Monday, March 31, 2014

Wyatt is 7!

I can't believe that my first born is seven years old.

Looking at this little collage of his sweet little life, I realize that as much as I hate cliches, the days really are long, and the years really are short.

His second day of life, second Christmas, first soccer game, hugs from Woody at Disney World, building train tracks, and baseball games and hockey lessons...all of these things, these moments, have shaped this smart, funny, active, emotional little boy of mine.  And they've shaped me too.  The tantrums that seemed like they might not ever end. (and oh yes, we've had them.  Sometimes we still do.)  The sportsmanship that we still have to work on at every game.  The shyness that sometimes makes him uncomfortable and extra silly in new situations.  I don't always know how to handle our every day.  But I'm learning with him.

And some of these things?  They're just my worries. Not his.

When I worry about whether or not his shyness-turning to-silliness causes him problems at school.  He is fine.  He has friends that he loves to play with.  He is doing so well academically. And he talks non stop while I'm there on Monday mornings.

When I hold my breath during every at bat worried that he might get out.  And that an out might be followed by a helmet flying across the dugout.
His coaches have that covered.  He is probably going to get called out every game and he needs to get used to it. And some parents see his passion and tell me they love how much he cares about little things like getting out. 

He is such a sweet boy, with an extra dose of competitive fire.  It drives him to be better at some things.  And it can sometimes get in the way of his relationship with his little sister (who is also competitive).  But it's who he is.

He has more energy than anyone I know.  He jumps out of bed (usually before the sun is up) and comes to ask Brian the scores of any games they watched the night before, then he starts playing a sport in the living room.  But do not interpret that as "he likes waking up and getting ready for the day." Getting ready for school is not high on his list of priorities.

He loves hockey and baseball and soccer, but that's not all of him.  He has a heart for animals.  He adores them.  Books about them, shows about them, seeing them in person.  He still dreams of being a paleontologist when he grows up.  And he has a memory that you wouldn't believe.

He loves his friends and family.  He and Reese are so competitive, but they love each other so much.  He and Hudson are "best buddies." And he and Finley?  They are super sweet together. When he finds friends that he clicks with, he is so happy.  It's one of the things he loves best about sports.  Sure, he gets to go play, but playing with Hunter or Aden or Evan or Jack - that's what he really loves.

He has other interests - super heroes (his current favorite is Captain America.  Probably because we let him watch it last week), Lego, his Hockey Guys, reading about things he's interested in (Elephant and Piggie, National Geographic books, and Berenstain Bears are his current favorites), and he's also developed a bit of an interest in Titanic.  But more often than not you'll find him in my living room with a hockey stick or a baseball bat.  It's just what he wants to do all the time.

Loving him and watching him grow has been such a fun, educational, emotional, crazy ride.  I can not wait to see what the next year brings us.  Actually, I can.  I'm hoping time slows down just a bit before we hit 8!

Happy Birthday, Wyatt! We love you!

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