Monday, June 16, 2014

Field Day

The school year is over!  Last week was CRAZY busy, but still so fun!

Wyatt's class had Field Day on Tuesday.  He has been looking forward to this all year!
Each First Grade class had shirts made - they've been perfect for Field Trips, "Team Days", and their class Easter Egg Hunt.  It made Field Day so easy because you could easily look up and see which class was which.

Wyatt's team won the Tug of War and his friend Rhianna hugged him.  This picture cracked. me. up.
Wyatt is typically very "Girls....ew."  But not when celebrating athletic achievements.
The "egg carrying race" was not his thing.  He opted out of the potato sack race because it was itchy (an alternative theory is that he suspected he may not be good at it, so he gave up.  That's just a hunch.), and then had a bit of an attitude about this.  Always fun times with this kid and his competitive streak!
Nothing like a a little "Gangnam Style" (you know, the Kids Bop version).
And an inflatable for the win.  
This water game cracked me up.  It was kind of funny to watch them carry the water back to dump out.  They wanted to fill up that bucket, but they also wanted to get the water all over their friends!
And then at the end my crazy child begged to have water dumped on him.  Awesome sauce!
Buddies!  Wyatt's made so many new friends this year - he came home every day talking about his friends and what they do at school.  It was such a great year for him!
During his class party, his teacher presented Class Superlatives to everyone.  Wyatt got the "MLB Award."  If you read his Writer's Workshop journal you would understand why - every journal entry is about baseball.  "Hi.  Wyatt here.  Today I want to talk about __________________, he plays _____________ for the _____________."  Pretty sure his writing was influenced by his early morning Sportscenter and MLB Network viewings!  His teacher was telling us a few weeks ago that she can't help but laugh about how competitive he is - even at math games!  She also said that she had a chance to sit down and read with him one on one a few weeks ago, and he is doing a really great job reading.  His love for non fiction animal books is apparent!
Before we left we stopped for snow cones at the truck that came to school.  What a great way to end an awesome year in first grade!

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