Sunday, March 27, 2016

February Little Things

We started February with a teacher work day.  In our house a day off from school means a trip to the zoo!  Fortunately we had a really great day for it.  These four aren't always a delight to take out on my own, but they have learned over time that if they want to have any fun, they need to behave themselves.  

That doesn't mean that they're always great at taking a group picture.  The most cooperative person in this photo was Taylor, Reese's American girl!  Ha!
This Buddy Holly shirt has been through all 4 of the kids.  Brian is a fan, and he "had" to have it for Wyatt.
Hudson had a lot of fun playing basketball this season.  He was in a Kindergarten/First Grade division at the Y because he's 5, but he's still only in Pre-K.  He played in the four year old division last year, but he couldn't do that again.  There was a big size difference between him and the first graders, but he had fun!
He learned about the Presidents at school in February, and he made this Abraham Lincoln project. He liked pretending he was "Honest Abe."
Nothing sweeter than catching my girls having a story time before bed.  Reesie is a great big sister, and a great reader!
Speaking of readers, this guy is working hard on becoming one!  He likes to sit up front with me after we park at Reese's school every day.  Before we go in, he comes up front and reads me the next few pages of his reader.
The Spartans worked hard all month and they kept winning!

We had to share our ears last month for Make a Wish.  Very appropriately with a picture from our last vacation behind them!
She insisted on buying these leggings on a trip to Target.  At first I said no...but they are kind of garishly adorable, and they are super soft. And they have "pincesses," so they ended up in our cart!
Hudson made it to Reader 3 (and he got a haircut)!
Nothing like a day hanging out on the couch with your puppy, reading books and watching TV by the fire.
Circle time before bed is also always a fun option.  Especially with this assortment of characters.
Brian volunteered as Watch Dog at Reese's school on her half birthday.  With a summer birthday, you have to do what you can.  It's always so fun for them to have their dad around at school - hanging out with their friends, seeing what they do in class, and bringing them lunch!
The three of us one morning before school!  I started a long term sub position at their school at the end of the month.  It's always fun getting the "early shift" out by 7:20, and then rushing to get the "second shift" out the door by 8:10.  Let's just say, my alarm goes off at 6, and I don't stop moving for 2 hours!
Getting their medals for an award winning basketball season!  Ha!

And because we can't go a week without a sport....the day after basketball season, we started prepping for baseball!  It was a discount day for lots of local leagues, and we ran into RipTide!  And we walked out with 4 new pairs of cleats, a new softball helmet, and countless other supplies to get the season started!

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