Thursday, March 6, 2014

February Little Things

Well, February flew right by, didn't it?  I figured I should blog about some of the little things we did all month (in no particular order)!

Our trip to the aquarium on President's Day.  They love the turtles.
This girl is very attached to the tee pee.  It is her favorite place to hang out!
Reese made her Abe Lincoln hat and beard at school, and told me that this is what "Honest Abe looked like before he got shot in the noggin."  Yeah.
Wyatt was "caught being good" at school one music class.  What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in that classroom.  The note said he was being a "super listener."
Oh Hudson.  He has been an ornery little creature lately, but he has been so sweet while doing it.  He was doing so well sharing a room with Wyatt, but lately it has become a bit of a challenge to get him to stop trying to make Wyatt laugh at bedtime.  By 7:00 (which is bedtime), Wyatt is usually exhausted.  Hudson, however, has taken a nap and isn't quite as tired.  So he does silly things.  Like pull his baseball glove chair into his crib so he can read a book.  This kid.
Reese was ready to move to a big girl bed (she was still sleeping in her princess toddler bed).  She was insistent on a day bed, because she wanted more space to play.  In my mind I heard this:
But it actually ended up being more like this!  She loves her bed and says that it's her comfy couch during the day, and it's a comfy bed at night.  The bed is wonderful and it was FREE!  My mom and dad have had it in their den/office/spare room forever, and my dad primed and painted it for her.  And my mom got her all the bedding.  It was the best Valentine's Day present ever!
This little girl can't climb on the couch yet, but she will hang out when I put her up there.  Excuse the bangs.  We're growing them out!
One of my favorite things about the way our house sits on our lot is this view.  Now, it was a lot better before the houses went up (WHY do neighborhoods have to be finished?  HA!), but the sunsets always look amazing from my kitchen.  It was more purple this night than the picture shows.  

Once it's July and 86 degrees at 7PM, I will complain about how freaking hot my kitchen is.  True Story.
This little girl has been such a trooper hanging out at Wyatt's ice skating lessons.  She is generally pretty happy.  As long as snacks are provided, that is.
There were hockey games last weekend, and Reese and Wyatt couldn't agree on who was going to the game with Brian on Friday and who was waiting to go on Saturday.  I made them write their names down on a piece of paper, and then Hudson drew a name out of the hat.  He took his job very seriously.
Reese's class learned about Presidents last month.  She brought this home at the end of the month.  I love her attention to detail in his pin!  Fortunately she has moved on from pronouncing his name as "B'rocking Mama."
Wyatt lost TWO teeth this month, on back to back days.  The tooth fairy forgot to visit the second night, so she left him an extra dollar the next day to make up for the inconvenience.
All dressed up for her pony pictures last week.  She spent time making sure she had everything she needed to look like a "real cowgirl."
And also a President's Day lesson.  You can't just teach them about the good ones, can you?  I sent her out in the backyard with a box and talked about Hoovervilles and the Great Depression.  What five year old wouldn't find that conversation to be fun and educational?
So that was our February.  Now on to March.  My birthday was yesterday, but now it's time to get ready for my big guy's birthday on  the 30th!

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