Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day!

My Valentines :)!
Reese's window clings
Wyatt's decorations (they picked them out themselves)
And their Valentine's Day Crafts...
Wyatt cut his list of people he loves short because he wanted to go play hockey (in the living room). He stopped at his cousins - but he named Baby Mason twice (counting down the days until my little nephew is born)! He also included himself in his list!
Reese concentrated very hard when thinking of people she wanted to include. The first people she named were her Great Grammy, Gigi and Great Grandma! I was completely shocked that her great grandmother's came first! She also included her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins (she left herself off though), as well as all the dogs she knows - Bella, Jeannie, Honey (Michele, you made her list too - not just your dog!), Charlie, Tiki, Diamond and Cody-, Handy Manny, Minnie Mouse, her stuffed animals Clarice and Ruby and her friends Audrey and Natalie rounded out her list!
Reese also took full advantage of stacking the heart stickers together to make her masterpiece!

Brian and I kept Valentine's Day low key this year (especially since Valentine's Day is mostly for me anyway and my birthday is in 2 weeks). On Sunday we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then went to see Just Go With It - which was hilarious. It was the best Adam Sandler movie I've seen in awhile (Funny People was good for the first hour, but I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was hysterical! Grown Ups - not so much). I love Jennifer Aniston though, and she was awesome in this movie. The whole cast was really good - except Nicole Kidman. Ugh, I can't stand that her face doesn't move!

For Valentine's Day we exchanged cards and Brian got me Red Robin Fuzzy Lemonade cupcakes, a rose and sushi for dinner! Delicious. We thought about getting a heart shaped pizza from Papa John's, but we'll be eating pizza tomorrow night when Survivor starts up again, so we decided sushi would be better! The kids got presents too - Wyatt got a Toy Story train the we got for $9 after Christmas at Target and Reese got a set of princesses that we got her from Disney World (even though I really am trying to keep her interest in princesses even keeled with all the other things she loves). Brian also got a rose for Reese, which she promptly offered to me.

This week is supposed to be beautiful, so we are really looking forward to some outside time! We spent over an hour outside yesterday and we can't wait to fit in some more playtime. Fortunately Hudson loves his stroller and Reese's big activity outside is pushing her little stroller around the court, so we just walk around together while Wyatt plays baseball or hockey or football or drives his Jeep around. I can't wait until it's gorgeous all the time so we can get out there every day!

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