpful!  When she got to a word she didn't know he helped her sound it out.
Thursday, February 21
Going for big brother of the week I guess.  He really is wonderful with his baby sister.  He hates hearing her cry, and has even gone so far as to take her out of her exersaucer when she was crying and I was bathing Hudson.  We followed that up with a conversation about not ever doing that again, but I loved where his heart was.  I'm just thankful no one was hurt!  He was playing with her while I tucked in Hudson and Reese.
 Friday, February 22
Hudson watching a new episode of Sofia the First.  Everyone in this house loves "Fia," but Hudson is a huge fan.  If you ask him who his princess is, he says, "Fia.  Oh, sorry Mommy.  Mommy tooooooo."
Saturday, February 23
Finley had the sniffles on Friday, but by Saturday she really wasn't feeling well.  We cuddled before Wyatt's last basketball game.
Sunday, February 24
Wyatt came out of his room during quiet time and saw that Yankees game on TV.  He promptly changed into his "Yankees uniform" and started watching and playing.  He has requested pinstripe pants for his "home uniform."  It was a nice enough day, so the kids shuffled outside one at a time to play baseball with Brian!
Monday, February 25
The sunset on Monday night.  Gorgeous!  I'm so excited that we get to spring forward soon.  I'm ready for more sunshine!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

SPD: Instagram Photo Display

Today I'm linking up with Stephanie and Katie to share what I saw, pinned, and did.  I'm obsessed with Pinterest, and I use it for color inspiration for paint, organization tips and tricks, etc.  But I rarely ever get heavily involved in the crafty aspect.  I've got 4 kids, a part time job from home, and you know, a baby that doesn't sleep through the night.  Ain't nobody got time for that.
But I was looking around the "internets" for Instagram photo inspiration.  I take a TON of pictures with  my phone, and I am Instagram-obsessed  (you can follow me here).  I found this while I was doing my search.  I loved it as soon as I saw it on East Coast Creative.

Step 1 for me was to log on to Foxgram and get these puppies printed (it was super, super easy.  And fast.).
 Step 2 was also fairly easy.  I already had this frame.  It was a hand me down print for Wyatt's nursery that he kind of outgrew. Then I tried to make it a magnetic make up board in a failed Pinterest project.  I do love the frame, it's perfectly worn and sanded in just the right places.  So I popped the glass off (I had tried to paint it with  magnetic paint - yucko), and got to work.
 While Brian and I watched TV I hot glued twine to the back of the frame.  I measured and marked them to be 5 inches apart.   I only burned myself once or twice trying to get the twine to stay down.
 Here it is on the wall in the kitchen before the pictures went up.  I'm trying to slowly make this a gallery wall.  I got the two frames for the kids' artwork at Target.  They open right up to switch them out.

I was waiting on an order of mini clips from Amazon, and my UPS driver usually gets to my neighborhood around 6PM.  Is it sad that I know that?  Anywho, as soon as I got the package I made quick work of getting the pictures up.  I LOVE it.  It's probably one of my favorite things in the house.  I know that the pictures aren't professional or always amazing, but my phone captures tons of little moments with my kiddos every day. Moments that I love, but I'm not ever going to get back.   I love being able to see them in our kitchen!

It's going to be so easy to change them out and watch them evolve over time!  There will always be special pictures (that little picture of Hudson as a newborn on the bottom row, or Wyatt with his Ichiro foul ball from the ALDS may never leave this thing), but it will be fun to switch it out!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Project 365: Week 7

Tuesday, February 12
Hanging out with Finley before bed.  
Wednesday, February 13
The kids had pizza for dinner.  I'm sure it's not obvious by looking at Hudson's face. 
Thursday, February 14
Sweet girl sleeping on Valentine's Day
Friday, February 15
This girl is full of personality.  Full of it!
Saturday, February 16
Hudson rocking the batting glove and the train conductor hat.
Sunday, February 17
Wyatt and Reese come to our bed every night.  I actually protest this.  I mean, I think it's sweet that they come to our room, and they look adorable when they're sleeping, but they actually come and cuddle with Brian.  And I get kicked all night.  I would prefer that they stayed in their own rooms so I could get some sleep.  
Monday, February 18
Speaking of rooms, I spent (what felt like) the entire weekend cleaning and organizing Wyatt's room.  We're making room for his little brother to become his room mate, so this dresser had to be moved next to Wyatt's bed so that Hudson's crib could take up it's space.  I am anxious to get these kids moved so Finley can have her own room (and space!), but I have no idea how these boys sharing a room is going to work out!

And two more...
Reese and Brian make Sunday morning Wawa runs for breakfast.  This was her Wawa get up yesterday.
Doesn't Finley look excited to be headed to Wyatt's basketball game on Saturday?  Every day is busy for this Baby-On-The-Go!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day!

We had a fun Valentine's Day this year.  Reese had her party at school on Wednesday, and Wyatt had his party yesterday.

The boys before school.  Wyatt's shirt cracks me up. Mainly because this kid is all about NOT getting married when he grows up.  He says he wants to live with us forever (including college - ha!).  I have terrible visions of that kid who grows up and lives in his parents' basement playing video games and eating pizza all the time!
Our sweet girls.
I was cleaning our bathroom (sooooo romantic), and I saw this little sweetie napping in the corner of our bedroom. 
Brian and I weren't necessarily prepared for the day, so we both took individual trips to the store during the day.  Wyatt got new Star Wars fighter bots, Hudson got some trains, and Reese and Finley both got flowers (and Reese got a Leap Pad game).  

Brian and I tucked the kids in bed early, ordered some sushi, and watched American Idol.  Ha!
And I know this is now three pictures of this little girl, but it was her first Valentine's Day.  Had to commemorate it right?  Love this smile!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project 365: Week 6

Tuesday, February 5
Wyatt lost his first tooth!  (and I broke my toe going out to check it out.  Ouch.)
 Wednesday, February 6
Hudson spent the day with my mom on Tuesday.  After his haircut she took him to Target to buy Peter  Pan...and this gigantic Simba.  He goes everywhere with us right now.  He's bigger than Hudson.
 Thursday, February 7
The boys cuddled up watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  I love that Wyatt still loves the same shows as his little brother.  I know that at (almost) 6 there are lots of other options for him, but I'm thankful that instead of the latest version of Star Wars or the latest fad non-educational show, he's still fine watching Dinosaur Train and Martha Speaks or even Caillou and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
 Friday, February 8
Baby girl in her exersaucer before bed.
 Saturday, February 9
Cuddled up watching Toy Story 3.  Brian usually sheds a few tears at the end of this one!
 Sunday, February 10
The kids were in the window waving to Baba, and Reese started dancing.  Am I the only person who hears "What A Feeling" playing in her head when she sees this?
 Monday, February 11
Wyatt's second tooth fell out!  After I got all sad and teary eyed about the loss of the first one, I'm finding it harder to be sad when he is so genuinely excited!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Stuff

Our weekend was kind of uneventful. 

Hudson spent lots of time with his buddy Simba.  My mom bought him a new one when she took him for the day last week.  This guy is big, and he's Hudson's new BFF.
 We spent Saturday morning running errands, and then Wyatt had a basketball game. During nap time.  
His buddy Jack from soccer was on the other team.  They were excited to see each other.
 My little ball handler.  Two more baskets this week, and there was less, um, defensive play.  That's always a bonus!
 Since Wyatt's game started so late, we decided we would let the kids stay up and put them to bed early.  They tried to play outside, but the wind was too strong.  They decided to have a movie day instead.  They all went to bed nice and early though!

Brian had two hockey games this weekend, so I spent my Friday and Saturday night curled up on the couch watching The West Wing.  And actually looking through my pins for ideas!  Ha!  Who does that!?!

Sunday was a lazy day.

Some of us were teething.
 Wyatt, Reese, and Hudson were all able to go outside and play for a little bit.. It was so funny to watch Hudson's smile when he tried to keep up with the big kids.  He had such a good time!

We finished Sunday night with a "movie night."  Mulan came on Disney Junior, and I made the kids popcorn.  Hudson had some for the first time (after I combed through it for loose kernels) and he loved it.
Of course, The Walking Dead returned from it's winter hiatus, so Brian had his own agenda after the kids went to bed.  Ha!

Sunday, February 10, 2013


You don't really know when your little boy isn't going to seem as little anymore.  

For me, it was kind of unexpected.  I mean, I know he's 5, and I know that kids usually start losing their teeth around 5.  But he's still so little, right?  It doesn't seem like it was almost 6 years ago that I wasn't a mom yet.  I read books.  I talked to my friends.  For goodness sake, I have a sister who is 12 years younger than me.  I knew what it was like to be around little kids.

But oh boy, did my firstborn change what I thought I knew.

He is smart.  Like, a kind of smart I don't remember being as a kid, and I'm pretty sure that I was smart.  The child can talk to me about Iguanadons, baseball, and every kind of animal.  In a two minute  span.  He is active, in a way that I definitely wasn't expecting.  He is always on the move.  There's no sitting down for this guy.

When he discovered his first loose tooth (and really, there were two), I was excited for him. I asked him every day how loose it was.  Did he want me to try to get it?  Nope.  He wanted to do it himself when the time was right.

So we waited.  And I took a few last pictures of my boy with his smile.  The smile that is bright and fun and well, adorable.

And we waited for that tooth to come out.  That same tooth.  The one that had him crying for weeks when he was a baby.  It kept us up for a night or two.  We were so excited to see it pop up and break through the gum.  He was getting older!  Bigger!  He had his first tooth!

And now he's bigger. Almost 6! And his first tooth is gone.
It's crazy how much older he seems with a tooth out of that mouth!

What I love about him losing his tooth?  That it was done (as almost everything is with Wyatt) under his conditions.  He pulled it out.  Actually, he "twisted it until it just, came out" while he was watching TV Tuesday morning!

What I don't love about it?  My baby boy is getting bigger.  Right now a tooth is gone.  Another one is going to fall out any day now.  In a few months he won't be going to school for just 3 hours every weekday.  He'll be gone for the whole day.   Just, crazy.

We were able to put his tooth in the snazzy new tooth fairy pillow that I made last week.   There was some tooth drama.  He needed to see it after he got home from school, and then it disappeared!  I was on my hands and knees all afternoon looking for it, but I was finally able to find it. 
The tooth fairy brought him $5 because it was his first tooth.  I think the going rate for the rest will be right around $1!

I know that he really is getting bigger every day, but seeing that gap where that little tooth used to be is going to take some getting used to.   And by the time I'm used to it, another bigger tooth is going to right there in it's place.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Our Weekend

Last weekend was fun and busy!  Finley's sleeping has been, um, not good, so my sweet husband let me sleep in.  There were some morning cuddles on the couch while I got some extra sleep!
Uncle Marc, Aunt April, and Mason came to visit.  They moved to Richmond, so we'll be able to see each other more often!  We haven't seen them since June (!),  and it was so fun to watch the kids hang out.  April sent me these pictures, and I think you can tell by their profiles that these little boys are cousins!
Playing - Wyatt is showing Uncle Marc his Leap Pad!
Reesie always likes to "help" the littler kids.  Sometimes it goes over well, sometimes it doesn't :).  Hudson is still walking around saying "Uncle Marc tickle me!"
Next up was a basketball game for the big guy - he got two baskets!
Brian took the big kids to see a live Scooby Doo show that afternoon, and I cleaned and watched The West Wing while the little kids napped.  Since I discovered it on Netflix, I've been a little obsessed.  But I loved that show!  I used to seclude myself in my door room with my friend Ilana on Wednesday nights to watch it!

We spent all day Sunday getting ready for our Super Bowl "party." We started having a few friends come over to watch the game before we got married, and now they come over - and bring their kids.  I'm pretty sure there's more child wrangling than game watching now, but we all had fun.

These little girls spent the game coloring in Reese's room.  They all had lots of fun.  Reese has already asked me when she's having another play date with Natalie and Audrey!

Everyone left during the "blackout," but Wyatt somehow managed to stay awake until the end of the game!  Amazing.  This kid loves some football.  Really, he loves every sport and could watch and play them all.  He actually prefers to watch and play at the same time.  My living room doubles as a football field, hockey rink, baseball field, and basketball court.  He never slows down!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project 365: Week 5

Tuesday, January 29
Hanging out in her hoodie
 Wednesday, January 30
You can tell this kid is Wyatt's brother.  When Wyatt goes to school, Hudson's first instinct is to take his helmet, his "hockey stick," and his puck over.  Cracks me up!
 Thursday, January 31
Love these girls!
 Friday, February 1
How I survived an afternoon with a teething baby who refused to nap.  My Moby Wrap, her Sophie, and (eventually) a sleeping baby.  I love watching her sleep!
 Saturday, February 2
Watching Caillou together.  Seriously, these kids all still love Caillou (or "Cashew" as Hudson calls him).  Wyatt protests and pretends like he doesn't want to watch it, but it is one of the only shows that they all watch quietly!
 Sunday, February 3
Brian went to his parents' house with the big kids, and I stayed home with the little kids.  This is how Hudson plays - toys, food, orange juice - while he sits on the table!
 Monday, February 4
Wyatt got his twelfth reader on Friday - he's hard at work reading!

And just a few more:
Hanging out with my baby girl
Our new playroom wall.  The oil pan was on Pinterest, and my sister in law April also set it up for Mason a few months ago!  Such a fun way for Hudson to play since we don't have a place for his magnets.  The map was all Wyatt's idea.  He learned about children around the world at school last month, and he's been really into studying the map!
 Holding hands while they watch "Fia" together.
 Huddoo coloring his Spiderman coloring book.