Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reese's 5th Birthday Party

Reese had a BLAST at her birthday party.  She really wanted an "art party," but we just didn't think that the local pottery painting place was a great idea.  So she went with her next favorite option - The Little Gym.
(it's where we celebrated her third and fourth birthdays, too).

She loved it when her friends all came to give her high fives or hugs.  She loves her friend Emma, and she's so excited for them to be in a class together again this year!
She loved that they asked her what she wanted to do - and she quickly responded with "hula hoops, and bubbles, Simon Says, and hide and seek."  Things got awkward when they asked Reese to be "Simon" and she said, "Simon says, everybody poop your pants."  This child.  That is all Brian's fault by the way.  He says it to make them laugh, and well, they really think it's funny.
Reesie with some of her favorite people - Audrey, Ryan, Piper and Mady.
All the kiddos playing a game against their parents.
This was part of the game.  Wyatt may have thought this was a game of dodgeball.  He takes it seriously!
Reesie and Huddoo bouncing.  She grabbed his hand and took him up with her!
All the kiddos at the party!
Sweet cousins!
And more cousins!
Blowing out her birthday cupcake.  Do you think she was excited?!?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Reesie Piecey!

This little princess is 5 years old.  Unbelievable.  (I know, I said the same thing when Wyatt turned 5.  But the time passes so quickly).

She had a "perfect birthday."
First of all, she got two things that she has been begging us to buy her for months.  A Princess Sofia dress and an amulet.  And even better, she wants this to be her Halloween costume, too.
We decided to let her open her presents from us when she woke up in the morning.  We also had her party that day, so we thought it was best to space things out a bit!
 When a big brother spends his time choosing exactly what he wants to get you and keeps it a secret for weeks, he earns the right to hover while you open it.  Even if he is ready for safari!
 She was so sweet while she opened her presents.  Every time she opened something she shouted out, "Awesome!"  In case you can't tell, this girl was very excited to get her amulet!

 Another favorite was a Brave archery set.  Don't worry, it's just suction cups.  But she takes her archery very seriously.

She planned out her birthday meals in advance so that I could shop for everything.  No, I'm not kidding.  She requested blueberry muffins and eggs for breakfast, chicken nuggets and strawberries for lunch, and Red Robin for dinner.

She got what she wanted. :)

We had her birthday party that afternoon (separate post to follow), and she had such a great time with all of her friends!

After her party we came home to open her presents, and followed it up with dinner at Red Robin.  She was adamant that we tell  them that it was her birthday because she really wanted them to sing happy birthday and bring her ice cream!

This made. her day.

I can't believe that it's been 5 years since this beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful, artistic and hilarious little girl entered our lives, and stole our hearts.  She is such a bright light to everyone, but she brings an immeasurable amount of love and happiness into our lives.

Happy 5th Birthday Reesie Piecey!  We love you!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Swim Lessons: The Final Week

After our week of evening swim lessons, Brian and I decided that even though it might make our schedule a little crazy (maybe a lot), Hudson and Reese would really love another week of swim lessons.  So we planned out who was driving Wyatt to baseball camp, and I signed them up.

I am so glad we signed them up for that last week.

First, let me say what a good sport this girl is.  We had to sit through rain for almost an hour and a half some days, and she rarely cried!  Of course, she's also been attending family sports since she was a few days old.

It was sooo cold last week, but these two never complained.  They were so excited to jump in that pool every day.
Hudson finally actually practiced floating on his back.  Unbelievable.  A little boy who cried his way through his first week of lessons didn't want to get out of the pool!

Reesie spent the week practicing her breast stroke kick.  At swim lessons.  In the tub.  On the living room floor.  She wanted to perfect that kick!
And here she is on the final day!

Getting up early and out of the house isn't always my favorite thing to do during the summer, but I am so happy that we've been able to get them in their swim lessons, and that they love to be in the water! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Project 365: Week 32

Tuesday, August 6
Snacking at swimming lessons!
Wednesday, August 7
Hudson cracks me up.  He was sporting the Darth Vader mask, his pajama top, and big boy underwear.  Side note:  this boy is rocking his potty training experience.  Sooooo happy!
Thursday, August 8
Baby girl had a run in with a toy drum, and she got her first shiner.  Her poor eye is finally starting to look better!
Friday, August 9
On our way to Richmond to see Disney Junior's Jake and Sofia show!  Of course after I bought those tickets I discovered the show will be here in December.  Oh well, we had a fun road trip, and then Wyatt came home and went straight to playing baseball with his buddy, Hunter!  It was a (long) fun day!
Saturday, August 10
This little guy takes just about everything to bed with him.  Every night.  I'd already cleared out the Leap Pad and Lego!
Sunday, August 11
Reese had enough of her brothers by 10AM, so she went off to her room to "read forty books."  And then spread them out all over her bed.
Monday, August 12
The little fella on his first day of baseball camp.  It was his first time at a camp, and he loved this hitting camp!  It helped that his best buddy Hunter was there with him (he tends to be shy when he goes into a new situation)!
And three more...
This girl is on a tear around the house (constantly on the move). But crazier than that, look at her face below, and look at Wyatt's above.  I can't believe how much they look alike!
Reesie is obsessed with music and singing, and she loves her new princess guitar.  She's constantly making up songs.  Or singing songs she knows with new "arrangements."
Matching boys and matching girls.  After a crazy weekend, everyone had an early bed time!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Interviews with the Kids!

What is your name? Reese
How old are you? 4 and I'm about to turn 5
What is your favorite color?  Purple and pink and blue and red and purple
Who is your best friend?  Porter, Abigail, Darby, Audrey, Emma and Olivia (Olivia's real name is Sarah)
What is your favorite animal?  A giraffe and a monkey
What do you want to be when you grow-up? A princess
What is your favorite Movie? All the princess movies and all the Lion King movies
What is your favorite book? The books Daddy gave me
What makes you happy? When Daddy's home.
What makes you sad? When Daddy leaves for work
What is your favorite food to eat? Different chicken.  And real chicken.
What is your favorite Snack? Pirate's Booty
What is your favorite holiday? Halloween, Christmas and my birthday
What is your least favorite food? Peanut butter & Jelly
What is your favorite song to sing?  Ariel
What games do you like to play? Simon Says, Bubbles, and Hula hoops
What are your favorite sports teams? Dolphins, Green Bay Packers, Admirals and YANKEES
Who is your favorite baseball player? Derek Jeter
What is your favorite thing you did all summer? Play in the pool and go to birthday parties
Name 3 words that tell all about you? Nice, funny, 'sweet

What is your name? Hudson
How old are you? Um, 2
What is your favorite color?  Um, um, um, orange
Who is your best friend?  Um, Colin
What is your favorite animal?Giraffes
What do you want to be when you grow-up? A monkey
What is your favorite Movie? Lion King
What is your favorite book? A Banana Book
What makes you happy? Reesie
What makes you sad? Um, Reesie
What is your favorite food to eat? Chicken and pizza and mac & cheese
What is your favorite Snack? Goldfish and Pretzels
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
What is your least favorite food? Tomatoes
What is your favorite song to sing?  You can't hide from me. (That would be a Lennon & Maisy song)
What games do you like to play? Hippo game and Elmo game
What are your favorite sports teams? Yankees and Dolphins
Who is your favorite baseball player? Derek Jeter
What is your favorite thing you did all summer? Play basketball
Name 3 words that tell all about you? Animals, ice cream, bananas (yeah, sure.  Those are perfect?)

Project 365: Week 31

Tuesday, July 30
Mason was in town staying with Didi and Pop Pop, so we went over to my parents' house to swim and hang out with him!  These guys had a fun lunch together.
Wednesday, July 31
They asked me if they could "please, please, please" watch Beauty & The Beast.  What kind of Disney loving mom would I be if I denied their request?
Thursday, August 1
The day that they passed the swim test at the Y!
Friday, August 2
After what felt like for-e-ver, we finally found a sippy cup that this baby will take!  And she's now cut herself down to about 3 feedings from me a day.  Not pushing the weaning, but definitely happy to have her drink some water finally!!!
Saturday, August 3
The smalls reading a little post-bath story together.  Or, Finley trying to snatch the book away from Hudson.
Sunday, August 4
Wyatt said that Reese really, really needed him to read her a bed time story!  So sweet to hear him reading her a story.  Please overlook the mess. We had a play date that afternoon and I was too exhausted to help clean it!

Monday, August 5
I spent a few hours with my oldest boy that afternoon - he had his Reading/First Grade assessment that morning, and then we went to get a much needed haircut!  It's so nice to be able to see his eyes again!

I can't believe how close we are to the end of summer! School starts in 2 and a half weeks, and baseball season has already started!  Can't believe I'm going to have a first grader, pre-kindergartener, and preschool on my hands...and time alone with Finley!  Bring on September!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday!

Linking up with Darci again to share 5 things that are on my mind this Friday!
Summer is almost over!  Yay!  I'm not wishing my kids back to school, but for our family, the end of summer brings something else that we ALL definitely need - more time with Brian!  School starts the day after Labor Day, and the water park closes for the season the following weekend.  I am so ready for Brian to have two days off a week, and for the park to be closed - which means no extra phone calls about work on his days off.  I can't wait for fall adventures - even though our Saturdays will mostly be made up of soccer and baseball games!

We have switched up our Disney trip this year and we're going in the fall!  I know, I know, school is in session, but we don't have much of a choice.  The regular school breaks just don't accommodate Brian's work schedule (either the park is open, or it's his busy time with season pass sales), so we've got to go when we can!  I am in planning mode as we get closer to our trip!

We're definitely in need of some super cute shirts, right?  Including a set for a certain couple who might be celebrating their seventh anniversary while we're gone!

With back to school time getting closer and closer, I am constantly thinking of ways to get more organized for the school year.  We have a long hallway that leads from our garage door to our kitchen (our laundry room and a big storage closet are off the hallway), and I would love to do something like this!  I'd also like to start using the garage door as our main entrance in and out of the house, so something like this would be perfect!

I am so excited to pack Wyatt's lunches for school this year!  Mainly because I love his new Planetbox from Pottery Barn Kids!  This definitely fits the way that he eats!

I have been trying to get closets ready for school to start, which means that I went through Reese and Finley's (they don't share a room, but they do share a closet) and took out a bunch of clothes that they've outgrown.  I needed to clear out storage bins to make way for their outgrown clothes, so I brought out Finley's hand me downs from Reese.  And I am so happy that I still love all the girl clothes that I bought four years ago!  I almost can't wait for cooler weather to start dressing her!

I already bought her a few new things of her own (because they all need something that's just theirs), and I might be biased, but I think she is going to just be an adorable fall baby!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Swim Lessons: Week 5

Last week we had another week of swim lessons.  We actually decided to give evening lessons a try!

(Long story: they were all originally scheduled for lessons this week.  But we decided to sign Wyatt up for baseball camp, and because of some appointments, I wasn't able to put them in the morning classes last week.  So we had our first week of evenings, and then we decided that Reese and Hudson were having so much fun at lessons that it wouldn't be fair to stop them.  So they're in lessons again this week!).

We actually had nice warm evenings last week, so there were no shivers.

If there's one thing that I want to remember about swim lessons this summer, it's this:
No, not Hudson with a Strawberry Shortcake towel (sorry about that Huddoo.  Stop leaving your towels in the van).  My middles greet each other like this after every lesson.  Reese grabs Hudson and puts her toweled arm around him, and they walk off together to find out whether anyone earned a gold sticker that day.  And it is THE. SWEETEST.
This little girl loves swim lessons.  I think part of it is that she likes that they tell her what to do to pass each station - she loves good instructions. And the other part is that she really likes to swim.
Wyatt was busy trying to perfect his crawl during his last week of lessons.  He was working so hard, but in his program they really want you to have a perfect stroke.  He was kind of bothered by the fact that no one even tested him!
He's not very serious about his swimming.  But his jumping, he takes seriously.
You ready for this?
I don't think so.
Reesie on the other hand, actually asked her teacher to have her tested.   She didn't pass the first time, but she practiced her arm motions, and she passed the second time!
And that was about the most exciting thing to ever happen to her.  This summer.
Wyatt spent all week practicing, but he still couldn't get that pesky Station 4 sticker.
Moving on to Station 6 - the Breaststroke!

If there is one thing that I can say about Wyatt and swimming, it is that he is competitive and determined.  Seriously.  He is already asking me when he can take more lessons so he can get that pesky sticker!  No lie.  I told him it would probably be next summer, and he looked at me like I was crazy!  Maybe I'll have to find time for him to take some lessons this winter.  Between basketball and ice skating, of course!