Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Winners! And a Bit of a Brain Dump.

Congratulations to Tiffany (Organizing Utility Tote) and Maureen (All In One Organizer)!  I've sent you both emails to double check your pattern choice before I order them!
The rest of our weekend was pretty low key.  On Sunday we watched a movie in the morning and then went back to my parents' house to do a little more swimming.
Hudson put his life jacket on, but he wasn't really having it.
 He walked me to the shed, because he decided that he would rather play baseball.

Wyatt is seriously having the worst trouble with chafing this year, and I have no idea what to do.  I guess he needs to change out of his swim suit and not run around the pool?  I cut the liners out of his swimsuits, but the pain seems to be pretty unbearable for him.  Like, screaming pain.  I can honestly tell that he hurts so bad that he wants to hit something, but he doesn't.  I guess that's progress :)
We had some time to kill before we picked Brian up from work, so we went to The Skinny Dip for some frozen yogurt.  The kids may have worn their jammies. :)
They are so typical!  Reese always wants chocolate with Reese's Pieces, and Wyatt gets vanilla with M&M's.  I got cherry limeade fizz and orange creamsicle - SO good!

Of course, Reese ended up puking this all up when we got to the waterpark.  She will literally eat anything I give her, but I have to watch her very closely.  I think that she drank an entire water bottle in 10 minutes, and it just didn't sit well on her stomach.  Fortunately, I noticed the look on her face just before she started to vomit, and I was able to get her out of the car pretty quickly.  But man, I am definitely putting together and emergency puke kit for my car - sand pails to catch it, towels, changes of clothes, water bottles to wash them off, febreze.  I had a change of clothes and things to clean a lot of it up in the car already, but I seriously can't take much more of this!

  • On Monday the kids spent several hours playing very nicely together outside.  In those three hours, I would say that they opened the back door approximately 528,000 times.  They are the first ones to complain if there is a fly in the house, but they can't seem to grasp that they're the reason we get them.  
  • It's been two weeks, but I'm still really bummed about Lexi Grey and the season finale of Grey's.  Like, unforgivably mad.  I may never forgive Shonda Rhimes for this.
  • We got back into our "routine" today.  Kind of.  After school drop off, I had a glucose test (yuck!), and Brian took the boys to Toys R Us to kill time and buy presents for two birthday parties.  Then we had Natalie come over to play for a few hours before a baseball practice turned game tonight.  There was a game scheduled and one team just didn't show up. I am so lost.  Parents sign their kids up for sports and then don't want to follow through with the season.  What does that teach them about commitment?  Frustrating!
  • Wyatt played a great game, though!  He had three really good hits, and he even slid so that he beat the baseman to the base!  But honestly, that pales in comparison to how proud I was of his sportsmanship tonight.  He really encouraged his friends when they were on the bench, and he and Hunter high five constantly!  It's all about little steps!
  • Brian and I are watching the Hatfield's and McCoy's  on the History Channel.  I'm a big fan of Kevin Costner and Bill Henrickson Paxton. It's really good! And not just because I grew up dreaming of being a history teacher.  Which, by the way, will never actually happen.
  • Tomorrow I have to take Reese to the pediatric dermatologist to have her bumps looked at.  I really hope they can treat them, because they are driving us both insane!
  • We're supposed to have the final game of the baseball season tomorrow.  We're also supposed to get hit by a tropical storm tomorrow.  I'm supposed to make cupcakes to celebrate the season.  I already made some for the game last week that got rained out, and I ended up sending them to school with Wyatt.  Reese's class may be getting leftovers on Thursday. 
  • I really can't wait until I qualify for a phone upgrade in October!  I used Brian's iPhone to deposit a check tonight, and it was crystal clear!  My old phone constantly gets errors when I try to use it to make a deposit! I also think being able to FaceTime with Brian would be lovely right about now!

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  1. Yay!!! :) And I'm not looking forward to vomit... I'm hoping Hunter is like me and just doesn't vomit, hahaha. :)