Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Before Christmas, right? Right.

So our December has been like most people's December...eventful!

We spent the first 6 days of it at home, then went to Disney World(!!!!) for the next nine days, and we've been home trying to cram every wonderful part of Christmas into the time we had left.  And then we figured, all that we need now are some coughing children, a sicky wife, and a Pneumonia diagnosis (Brian!).

Before I get to our super fun Christmas recap, I should probably start with Thanksgiving, am I right?

We spent the Wednesday before Thanksgiving with Brian's parents and Allison and the kids.  There was delicious food and a lot of cousin time, which everyone loves! We either didn't take the camera out or forgot it?  I'm guessing we rushed out the door because Brian worked that day and I forgot it.

We spent Thursday morning at home watching the parade, and then made our way up to Richmond to my brother's house.  Marc and April hosted Thanksgiving again this year, and they had a huge, fun crowd! 
 Daddy and Wyatt kept busy at the pool table.
I can't believe how big this kid is getting.
 And Finley, Hudson, Mason and Reese kept busy with crafts!
 The whole Thanksgiving group!

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