Friday, February 10, 2012

iPurge! Also Known As - Our Week!

We had some really great weather last week!  This week hasn't been nearly as nice, but the kids got used to outside time - and so did I!  As long as they put on their hats and coats, they can run around outside for a few minutes a day.  They need to get their sillies and outside voices out!

 Thursday, 2/2 - Reese "really, really missed" Parker, and she insisted that she "write" him a letter to send to the North Pole.  She has really gotten good at tracing! I guess she figured that it worked in the Elf on the Shelf movie!
Friday, 2/3 - Reese decided to play hockey guys while Wyatt was at school.  Listening to her "games" cracks me up!  She's definitely learned a lot from her brother, but she's definitely more gentle when she plays!
 Saturday, 2/4 - (I promise I love my other kids!  It's just been a Reesie week!)  Reese wanted to help Daddy hang up some pictures!
 Sunday, 2/5 - Katie came over for a Super Bowl gathering.  While Brian and I finished up a few things she cuddle up with the kids and watched Tangled.  Wyatt ran into the kitchen counter just before this and banged his noggin, hence the ice pack!
 Monday, 2/6 - Hudson at his well baby check up on Monday.  We took his basketball to entertain him while we waited for Dr. Jones.  I love how fast he's moving in this picture.
 Tuesday, 2/7 - One of Reese's Valentine's Day paintings from school.  She was very proud of this one!
Wednesday, 2/8 - Wyatt seemed "off" after I picked him up from school on Wednesday.  He felt a little warm, but I was definitely suspicious after I settled him in his room for Quiet Time with the Backyardigans on Netflix, and he decided to hop in bed and take a nap on his own.  After he woke up he told me that it "hurts when he swallows," and then he stayed like this all night.  I even asked if he felt well enough to go to basketball practice and he said no! I gave him some Tylenol before bed, and the fever broke, and he woke up the next day with no fever. He did say that his throat was still bothering him, but that may have been a ploy to get smoothies from me all day!


  1. That was a busy week! But a precious one. Hope he is feeling better!

  2. looks like a lot of fun stuff going on at your house!!! hope your son and everyone else is well It is way better when they are off the couch isn't it?!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  3. We've had some weird weather here too, I'm not complaining though. :) & Kaylee defintiely misses our elf, Sparkles too. She asks about him every once in a while, Maybe I'll have her write him a note too. Love all of the pictures. Hope Wyatt starts feeling better soon.

  4. First and foremost, I am loving Wyatt's hat in the first pic! And my goodness, Reese is a serious heart melter... she is just too presh!