Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Little Rule Breaking Acrobat

Wyatt's been really interested in the entertainment center lately. He likes to press buttons, inspect video game systems and play with the cable box. He's also recently become a big fan of trying to get behind the entertainment center, which we don't encourage because of the wires and cables back there. I think what he's really trying to get to is Brian's guitar for guitar hero, but that might just be me! He keeps trying to find different ways to maneuver himself back there, whether it's getting on the fireplace to find a work-around or just knocking down the basket that blocks his entrance. We have constant go 'rounds that involve me trying to divert his attention away, and it's usually successful. If I'm folding laundry or not paying direct attention to him, he goes over just to test me ("Is she paying attention? I'll find out...."). I don't know if he was showing off for Daddy or what, but he found a new and different way to get back there the other day.

He thinks he figured it out!

Try and stop me! This is fun!

Okay, okay, I'll come out now!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wyatt the Big Brother

Today we took Wyatt to Babies R Us so that we could register for the new baby. It's a little early, but I knew that Brian wanted to have some say in her stuff (although he has given me last say over everything since he got it with Wyatt) and his days of availability are dwindling. He takes more time off than he has before, but his idea of a fun day off does not include shopping. Typical male. We obviously still have Wyatt's stuff, but there are certain things that we got that just weren't what we expected or we just found out we really needed and didn't get, so we need some new "gear."

Wyatt picked out a pink pacifier pod for his little sister (one that I believe his baby cousin on the way has as well), and an Elmo towel for himself. He also had a hand in selecting a pink corn popper just like his blue one. As you'll see below, he also played a large part in picking out his little sister's furniture. We bought Wyatt furniture that isn't "little" like a lot of baby furniture and it will also convert all the way to a double bed. So, rather than keep his furniture a "nursery set" it will be Wyatt's furniture for life, and she'll get her own lifetime furniture as well. Either way, one of these kids would be getting new furniture, and I've always had my heart set on white for a little girl. Hers will also convert - but a plus - it also becomes a day bed (which I always wanted when I was a little girl) and then it becomes a double bed. Anyway, Wyatt made sure to inspect the brochure very carefully before any big decisions were made!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

All in all a Good Day

The last few days have been pretty uneventful around these parts. I had to work Wednesday through Friday this week because I was supposed to take a class on Friday that ended up getting cancelled. I was not happy!

Anyway, since Brian's only been going to the Friday part of Lifeguard class he was home today. He had some yard work to do, so Wyatt and I spent the morning playing before he took his nap. Brian was done when Wyatt woke up, so we went outside and played in the yard. It was a big day for Wyatt. He discovered LAWN MOWERS. He pulled it a few feet and then would push it. He LOVED it!

Pulling the lawn mower

Can you see the love in his eyes?

After we came inside Wyatt decided to crawl under the end table and hang out there for a little bit. He had a lot of fun...which I didn't get, but Brian also seemed to enjoy watching him, so maybe it's a boy thing.

Under the table, trying to reach the magazines.

Oh! I got caught!

Having fun!

Look at that smile!
We were going to go the park, but Brian was watching the NFL Draft and the Yankee game, and then I fell asleep and woke up and then Brian fell asleep and woke up and then it was dinner time, yada yada yada.

So we had dinner and then we took Wyatt for some ice cream at Handel's. It was the first time he had ice cream and he LOVED it. He was kind of tired so he would lay his head down on Brian's chest between bites, but he still kept going back for more!

Can I have some of that please?
The first bite!
Taking a rest.
Taking a big bite!
Wyatt ended the night tonight by staging a sit in when it was time to come inside from the backyard!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Few Things from Tonight

*We took Wyatt on a walk and he was in a good mood when we got home. Brian was playing with him on the floor and Wyatt went over to the couch. Wyatt then hit Brian on the head with a pillow...you may have had to be there, but it was pretty funny.

*My husband actually just said to me "Babe, don't make me spill this, you'll have to clean it up," and then followed it up with "When I first heard Andrew Lloyd Webber was going to be on American Idol tonight, I was like, the architect? Why?"

*Seriously, who picked Andrew Lloyd Webber for American Idol tonight? BORING! I'm only interested in listening to Broadway if I'm in a Broadway theater. Or it's Les Mis. I can listen to Les Mis anywhere.

*And who likes David Archuleta? I am so over this kid and his "I just love blah, blah, blah, it so inspirational. It just inspires me." I'm also over the teenage girls who have crushes on him. Note to the ladies, he wants to be your best friend and he wants to take your brother to prom.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Raising a Reader....

Just a few quick pictures of Wyatt reading his book in the backyard. His Elmo and Daddy Go to the Ballpark book is his favorite, mainly because he can also dance when it plays "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

Hitting the button to start the music


Wyatt at the Park

Late Saturday afternoon Brian and I decided to take Wyatt to the park. I never really thought about it before I had a kid (even when I was a kid myself), but we really are lucky to live in a city where practically every neighborhood has its own park and there are various larger parks scattered throughout the city.

Anyway, we took Wyatt to one of the larger parks so he could play and run around. First we took him to what looked like a "toddler park" because everything there was his size. He liked the teeter totter, but more to climb and balance on than to actually do any teetering or tottering. The slide is also a favorite of his, but not to ride down. He instead prefers to climb up the slide. Wyatt also enjoyed picking up the sticks on the ground and then banging them against the ground. Who wouldn't love that? We then walked him over to a volleyball court where he walked around in the sand and chased after Daddy. They also kicked the soccer ball around a bit.

Afterwards, we wanted to take him for ice cream, but it was dinner time so we went to Red Robin instead. This was the first time that Wyatt was able to eat when we went out to dinner together, and he really enjoyed his chicken fingers and mandarin oranges. He was also a very good boy at the table. As someone who waited tables for years, I can't express to you how irritated I used to get when people would bring their kids out to dinner and let them make a complete mess and then just walk away. Brian and I both tip really well (the only requirement - refill our drinks please), but I don't even think a good tip justifies letting your kid make a mess and doing nothing about it. I'm not saying ask for a broom (like I've done) and sweep it up, but at the very least, organize the mess on the table and get what you can up from the floor.

After dinner it was getting late so we made a stop at the Home Depot to pick up a sprinkler battery and to look at some colors for the baby's room and came home, so no ice cream for Wyatt. He'll have to try it a different day...

climbing up the slide

walking across the bridge with Daddy

I don't know what was going on here.....

Happy Little Fella

Talking to Daddy

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Daddy's Little Helper

Brian was doing some yard work and pool maintenance on Saturday afternoon, and it was just too nice to keep Wyatt inside when he could see his Daddy having fun with the "duck-a" out back. So, although I am petrified of him being outside by the pool (even though I spent 6 years of my life as a certified lifeguard and my husband is in the double digits), we went outside and played. He got a kick out of "helping" Brian unravel the hose, and also enjoyed picking up the empty flower pots after Brian planted them. He did end up falling on the concrete and getting a little raspberry on his forehead, but he seemed to be okay after a little crying and a cup of juice. Now we're having to push his one year pictures back again until this clears up. But I guess this is what having a boy is all about....

Friday, April 18, 2008

It's A...


Thursday, April 17, 2008


Tomorrow morning at 8:15 (well, that's when we're scheduled to be there) we find out what Baker Baby #2 is! We'll keep you posted!

New Yankees Hat

Wyatt got his very first Yankees hat this week! Now he looks just like his Daddy (and Grandpa and cousin) all the time. It also came in the mail just in time for the series against Boston at Yankee Stadium this week. While Wyatt was NOT allowed to stay up for the 4 hour and 9 minute game last night (which the Yankees won!), he did wear his hat for the first time. His Yankees hat is one of a few hats that he will actually keep on his head and not pull off, probably because a love of the pinstripes is in his genes!

"At last, my own Yankees hat!"

With Daddy

"Hey, we have on the same hat!"

Rocking the backwards baseball cap!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Not Sick Anymore!

Saturday was the first day since Tuesday that Wyatt woke up without a fever! He started his day the very best way (in his opinion), by sitting in his high chair and staring out the window at the "Duck-a" in the pool. When he wakes up in the morning the very first thing he says when he comes downstairs is "Duck-a". Every once in a while he gets it right and just says "Duck." The only problem is that if these ducks keep doing their business in my backyard they're going to be gone. We already have enough "business" back there courtesy of Noelle.

Speaking of our sweet girl, she got a new dog bed this week. Noelle isn't really the kind of girl who adjusts to change or new things well, so she hasn't warmed up to the bed yet. Wyatt, on the other hand, has warmed up to the bed nicely. It's his new favorite placed to fall back on, to walk on, to jump off of, and to chuck his Wonder pets onto.

Very appropriately wearing his "blame the dog" shirt and showing off Tuck and LinnyWhat's wrong with this picture?
Just chillin'!
After his afternoon hangout session on the dog bed, he had spaghetti for the first time. He didn't seem to like it at first, but then he became a big fan!

After lunch, he thought that playing Madden '08 on the Nintendo Wii looked like fun. So, just to pass the hint onto Daddy, he went ahead and grabbed the game and the controller and played with them.

"What Mom? Dad said I could play with it!"

"How do you turn this thing on?"Getting into the action...even though the game wasn't on...
Today Wyatt is looking forward to figuring out how he can finally get the Guitar Hero guitar in his possession, and going to Grammy and Grandpa's for the baby shower for his Aunt and baby cousin!

Wyatt in the Car

Wyatt can face forward in the car now! This was about a week ago, the night that his car seat got turned around. It's exciting because we can finally see him when he's riding in the car, and now he just stares out the window. Also, at stoplights we like to turn around and tickle his feet, which he thinks his hysterical.

Getting buckled in

So, where are we going? (Duh, Target, we don't go anywhere else...)

Staring out the window
So cute!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sick Baby Update

Wyatt still had a fever when I woke him up this morning to take him to my Mom's house. He did ok until about 11 when my Dad gave him some Tylenol, and was even at 98.9 in the late afternoon. He was still in good spirits, but he was content to lay on the couch with us or just sit down, which is unusual for him. Right before bed we took his temperature (102.5) and gave him some Tylenol. We're going to check on him all night and if the temperature stays high he'll be going to the Pediatrician tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

So, Now he's sick.

Today Wyatt woke up with a fever. I wasn't concerned because it's a common occurrence on the day after he has shots, but I felt terrible because on the days of the week when Brian's Mom comes to our house to watch him I leave for work about a half hour to an hour before he wakes up. *On a side note, I also feel bad for myself those days because I really hate waking up 2 and a half hours earlier than I do on the days I stay home with him.* Anyway, Wyatt decided to super sleep in until 8:10 this morning, and when Brian went to go wake him up he was warm and had a fever of 100.5 (Brian is currently guaranteeing me that he took that temperature after Wyatt had something to drink, so when he woke up it was probably higher).

He was still in pretty good spirits throughout the day, but would get cranky if something terrible happened to him (he dropped a toy and had a break down). After his three hour afternoon nap, which was also unusual, he had a fever of 101.9. I was in a meeting at work and wasn't near my phone, so the pressure fell on Brian to call the Pediatrician. They just said that if it lasts for three days or spikes to 105 to go the ER, but other than that just give him Tylenol. Anyway, I'm hoping he wakes up feeling better tomorrow....

Monday, April 7, 2008

1 Year Well Baby Check Up

Today Wyatt had his well baby check up. We really like our Pediatrician Practice, Pediatrics at the Beach , and we especially like his Doctor. My sister has gone to the same practice for the last 13 years, and I've had to take her to a few appointments, so I knew they were good when we picked them. Even though the practice is fairly large, Wyatt has seen Dr. Jones for all his well baby check ups since he was in the hospital. And it's really easy to get him in for appointments if he's feeling under the weather since there are so many Doctors.

Anyway, Wyatt was immediately entertained when we walked into the exam room by the doctor's rolly chair. We literally had to continually distract him until the doctor came in.

Wyatt's Stats 
25.3 pounds (80th percentile)
and 29.5 inches long (45th percentile)
I'm not worried about the height because he continually grows, so there's no reason to stress out about it now.

The downside of today's appointment was the shots. Three shots and a toe prick to test to make sure he's getting the right nutrition, which he is. Wyatt did not enjoy the shots at all. Let's just say that I couldn't even watch because he was screaming so loud, but that's the good thing about Daddy. He can stand and watch Wyatt take the shots so I don't have to.

Wyatt also got his haircut for the second time today. I didn't take any pictures, especially since a hair cut at Great Clips will never ever live up to his first hair cut at the Barber Shop at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. It's kind of short, so we're going to postpone his one year pictures until next week so it can grow out a bit.

Since I didn't take pictures today, here are some of Wyatt's first haircut at Disney World.

The pre-cut shot
Excited to get his haircut?
Trying to figure out what is going on!
Getting his ears. They even say "First Haircut on the back! (And of course we got "Wyatt" ears too, so if anyone has ideas about what to do with 2 sets of Mickey Ears, let me know!)
With Mommy in front of the barbershop. He was so exhausted he passed out as soon as we put him in the stroller and he slept through Chip & Dale!