Wednesday, February 10, 2016

November Little Things

So we spent all of the beginning November at Disney World, so this is what happened when we weren't there.

We got school pictures back when we got home!  My little first grader and third grader!

In November there was a definite Baby "Mawgwet" phase happening with this girl.

Wyatt's soccer team had a Veteran's Day tournament the weekend after we got home.  As luck would have it, Brian had to leave to go BACK to Orlando on the second day of the tournament, so I got to take all 4 kids by myself.  BUT, I got to see Wyatt's team win the tournament!  Way to go, Spartans!

We tried to get everyone together to take a picture of Jeter on his first birthday!  I can't believe that this puppy is one.

Wyatt went along with Reese and I to her friend's birthday pary.  He was very excited to be back on the ice!  He hasn't had an ice skating lesson or even been on the ice since June of 2014 (although that links to May because it was the last skating picture I had).  Needless to say, the subject of hockey has come up again.

Pure joy on the ice.

I came home from the party to find that Brian had started to put the tree up.  This tree came pre-lit, but those lights no longer work.  I had to string the lights around it, but it looked fantastic.  I was distracted for a moment because I had to leave the tree to see what happened to Glen on "The Walking Dead".  So Christmassy!

Finley's teacher helped her make this at school.  Darling, right?  Except I had to add Hudson's name, because he didn't make the cut on the list of things she was thankful for.  The big kids would have had a field day with that!

Brian and I took a selfie on Thanksgiving when our kids ran off to the playroom!

And this girl did a lot of reading!

And that is a wrap on our November!  Finally!

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