Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little of This And That

I figured I would update the blog with "stuff" that's been going on lately.  Sometimes I feel like I get far behind, or forget things that I'd like to remember, and today is just as good a day as any :)

This is the Mother's Day card that Wyatt made for me at school.  I think it is hysterical.  I love this little boy so much!
On our trip to Brian's parents' house on Sunday, there were a few short naps in the back of the car.  Although I found after I took this that Reese was actually faking it!
My mom invited Wyatt over for a sleepover on Monday night after Reese's soccer game.  I knew that she was going to take him out for some frozen yogurt, and asked Brian if he wanted to take the Littles after the game.  Reese was very excited to go and get some chocolate yogurt with Reese's Pieces and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (I think she's a little obsessed)!
On Tuesday we went to get haircuts for the boys, and then picked Reesie up from dance.  My mom met us back at the house with lunch for the kids and then watched them for three glorious hours while I went and got a massage and a pedicure!   It was Heaven! I hate asking for help, and I'm so thankful that she knows when I need some and offers to watch the kids for me:). It was raining all day, so to help me out, my mom gave the kids baths and had them in their pajamas when I got home!  The only problem was that we assumed that Wyatt's baseball game had been rained out!  So she helped me get them changed and packed up for the game and we left. After living through a monsoon all day, we got to his fields (5 miles from our house), and not ONE DROP of rain had fallen on them all day!  Thank goodness!  I can't imagine what Brian would do if he had another set of games to reschedule!

After we got home from the game I got Reese and Hudson set up with milk and Caillou, and I couldn't believe how big he looked watching the show!  He looks like such a big boy!
And he's a Hulk!  Last night I was cleaning out the pantry, and I left the trash can open so that I could bring some trash over (it pulls out from the cabinets, so it's kind of hidden). Hudson walked over and tried to do pull ups on it.  He pulled it down and broke it!  This is NOT the week for this kind of stuff - the water park opens this weekend and Brian is soooooo busy! Fortunately my Dad came over to fix it for me this morning.

We had parent teacher conferences at school today.  Wyatt's teacher shared his self portrait with us.  I absolutely love the hair!
He is doing so well!  We know that his teacher just loves him (seriously, it's a mutual admiration society.  He almost cried the other day when I was telling him he would have a different teacher next year).  He is doing so well in his reader (he's on the 4th one now), and even his handwriting has improved drastically since the beginning of the year.  He can count to 100 (and above if he's actually concentrating), and he's a good listener (at school).  Of course, he's also a talker like his mommy.  I can't tell you how much I got in trouble for talking!  I just couldn't keep my mouth shut!  His teacher asked him what he loves and he said "hugs.  I time there were two birds...." and then he went off on a crazy story about birds.  She said she had to stop asking questions during circle time because he would start answering and then sharing some story from his life.  Ha!  I know my mom is surprised by none of this!

I'm getting a little stressed out because he's the ONLY boy in his class that is going to kindergarten next year, the rest of the boys are going to Pre-K.  Fortunately, he apparently spends most of his time on the playground playing sports with the current Pre-K class, so he'll have some friends when they move up with him!

Reese's conference was awesome, as well.  Her teacher crossed out "Most of the time" for listening, sharing, and being kind and changed it to "All the time."  Apparently Reesie is a good little helper at school (of course, she can be for me here when she wants to be).  

Ms. Megan showed is her handwriting sample, and said that Reesie is ready for her first Phonics book!  Yay!  Wyatt didn't get his first Phonics book until September of this year, so she's a little ahead of him! I was also super pleased when I asked about how she's doing in regards to the "older" kids in the class.  Sometimes I hear horror stories about the late summer babies being farther behind, not as mature, etc., and her teacher said none of those things are concerns with Reesie!  We'll obviously have another talk with Ms. Janette next year, but that was really great to hear!

The teachers fill out their progress report with them, and at the end they ask them some questions.  Reese's answers cracked me up.
I think that just about catches me up.  I have TWO Thirty-One Totes that I'm giving away TOMORROW, so make sure you check back then!

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  1. Well thank goodness you like to wear clothes. And who's favorite store isn't Target?? That card is hilarious!