Monday, March 31, 2008

Wyatt's Actual Birthday

The weather was pretty nasty for Wyatt's 1st birthday yesterday. Brian and I were hoping to be able to get him out of the house and take him to do something fun, but it was just so yucky that we ended up spending the day hanging out at the house playing with his new (and old) toys. I made him fresh cinnamon rolls and sausage for breakfast (he was pleased) and then we spent the rest of the day playing. Then for dinner he had pizza for the first time. He really seemed to enjoy it! I don't really want him to grow up eating junk though, so it won't be an all the time thing. Right now he loves to eat fruit, but he doesn't seem to like to eat most vegetables, so I'm trying to get him to eat them.

It's hard for Brian and I to believe that he's already a year old and there's so much that he can do now. At the same time it seems like we've known him so much longer than a year. Silly, I know. Anyway, here's a couple shots of the birthday boy!

Eating his birthday breakfast

Sticky from the cinnamon rolls!

Making faces at Daddy

Yeah, that's now how he's supposed to ride that. He really is into climbing now.

Laying down and resting on one of his cool birthday presents.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Thanks Aunt Allison and Uncle T!

Wyatt had a blast last night playing on the stool that his Aunt, Uncle and Cousin gave him for his birthday. We didn't know that he was a climber...until last night. Now he's climbing on everything, but he's having a ton of fun.

1st Birthday for the Little Guy

Yesterday (the day before his actual birthday) Wyatt had his first birthday party. Family and friends came over and we celebrated his party in baseball style. Hamburgers, hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jacks (which were a big hit) were served before our one year old started eating his cake! Harris Teeter actually has this cool program for VIC Card holders to get a free small cake for babies on their first birthday. You have to sign up for it early (like two months before the birthday), but it was a pretty cool deal. And we LOVED the way his big cake came out. Brian and I just wish we'd gotten a little :)! All in all, the Wyatt had fun playing with his cousins and his friend Tyler and he got a lot of fun new toys for he and Daddy to play with. He says thank you to every one that came!


More balloons on his high chair

The top of his birthday cake

The side view of the cake

Wyatt's own personal cake

Finally getting into the cake
The end result....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Just Because this will drive Daddy crazy....

My favorite show on TV is the Gilmore Girls. The show ended last year after the seventh season, and while I found the last two to be average at best, I LOVE the first five seasons. So today, while Brian was at work I watched the fifth season (by far my FAVORITE only because Luke and Lorelai fall in LOVE). Anyway, when I'm watching the show on DVD I usually fast forward through the credits, but today I was folding laundry and didn't. And my precious little boy started jamming. And since Brian can not stand to be IN THE HOUSE when I'm watching the show, I'm not sure he'll be that pleased with these pictures....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

This weekend was a fun family weekend! On Saturday we went to an Easter Egg "Hunt" at a local nursery. Wyatt wasn't exactly "interested" in finding Easter Eggs, but it was still fun. Here's a few shots of him "hunting."

On Easter Sunday, Wyatt got his Easter basket and then we went to brunch with my family. We went to the Founder's Inn, which was pretty yummy. During the brunch there was a small band playing, and the drummer was my middle school orchestra teacher! Wyatt LOVES music, so he enjoyed the tater tots and chicken nuggets (and cheesecake) while he rocked out to the music. Afterwards we went to Brian's parents house and had lunch and another Easter Egg Hunt. Even though his big cousin Colin kept pointing the eggs out to Wyatt, our boy only wanted to play with the soccer ball (or the dogs). At one point during the day we looked at Wyatt and he was standing between two of the dogs petting them with a huge smile on his face! At other times he would be on the look out for Noelle, and would walk up to her. Needless to say, Brian especially was very proud that Wyatt could recognize our girl and wanted to be around her. By the time we got home though, our little guy was pooped. He didn't get much sleep during the day on Saturday or Sunday, so he went to bed a little early last night.

Today we went to the Doctor for the monthly prenatal appointment and everything is going well. And as a perfect ending to the weekend (for Brian anyway, I've still got today!), we got a definite date for finding out what Baby Number 2 is - April 18th!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Zonked out!

Okay, so you probably can't make out this image too well, but I had to take it with my phone! Wyatt usually has his lunch and then takes his nap. Well, this afternoon he decided to rearrange his schedule. He ate some of his food, but about two seconds after I gave him his sippy cup of milk he decided to cuddle with it and fall asleep in his high chair! Needless to say, lunch wasn't finished and I went ahead and put him to bed....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Bunny

OK, so we aren't 100% sure that the "Easter Bunny" is something that we feel comfortable allowing Wyatt to believe in. There are about a million reasons for this, but most of Brian's involve the fact that a Bunny and a chicken have very little to do with each other, let alone Easter. But that's probably something he will blog about on The 1013 separately from this blog.

Anyway, as you can see we took Wyatt to get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Noelle was going to go as well, but she hadn't pooped by the time we had to leave, and it wasn't really that fun to clean up her poop at MacArthur last year. But that's another story....

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wyatt at the Zoo!

Our little fella LOVES to be outside, and he LOVES animals so we took him to the zoo this past weekend. Here are some pictures from our trip.....

Looking at the elephants....this is very serious business.

So unlike the parent next to us, we didn't actually allow Wyatt to stick his finger through the gate and get snapped at by the goose.

This giraffe was seriously looking right at Wyatt. And Wyatt found him to be mesmerizing.
Walking down the ramp to see the baboons with Daddy.
Wyatt stops to take a picture.
As you can see by the huge smile on his face, Wyatt loves walking!
Okay, so this was at Target, but we found out Wyatt really likes Boba Fett. Brian was rather excited about this, and though it's not age appropriate, it will probably end up in his Easter Basket....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Family

It all started with Brian and his black lab puppy Noelle. The two soulmates met in December of 1993 when Brian was given Noelle as a Christmas gift. You can learn more about them here. For many years, the two of them enjoyed driving around in the Jeep, weekend trips to the Outer Banks, long walks on the beach and sharing the occasional graham cracker.

Brian and I met in 1998 when I interviewed for a job and he was the boss! We didn't really talk or even become friends until 2000, but at that point we definitely made each other laugh. So we liked each other as friends and it really just kind of became more. One day when my foot was broken, and I didn't really get to eat during my break, Brian brought me my lunch at my spot and ate with me. From that point on I was in LOVE, it just took my buddy a little bit longer to come around to it.

Fast forward 5 years to Christmas Eve 2005. Brian really surprised me with a wonderful and thoughtful and romantic proposal and of course I said yes! So we set about planning our perfect wedding day, of course including our perfect puppy dog Noelle! From that point on, it's all kind of been a whirlwind! We got married, had our precious baby boy Wyatt and we have another on the way!

Our son has brought more joy to us in the last year than I think either of us could have imagined. He is all boy for sure, but I think he's nice and cuddly when he wants to be too. I always knew from the way Brian has taken care of our girl Noelle that he would be a GREAT father, but he is a Super Fantastic Wonderful father. Wyatt LOVES to play with his Daddy, and it's awesome to see how happy Wyatt makes Brian. So this blog will mainly give updates into the four (soon to be five!) of us!