Friday, March 29, 2013

Project 365: Week 11

So I'm still behind here, but I'll catch up quickly!

Tuesday, March 12
Hudson is obsessed with Wyatt's hockey guys.  He will play with them (or baseball guys, or football guys) from the second he wakes up until he goes to sleep!  I will say that he is usually excellent at cleaning them up!
 Wednesday, March 13
Finley loves squash!
 Thursday, March 14
First soccer practice for Reesie!  She plays on the same team she played for last fall, so she's very excited to be playing with her friends again.
 Friday, March 15
This basically sums up Wyatt's activity in the house.  He is always a blur of motion.  Getting ready for baseball practice, of course!
 Saturday, March 16
Wyatt and Brian were playing ball in the house, and lots of baseballs ended up over the fence.  We decided to go on a walk to retrieve the missing balls.  Hudson really enjoyed the wagon ride!
 Sunday, March 17
He's usually happy when he wakes up from his nap!
 Monday, March 18
She sleeps with THREE pillows behind her.  She's basically sitting up when she sleeps!  She loves her Teddy though.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Sooooo we've been a little busy this month.

We had computer issues.
There's been a lot of sickness.
Some teething.
And, practices.  Lots of practices.

 Reese started soccer.   She's playing on the same team she played for last fall.

And Wyatt is playing soccer and baseball.  
 And even though it's been really cold, 
 we're still enjoying our spring sports!

Just hoping there's more time to blog it all!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Funnies from the Kids

Just a few random tidbits from the kids (mainly take from Facebook status updates):

Wyatt: "Mommy, when I grow up I'm going to be a hockey player, and then I'm going to go to the Arctic to save the Snow Leopards in the off season."

Me: "Wow buddy. What about paleontology?"
Wyatt: "Mom, I'm going to take my team with me. Cryolophosaurus lived in the Arctic."

"Did Hudson just shout 'murderer'?" 

- Signs your two year old watches too much Lion King

Brian: "Reese, you're beautiful, do you know that?" 

Reese: "Okaaaaaaaay. Can I have some Skittles?"

Wyatt said he wants to be President when he grows up. But he also wants them to sing "Oh I just can't wait to be king" at his inauguration.

"Reese, please stop jumping."

"I'm not jumping. I'm doing grande jete's."

"Mommy, why did George Washington Carver cut down his dad's cherry tree for peanuts?"

Conversation with Wyatt about Abraham Lincoln:

Wyatt: "When Abraham Lincoln was President was there a war?"
Me: "Yes. The states in the South, like Virginia, and North Carolina, and Georgia, fought the Northern states. You know, New York and Pennsylvania."
Wyatt: "Soooo why couldn't the Giants and the Falcons just play football?"

Wyatt: "Mommy, don't worry, I took care of this. I told Reesie that next time she needs to think before she acts."

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Project 365: Week 10

 I am woefully behind on posting about anything!  March has been a little bit crazy - sickness, school work, computer problems, yada yada yada.  Hopefully that's all in the past and I can get caught up now!

Tuesday, March 5
My birthday!  Brian and I went out to lunch and I got this margarita to drink.
 Wednesday, March 6
Wyatt started spelling tests this month.  We try to work on the words each day while the little kids have quiet time.
 Thursday, March 7
We got the new Mini Boden catalog in the mail and she was showing me everything she wants me to buy for her.  Good luck with that, Reesie. Your chances would be better if you were an only child.
 Friday, March 8
Finley wore her first Yankees shirt.  Trying to show her support even though it seems like everyone is on the DL!
 Saturday, March 9
Wyatt had baseball practice, and he's decided to adopt some rather specific uniform requirements.  He wants to wear his pant high so that his socks show, but he's also insisting that he wear a belt!  His size right now is making that a little difficult!  He's getting so big - we had to buy new cleats last week, the boy is costing me money!
Sunday, March 10
Finley is loving her solid foods!  Her face is messy, but I promise she got some food in her belly!
Monday, March 11
Wyatt is really progressing with his reading skills!  We struggled a little bit at the beginning of the year with his fluency, but he's gotten so much better!  He got Reader 16 last week.  It is so fun to see him try to read new words when we're out and about.  This is such a fun age!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Disney World!

Today Kelly is hosting a "Favorite Vacation Spot" link up for Show us Your Life Friday.  There is no question about our favorite spot - it's Disney World!

We love the beach, but we LIVE here, so it's not a vacation!  It's just stress (did we pack the cooler, remember everything, haul our entire lives over to the shore?), and Disney is MAGIC!

We have stayed on property and off property (we've been 5 times in 6 years), and staying on is our favorite!  We've stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge - and WL is the BEST!  We will probably stay at the Art of Animation on our next trip.  6 people probably fit best in a suite!

Our kids have the best times meeting the characters at Magic Kingdom, battling Darth Vader at Hollywood Studios, checking out the safari at Animal Kingdom, and riding Nemo at Epcot!

Rather than rehash everything ONE post, I figured I would link to our trips - LOTS of good tips and fun adventures!

December 2012 - 4 kids - 5,4,2, and 3 months
December 2011 - 3 kids - 4,3 and 1
December 2010 - 3 kids - 3,2, and 1 month
November 2008 - 2 kids - 1 and 3 months
December 2007 - 1 kid - 8 months

I just can't say enough about how much we love it - some of our very favorite moments with our kids have happened at Disney World, and I completely believe in the Disney Magic, even as a grown up!  It breaks see my heart to people hear complain about "having to take the kids to Disney World."  Soak it up - it is an amazing family experience!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Six Months Old!

 Finley is SIX months old!  I mean, half a year!  How did that happen so quickly?

Stickers from Watch Me Grow

Here is what Miss Finley Quinn is up to:
  • She weighs 17 pounds.  That was her official weight at the doctor last week when we went for her ear infection.
  • She has officially started solid foods - really, just rice cereal.  But she's getting used to the spoon, and she seems to like it, so I suppose we will be making quick work of getting to carrots and squash and sweet potatoes!
  • She's breast feeding about 7-8 times a day.  This includes at least one night feeding.
  • She fits in 6 to 9 month sizes.  I'm slowly packing away her little 3 month clothes (but I'm squeezing her into her 3 month sleepers for one more wear) .  It's a little heartbreaking!
  • She falls asleep on her own (once she's swaddled, with her music, with her blanket, AND with her pacifier).
  • One of the bigger, um, issues, that we've had with her is lots of constipation.  She went from late November to the end of February only pooping once a week!  Well, the ear infection coupled with the antibiotic really helped clear that up.  And now we've discovered that she really hates a dirty diaper.
  • Her schedule right now is usually waking up between 6 and 6:30, eating, playing, eating, going down for a nap after drop offs, waking up around 11, going to pick the kids up, eating, going back down around 1 and then sleeping until 3:30.  Then she eats, plays, eats solids, takes a bath, and then nurses before bed.  I usually put her down around 7. Daylight Savings will probably mess all that up!  
  • She is sitting up on her own  for short periods of time, so I usually prop the boppy up behind her.  She loves to sit around and rake in the toys that I put around her!  She really loves her sophie, her rattle, little blocks, and her soft cloth book!
  • She started saying "da-da-da-da-da-da" last month, and now I swear that she says "Hi! back to me when I say it to her!
  • Obviously she had her first ear infection.  I have no experience with a little one with an ear infection before (or anyone with an ear infection ever), so this was a bit of a new adventure.  A A not so fun one.
  • She still loves the Ergo.  She is super easy to take to stores and practices when I'm wearing her.
  • Her toes are in her mouth.  Constantly!
  • She LOVES Wyatt.  A lot.  I think his relationship with her is just precious.  He always wants to be there for her, and she really loves him.  It's a bit different than his relationship with Reesie!
And a few more of our baby girl this month!

Hanging out, waiting for diaper change.
Waiting for food.
They sit next to each other at the table.  This cracked me up!
She loves some food!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Project 365: Week 9

So I've been a bad blogger, but I'm hoping to catch up.  And at least I've gotten pictures of the kids to share, right?

Tuesday, February 25
Coloring together at the table.  Reese loves to color, and Wyatt isn't a fan.  But what else are you going to do on a rainy day?
Wednesday, February 26
Finely was finally feeling smiley again after a week of being sick.  I was so happy to see this smile back in action!
 Thursday, February 28
Reesie loves to read.  For fun.  I love watching her soak up the words.
Friday, March 1
Wyatt's teacher said that Wyatt needed to review the words "good" & "time".  If there's something Wyatt doesn't need help figuring out, it's how to have a good time!  Ha!
 Saturday, March 2
Our family spring of activity if back in full swing.  We were on our way to Wyatt's first tee ball practice last Saturday, and Reese started throwing gang signs. Ha!
 Sunday, March 3
The big kids went into the library with Brian to check out books and look at a train display.  This little one and I stayed in the car to eat and hang out!  She is obsessed with looking at herself in my phone. Not even kidding.  She smiles as soon as she sees herself!
 Monday, March 4
Big day for Wyatt and Reese!  The both got new readers at school!  Reesie is on Reader #4 and Wyatt started Reader #15.

And a few extras...
I think you can tell from these  two pictures that Hudson has finally taken an interest in his baby sister!

 At the end of each month, Wyatt's teacher sends home his "word wall" writing.  Here is his journaling from Valentine's Day!  So sweet!  Except you know, where is Mommy listed?