Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In Case You Can't Tell....

American Idol and I are done. I'm still watching it, but I don't give a rat's patootie who wins. I'm just bored....and I've actually become a bigger fan of Kris Allen's than I was initially. So go Kris..or Matt. Whatever.

But I'll say this Adam Lambert: if I wanted "dramatic" I would go to a play. Thanks.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Beach!

Sunday morning the weather was too perfect to pass up a family walk on the boardwalk. Typically I stay as far away from the Oceanfront as possible, but it's the only place to walk with the kids! We were out of the house and at the beach by 8:45 (a minor miracle in this house), and we went for a great walk. It was actually Reese's first trip to the beach. We really wanted to get her toes in the sand and take her down to the water, but after we walked 62 blocks, it was getting too sunny and hot to keep my fair haired child out in those conditions!

Both kids did really well on the walk. There was only a little period of time when Wyatt wanted to get out and "walk with Daddy," but it was too crowded. Oh yeah, and I was trying to actually get exercise, and two year old pace isn't exactly heart pumping!

Reese learned to take her hat off, which means I will have to go buy her a new one that velcros under her chin! I can't let her stay in exposed sunlight because I know she'll burn (I say I know because I'm not actually going to let it happen). I have to slather her in sunscreen when we leave the house!

The only problem with the day was the parking situation. We parked in the garage because we thought it was only $1 for parking for Locals. Upon exit, they told us that is only the case at night, when people are at the oceanfront drinking. And then they leave their cars there and get towed, and the city makes a ton of money! Sometimes I just don't get it....

It's a scientific fact: both children can not look at the camera at the same time.
At the beach!
Wyatt and Daddy
Reese loves the sunshine!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eight Months Old!

Reese turned eight months old yesterday! We spent a lot of time enjoying the beautiful weather outside. In fact, that's what we've done today too! First thing this morning we went to the beach to enjoy a nice LONG walk on the boardwalk. Reese's fair skin requires multiple re-coatings of sunscreen though!

Reese is generally a very happy little girl, but teething is really getting to her! There are times during the day that she is just miserable. I can't wait for the first one to be over!

Her sleeping patterns have improved over the last month, but I definitely need to get her napping in her crib. She's been taking three hour naps in her swing, and I just don't have the energy to put her down in her crib and have her wake up after 45 minutes. I'm getting there though, because I think she could actually nap longer in her room once she gets used to it. Wyatt wakes her up before she's ready to every day!

Brian and I were discussing the differences between the two kids at this age this morning. At eight months, Wyatt was crawling and he was all over the place. He seemed more like a big boy than a baby. At eight months, Reese still seems like a baby! A big baby, but a baby nonetheless. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

Here she is at 10:07am yesterday when she turned 8 months old!
We put a hat on her...but she took it off...
Bring me outside all time! I love it!

Friday, April 24, 2009

She Likes to Move It!

Reese is going through some pretty big changes this week! One of her bottom teeth have finally broken through. She is incredibly cranky today, but I'm excited to say that she will no longer be toothless!

She is also moving! She's been trying to crawl for about a week, and she's been able to move around on a circle for awhile. But she finally made the progression to movement the day before yesterday. Of course, she only moves backwards, but I'll take what I can get!

I've been putting her down awake between 7:30 and 8 and she's become a pro at putting herself to sleep. She doesn't even cry. Aaaaaaaaah. That my friends, is a sigh of relief. Because not only is she putting herself to sleep, but she's also sleeping through the night. I've had to go get her every morning this week to feed her before I left for work, and then she goes right back to sleep for her Daddy. Suh-weet!

Now we just have to see how long all of this lasts! Hopefully it lasts through this beautiful weekend so we can all be well rested when we're out enjoying this beautiful weather!

Of course, knowing us, we might just be home watching the Yankees/Red Sox series all weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Because The "Yes" Was So Cute

Here's Wyatt's reaction to the invitation to the baseball game last night. He gets a little distracted by some dolphins and ducks on Zoboomafoo at the end, but he is two! He then ran off to get dressed and to grab his helmet..and wait patiently for Daddy of course!

The Ups & Downs of Being a Daddy

So as previously mentioned by Brittney...we had Norfolk Tides tickets, but she was sick and the weather was rainy. So I pretty much gave up hope on going to the game. But as we finished dinner the weather seemed to clear up. Brittney called Pop-Pop and Aunt Katie (who were already at the game) to see what the weather was like there...Katie said it was nice & sunny. So I decided to take Wyatt for a Guys Night Out at the ballpark.

After dinner I asked Wyatt, "Do you want to go see a baseball game with Daddy?" He of course answered excitedly, "Yes"! You should have seen his smile...it was awesome. So for the next 20 minutes as I got ready to go and Brittney got Wyatt ready, all he kept saying over & over again was, "Wyatt going to baseball game with Daddy" and "Going to ballgame with Daddy". He was stoked (and so was I). Finally we were ready to go. The diaper backpack was stocked with all the essentials...including Wyatt's baseball glove. He was already wearing his Derek Jeter shirt and Yankees baseball helmet. So with one last "Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy, going to baseball game", Wyatt and I headed out the door and loaded into the car.

I backed out of the driveway, and Wyatt shouted "Going to baseball game with Daddy!" We were on the road for approximately 27 seconds (not an exaggeration) when my phone rang. It was Brittney...Pop-Pop had just called to say that the Tides had announced the field was unplayable and the game was cancelled. WHAT?!? My stomach dropped...what in the world was I going to tell this extremely excited 2 year old little boy? Brittney suggested that I take him for ice cream. So I got off the phone and had to do one of the most difficult things ever...tell Wyatt that we weren't going to the game. I said, "Hey Buddy, I've got bad news, the game has been cancelled. Baseball game went bye-bye." He started to cry and said, "go to baseball game with Daddy." I told him that I was sorry and asked if he wanted to get some ice cream. To which he quickly answered "No, want to go baseball game with Daddy". Tears were now in full effect and I don't mind saying that my heart was breaking each time he cried that he wanted to go to the game with me.

So in a last ditch effort I asked him, "Does Wyatt want to PLAY baseball with Daddy"? I got an excited "Yes". However, the tears quickly returned when I pulled into the driveway. But once I pulled out the tee, bat, ball and bases he was ok. We spent the rest of the night (until after dark) playing baseball, running the bases and playing inside my Jeep.

It stinks that we couldn't go to the game, but it turned out to be a great Guys Night anyway. And I owe you a ballgame little fella!


Monday, April 20, 2009

Workin' At The Car Wash

This post will be short. Because I'm sick. Reese is sick. Wyatt is not sick yet, but I'm predicting it to come soon. This is all a bummer because we had tickets to the Tides game tonight. And Wyatt had a blast the last time we went. But now we won't be going.

Saturday morning the kids and I went over to my parents' house while Brian did massive lawn work. Mowing, edging, fertilizing. Unfortunately, we have this massive spot in the front yard where the soil is just bad, and grass isn't growing. Whatever, that's Brian's job. I don't have the first clue about growing grass. Or cutting it. Apparently our new lawn mower is self propelled. That's perfectly fine, but I won't be finding out about it any time soon. I don't do grass.

While we were over at my parents', Wyatt had fun running the bases in the backyard, and dressing up in his fireman costume. My dad started to wash my car (thanks Dad!), and Katie decided to take Wyatt out to help wash. She put him in a swim diaper and an old shirt. He had a blast playing in the water...until it splashed in his face. There was a minor meltdown, but it was naptime!

Wyatt and the hose during happier times.

Mad at the hose for squirting him in the face!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game Too!

Reese is so big now! She likes her time by herself with Mommy and Daddy every night after her brother goes to bed. She gets to play and talk to us before I feed her and put her to bed. She was doing so well sleeping through the night last weekend, but she started waking up around 3:00 the last 3 nights. Since I'm off for the next few nights I think I'll let her cry it out this weekend. I am not going to have an eight month old who doesn't sleep through the night!

She is so close to crawling, but she doesn't want to be on her stomach long enough to actually try. I'm in no rush for her to be mobile (then I'm outnumbered by moving toddlers), but I do want her to reach her developmental milestones!

Her sleeper says "Daddy is it game time yet." Yes, it's a boy's sleeper, but I put her bow on to pretty it up!
Look at those baby blues!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Watching the Old Ball Game

As I've said before, we don't miss a Yankees game in this house. In addition to the fact that Wyatt's current DVD of choice is his Team Baby baseball video, he also gets to catch an inning of a game before bedtime everynight. This has led to several new words and phrases:


"Come on Swisher!"

"Baby Sissy, I'll be right back. I'm going to play baseball."

He also has activities that he likes to do while he watches the game. Once the game is on, he runs to the playroom and grabs his bat, ball and batting helmet. He puts the helmet on and stands in front of the TV in his batting stance. Once the pitcher releases the ball, he swings. Then he drops the bat and runs in a circle, like he's running the bases. He does this for a bit, then he runs to the playroom and grabs his glove, and then stands with it on watching the game. This kid is nuts!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol: Week 5

Who's idea was it to let the judges go two at a time? And who decided that we don't get the pleasure of listening to Simon after every performance? I would rather listen to one of the others and Simon than Kara and Randy. What a crock! This is the kind of stuff that's pushing Simon to (maybe) leave.

I didn't like Allison. The entire time she sang, I felt like I was waiting for something. It was like she had no idea what she was singing about. I didn't think she deserved her raves from the judges.

I thought Anoup rocked it with his Bryan Adams song. It really was one of his best performances, and I''m not just saying that because I like him so much.

Adam Lambert makes me want to cry. He's over the top. I like "over the top," but not that over the top. I don't get this fascination people have with him. He's different, but not that different.

Matt Giraud also made me want to cry. Because he picked the "Really, really, really, ever, ever, ever loved a woman" song. I hate that song. Bottom Three!

I'm not going to address Danny Gokey anymore than this word: BORING!

Kris Allen was pretty good. Never heard of the movie. Never heard the song. That's probably a good thing.

Lil Rounds can't pick a song to save her life. Which prompt me to not want to buy her album. It'll probably be another "I'm Sorry for 2004." Way to go Ruben Studdard. Or something like Taylor Hicks' album. Can somebody name a song from that? Anybody?

Bottom Three: Matt Giraud, Allison Iraheta, Lil Rounds
Going Home: Lil Rounds. Maybe. I'm not sure about this week. Allison went first, so it could be her. I don't know.

Happy Easter!

Easter in Pictures...
The baskets. Reese on the left, Brian in the middle, Wyatt on right (the Little People toy is his too). Where's my Easter basket you ask? Ask my husband.
Reese checking out her new exersaucer toy.
Ooooh. Baseball cards. And animals. And Spiderman eggs.
Reese loves to watch her brother!
Showing us the eggs he found!
Trying to unwrap an egg from the vine. It's actually a very good hiding spot.
Reese sitting out on her blanket in the sun.
My precious daughter and my beautiful niece!
Colin loves his little cousins so much!
"How does Baba get his lawn so green?"
Taking care of the doggies
The ladies on the porch
The boys taking care of the dogs.
He even loves fake dogs.
Tarzan swinging from the vine!
Colin and Wyatt playing the piano
Reese in her bunny ears!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday Party!

Wyatt's Birthday Party was Saturday afternoon. We had about 30 friends and family members over and we had a great time. The birthday party was Wonder Pets' themed, and Wyatt loved it. I spent all night on Friday night putting up streamers in the den and getting things ready for the party.
Brian and I still had some errands to run on Saturday morning, but things still went really well. If you've ever seen an episode of The Wonder Pets, then you probably know that they celebrate with celery after they save the animal in trouble. Sometimes they top their celery with a regional flavor from the animal's home. Brian desperately wanted to have a celery buffet highlighting some of the delicacies that the Wonder Pets have eaten. I complied with the request, and we had the celery buffet. A few highlights - Celery on the Barbie (grilled celery skewers) - from The Wonder Pets Save the Kangaroo, Celery with Soy Sauce - from The Wonder Pets Save the Panda, and Celery Dogs (hot dogs on celery)- from The Wonder Pets Save the Pigeon. I was unable to try these delicious side items, but I heard that the Celery on the Barbie was quite good.
Wyatt loved seeing his friends and his big cousin Colin. The highlight for Wyatt (obviously) was opening his presents. He started trying to open one as soon as the party started, but we were able to hold him off until after everyone had eaten. There was only one problem. Wyatt opened his Garbage Truck from Mimi and Baba first. Wyatt loves garbage trucks. They're one of his obsessions. He will tell you that "The trash truck comes on Thursday." He also likes to say "Trash man gonna come pick up Wyatt's diapers on Thursday." Wednesday nights we tell him that the next day is Thursday and he jumps up and down with excitement. He makes our mothers take him to every window in the house with a clear view of the garbage truck to watch it. So after he opened his new garbage truck he wasn't interested in opening much else. But we were able to pry him away, and he loved the rest of his presents too!
When it was time for cake we all sang happy birthday to him and he blew out his candles. Then he asked to go again. So we sang one more time! He loved his cake, and he gave Reese a kiss while he was eating it so she ended up with frosting face!
After the party he played with his toys for a little bit, but we were all exhausted so we called it a night pretty early. After all, we needed to get some Easter Baskets ready for the kids!
Celery on the Barbie
Celery and PB, Celery Dogs, Celery with Cream Cheese and plain celery for dipping in soy sauce or hot sauce
The Wonder Pets birthday cake
Blowing out his candles
Eating cake
Reese with red frosting on her face after a kiss from her brother
Wyatt and Aunt Allison
Piper got her shirt a little dirty. The tape across her chest says "censored." This was all T and Brian's idea.
Colin and Wyatt playing with the garbage truck

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Bunny

We took Reese to get her pictures taken with the Easter Bunny tonight.
Yes. Just Reese.

We had absolutely no intention of getting both kids pictures taken. Partially because we wanted a picture of Reese on her first Easter by herself, just like Wyatt did. But also because we knew what would happen when Wyatt saw the Easter Bunny.

Hysterics. Freaking out. As soon as we put Reese on his lap he cried. "Where Baby Sissy go? No Bunny! No Bunny!," Scream, scream, scream, scream, scream, "where Baby Sissy go? No!"

This is the same little boy who was excited 5 minutes before because he thought we were going to see Santa Claus. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot he asked if we were going to see Santa. When we got to the Easter Bunny he asked where Santa Claus was. Apparently we didn't need to answer that question because Wyatt already knew. "Santa Claus feeding the reindeer?"

Then he saw the Bunny. The exact same Bunny that he was chums with last year. This year they are not friends.

But Reese loved it. She sat on his lap, jumping up and down and clapping her hands. She was screaming too, "Da da da da da!," she had a blast!

Fortunately, this was probably everyone's last trip to see the Easter Bunny (until we have another kid and my sense of fairness prompts me to take that child as well). I'm not sure I could do a great job convincing my kids that a mysterious bunny rabbit hops around in the night bringing kids baskets full of eggs that they stole from chickens. Or something like that. Yeah, our kids aren't going to believe in the Easter Bunny....

Thursday, April 9, 2009


  • So my bottom three was off. But I still picked the right person to go home! Adam Lambert must have quite the following if a quarter of the American public missed his performance and still voted for him.
  • The Yankees are 0-2. Against the Orioles. What is happening here? Oh yeah. They stink.
  • Reese is in the beginning phases of learning to crawl! She can now spin around in a circle in the "crawling position," but isn't moving anywhere!
  • We're getting ready for Wyatt's birthday party this Saturday! I ordered his cake last night, and we're in the process of getting the house ready for about 30 people to come over.
  • Where are Reese's teeth? She doesn't have any yet! I'm still feeding her 4 times a day and I have no interest in getting bit, so I'm not that bothered by it, but I feel like she's behind! The Pediatrician didn't say anything about it last week, so I guess he's not concerned!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

American Idol: Week 4

So last week I was too busy with my birthday boy posts to blog my American Idol thoughts and picks. Well, peace out Megan.

I'm not going to lie to you. Last night was probably one of the most boring episodes of Idol ever. Usually I enjoy the "Songs from your birth year" episode. This is the episode that brought us Carrie Underwood's fabulous version of Alone. But last night wasn't too spectacular.

Anoup: He sang well and he has a fan base. And he kind of looks like Kutner from House, and since all of America thinks he's dead (and not working for the President), Anoup is safe.
Matt: Matt was really good last night. I think he should win. I just feel bad because I forgot to vote...
Lil: Can this woman pick a decent song? I mean, I like her, but she just can't pick a song that fits her. On a side note, if Kara ever uses the word "artistry" again, I'm going to flip my lid.
Danny: MAKE HIM STOP. I know. I'm mean. I just don't like him. He's too...something. But everyone else likes him, so he's safe.
Kris: If Matt doesn't win, I want Kris to. He's so wholesome. And he can sing. And he can play the guitar. Last night was so-so, but I still think he's precious.

The Bottom Three
Adam: So, the only reason that I think he's in the bottom three is because Fox messed up and we didn't even get to see him. I think Adam can sing. And I think he's very original. I just don't think he's Idol. I think he would be safe if America got to see him perform though.
(Un)Fortunately, my husband records Fringe, so we got to see the while performance, and Simon's standing ovation
Allison: The girl can sing. But the judges are right. She not unlikeable, but there's nothing about her that makes me want to vote for her, and I don't think she's reaching out to anyone else, either.
Going Home: Scott! Scott doesn't have "it" either. I think he'll be a decent singer/songwriter, but he's not going to be a huge star. So he's going home. But I wouldn't be surprised if it were Allison.

It's Baseball Time!

Here are a few more pictures from out Opening Day Party!

Wyatt was practicing his fielding. He was actually waiting for the batter to hit the ball at him.

Sibling love. Need I say more?
Reesie with her glove
Reese and Daddy in their Jeter shirts!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

The Yankees started this season off miserably yesterday with a loss to Baltimore. Yep, Baltimore. Needless to say, Brian struck up his, "The Yankees suck, and I can't believe I'm wasting my time watching this game" pose at some point last night. Need a visual?Wyatt waited until the game was almost over to bust out his "I can't believe they're losing this game" pose.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Opening Day!

Today is Opening Day 2009 baseball fans! I think it's a well known fact that baseball is an obsession in this house, and today is one of the best days of the year. And the good news is that, thanks to the genius behind the MLB Extra Innings package, we'll get to see every single game. Not that I dislike it, it's just on every single night. Until Brian goes through a one of his patented "The Yankees suck, they can't hit for anything" phases. Those usually only last two nights...

Anyway, we're having a small party to celebrate today. We have some balloons and plates. We're going to eat hot dogs for dinner. And of course, the whole family is decked out in our Yankees attire (A-Rod shirts notwithstanding). So far Reese has had two wardrobe changes, with the possibility of 3 more Yankees outfits.

And speaking of my little girl, I am SO proud of her! I didn't want to jinx it, but she is now officially a through-the-night sleeper! I put her down around 8:30 and she sleeps until 5:30 every morning, and then she goes right back to sleep when she's done eating. I, unfortunately, am not that lucky. Well, three days a week I am. But 4 days of waking up early really blows.

Anyway, I'm off to set up for the party, and get organized for the birthday party this weekend!

Yes, that's a baseball on her butt!
Playing with Wyatt's glove and baseballs
Wyatt took his glove away from Reese and gave hers to her instead. Then he decided to show her how to wear it. Because he's an old pro.
Reese in her second outfit of the day it says "Rookie of the Year." Check out those beautiful blue yes!
Such a happy little girl!