Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Zoo Day!

Monday was a pretty warm day, so Shannon and I decided to take the kids (all 5 of them!) to the zoo in the morning.  Wyatt and Reese were both super excited to go because we haven't been to the zoo in months!  Seriously - it was six months to the day since I last blogged about going to the zoo - that might be a record for us!

Wyatt was really excited to see Tyler.  The boys don't get many playdates these days because Tyler goes to pre school 5 days a week and they both (should) still take naps every day.  When we have gotten them together at our houses they're just way more interested in each other's toys than actually playing together.  At the zoo they walked every where together and talked about all the animals.
Wyatt and Tyler

Checking out the giraffes
The four big kids looking for turtles


Hudson's first zoo trip - and he spent most of it sleeping!
I was a little worried about this outing on my own with all three kids.  Fortunately I knew Shannon was there for back up in case one of them ran off, but they were all amazingly good.  Hudson slept his way through his first trip to the zoo, and Wyatt walked with us the entire time.  He didn't even run a little bit ahead, he just followed along and did a great job listening.  Reese was being so good that I let her out of the stroller, and she did just as good of a job listening as Wyatt.  Hopefully these two just kind of learn that we get to do more fun things if they listen.  Any trip that it easy for me is pretty much a guarantee that we'll be able to try it again!

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