Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July Little Things

In some ways July seemed super slooooooooow (that's what happens when your husband's busy season is while school is out), but it also moved pretty quickly and we had lots of fun!

Hudson was having a LONG day, and he went to put his pajamas on around 5:30.  And then he fell asleep.
While Hudson was passed out on the bedroom floor, Wyatt and Brian were at the baseball field fulfilling our volunteer quota for All Stars.  Brian kept score, and Wyatt and his friend helped with the field prep.  Wyatt also likes announcing the games!
Finley got ready to go to work with Daddy one day!  Well, obviously she's too little, but who doesn't love a matching uniform!
This is what our front window looks like when Brian leaves for work in the morning.  LONG days, and all five of these kids count down until he'll be back home!
The All Star team celebrated the end of the season with a big pool party.  12 boys hanging out in a pool tends to make things a little crazy!
We went to the zoo, and Finley managed to walk the entire place!
With some help from her big brother..
It was very hot, so the giraffes were still inside when we got to their section.

Brian and Wyatt went to a Tides game with friends, and Wyatt managed to snag a foul ball.
We have dubbed this summer, "The Summer of Speed."  Wyatt has been running sprints in the backyard almost everyday in an effort to speed him up.  He has camp this week, and Brian said that his base running last night was the fastest he's ever seen him run!
Steph, Natalie and Baby Dave were visiting from California, and we all met up at the water park. These girls had lots of fun!
And these two loved their slushes!

Reesie got a gift card to Barnes and Noble for being the top AR reader in Kindergarten.  She was thrilled to buy her own books on the trip!  She's very focused on reading chapter books.  
We went to the Children's Museum with Derek and Sophie.  Hudson really got into the cash register! I love that there is really something to interest all of them at the museum.  They get into everything, and the time goes by so quickly while they're moving from place to place.
The boys and girls ran in two different directions once we got to the motorcycle and fire truck.

Hudson and his best buddy "Jete-Jete."
Finley needed to get her picture taken with this dolphin on her way out of the doctor's office.  VB has these dolphins painted by artists all over the city.  It's pretty fun to spot them and take pictures with them while we're out and about!

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