Sunday, June 7, 2015

Spring Sports Wrap-Up

Just a few "follow up pictures" to the rest of our spring sports recaps.  I'm pretty sure that baseball will probably go on forever, but rec season is done!

Hudson finished his spring soccer season - he had a lot of fun!
He played in a U6 League - which means that most of the kids were 6 years old!  He even played against a few kids in Reese's Kindergarten class - two years older than he is.
It was hard for his little legs to move as fast as the bigger kids, but he still hung in there.  He really likes playing soccer, and he begged to do it again!
Wyatt played U8, although we tried to move him up to U10.  He had some moments of frustration playing defense all season, but he was still happy that he was able to play.  Plus, he was able to help move the ball down the field to prevent the other teams from scoring. He has tryouts for a select team on Tuesday!
Reese and Hudson both had fun playing t-ball - as always!

Reesie and her BFF Emma!
It's nice to be down two games a week now.  Wyatt is still playing for his Select team and he also made All Stars, so he has at least another month of tournaments and practices and conditioning and pitching!  It sounds like a lot - but he always wants to play.  And the kid has massive amounts of energy to burn!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pool Day!

Last weekend was our first free weekend in two months.  My mom invited the big kids over for a sleepover on Saturday night, so we went over a little early for some pool time.  Wyatt and Reese wasted no time getting in the pool - they also found Katie's rescue tube pretty quickly.

It's really a shame that Reese has no personality.  Ha!

I love this one because it actually looks like she's floating on the water!

She even had to steal the show when Wyatt was jumping!
Finley didn't really want get in the pool, but she wore her life jacket (pool rules!), and hung out with Bella!
He sat on the steps and practiced his kicks.
I miss the "baby stage" at times, but I'm also finding it a little easier to keep tabs on them now that they're getting older.  They were all really good at the pool, so I'm hoping that this translates to good behavior at the Y pool - and if not, there's always the daycare! More pool time for Mommy - alone!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Smalls Take on Busch Gardens

We had to redeem Hudson's preschool pass by the end of May, so Brian and I secretly plotted a trip last week while Wyatt and Reese were in school.  A weekend day wouldn't work because it would involve me up there alone with 4 kids in a long line.  No thank you!  Ha!

We dropped the two big kids off, and then trekked to Williamsburg for the day.  Hudson said, "Hey Mommy, take my picture right here, okay?"

We went over to the Sesame Street section, and he was pretty determined to do some things on his own.  When did my baby boy become such a big boy?  Especially chilling in his shades!

There's my baby!

Fin Fin broke free of the stroller for a little bit and got to ride with Daddy!  I looked back over the blog, and found this post from a trip with the big kids.  I can't believe it, but Hudson is actually older now than Wyatt was then, and Finley is just a little younger than Reese was.  That. Is. Crazy!

Always the cool guy!  These sunglasses have become quite the "thing" for him this year.  He's now on his second pair, the first one broke.  We almost lost the second pair at Target on Sunday, but we searched high and low and found them!

We got to ride the roller coaster over and over again - without getting off!  

These two stopped to visit with Elmo.

And then rode another ride with Daddy!

She obviously hated it!

We followed Elmo land up with slushes, a ride on the log flume, and a train ride!  We made it home in time to pick the big kids up from Mimi and Baba, get Wyatt's book report finished and his habitat project started (and we had to shop for it!  Totally last minute!), and then, by some miracle, he made it to his pitching lesson on time!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Waterpark Fun!

After spending all day Saturday and Sunday at Wyatt's baseball games, we decided to spend Memorial Day at the waterpark with Brian's family.

I had to make a mad dash to Target the night before to make sure that I had bathing suits (and swim diapers!) for all the kids.  Finley was definitely content to lounge in the shade of our cabana in the morning.

Hudson, on the other hand, was up for adventure.  It took him about .5 seconds to make his way over the slide.  Fortunately, it was right in front of our cabana!

He was also feeling brave enough that day to ride the "big boy slides" by himself.  I went down right behind him, but he didn't want the double tube. No fear in this kid!

Wyatt also accompanied us down this slide, but he spent most of the day hanging out with Aunt Allison, Colin, Piper and Reese, while I tended to the little kids with the help of Brian's parents!

Finley was not that excited to try any of the rides in the morning, but she found her inner daredevil after lunch.  She wanted to go down the kiddie slides over and over again!  Hudson slowed down a little while he was riding in front of us.  Rule breaker!

Every picture of her before we hit the water has her eyes closed! I don't think she likes the splash.

The boys hung out in the Bimini with their slushes.

And these two  cool cousins went back and forth from the Bimini to the cabana.
And Daddy stopped by for a visit!  It's crazy that even though we're there having fun - he still has to work.  The kids don't always grasp that concept :).  Of course, we're all still adjusting to the hectic schedule summer brings for him - we'll get used to it by July, and come October I won't even know what to do with family weekends.  Oh wait, yeah I will.  Sports!  Ha!

Monday, June 1, 2015

May Little Things

We had a fun and busy May!

I started the month with an "unofficial" 15 year high school reunion.  It was a great night with lots of great people!  I'm so glad that Brian was able to get home early enough for me to head out!
It sounds crazy, but I had a really enjoyable time in high school - it was a big school, but because of the program I was in and the activities I was involved in, it felt small. And because of Facebook, we're all still able to keep in touch.  There were lots of selfies!
We had to head to the ball field the next day, and this guy wanted to get some swings in before he left for a day of games!
The team came in second place!
I lost my mind and took these three out for ice cream after school one day.  They had fun, but getting them all situated with soft serve and toppings can be a little crazy!
Wyatt's team had a big game, and the other two decided to suit up in their Dodgers gear.
Finley also likes to rep her team - with lollipops.
Reese was determined to be the top reader in Kindergarten.  She was also pretty excited to accumulate more Accelerated Reader points than her big brother.
Reesie's class went on a Field Trip to the farm - and Brian got to tag along as a chaperone.  It was a rainy day, but they still had fun! 
Oh, Jeter.  He went for a roll under the deck.  Twice.  It was a lot of fun to clean up :)!
T-ball is over for this girl!  She'll move up to softball (maybe baseball) in the fall!
This guy has a few season left on the t-ball fields.  He is having a LOT of fun and he's learning so much!
This is obviously a meeting of the minds.  Very important things were being discussed here!
Wyatt actually took the time to help his sister with her homework.  Listening to him explain what he knows to her?  Awesome!  He gets it all - even though completing 8 million worksheets about it "all" isn't his idea of a good time!
He had to work on a Young Author's project this year, and he was given the task of writing about different topics, including his future family.  Apparently, he's not going to have one.
This white uniform?  It's super fun to clean.  Not.
T-ball trophies!

She is such a great baby!  I know, I know, she's not a baby.  BUT she has been doing such a great job hanging in with us during long baseball weekends.
These two have bonded over the last few months.  While the big kids are in school, they spend their time playing and making messes!  The making of messes has really helped them grow closer together.
So stylish.
How do you pass time between baseball games?  Just relaxing.
Or you could steal an iPad and hang out in the shade.
Another tooth bites the dust!
Can you tell that his baseball weekends can get a little tiresome?  He still had one more to play!
And a picture before we took this guy to school!
Wyatt's last Coach Pitch game was last Wednesday!  I can't believe that it's already time for him to pitch!  He has been taking lessons for a few weeks, and he really enjoys it - but I'm already that crazy mom stressing about his arm.
This Smashing Pumpkins shirt was a Daddy purchase.
Just a couple of girls reading some bed time stories.
Aaaaaaand a really big dog.