Sunday, June 1, 2014

Final Game of the Season

The Coach Pitch Dodgers had their final game of the season last week.

This guy was ready to play.

 The team that they played had a lot of big hitters (it seemed like the ball was always in the outfield), and Wyatt's team had a hard time getting the ball out of the infield.

 The final two innings had some pretty big hits, but that pesky 5 run limit got in their way.  No way to catch up!
Looking bigger since the season started in March!
 Three amigos having a talk with Coach BJ about playing in the outfield in the final inning.
 And a little team pep talk.  Brian is losing a lot of boys next year to Kid Pitch - so this was their final game as a team!
We did have a little trophy pizza party on Tuesday.  It was a fun season for the Dodgers.  I'm ready for a break - but there's still All Stars season for Wyatt, and a certain 3 year old will start playing t ball at the YMCA in June.  Brian actually got the call about the coach's meeting for Hudson's league while we were at Reese's final game on Wednesday :).
This is going to be a big week - the last full week of school before summer vacation, All Star practices, and Reese's dance dress rehearsal and recital!  Hoping (hoping, hoping) things slow down a bit soon!

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