Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day!

Another school year is underway.

Every one is two years apart in school, which is kind of awesome. 
This year we have a second grader!

 And a Kindergartner!
 Since they go to a primary school, the second graders are the oldest in the school.  It also means that these two will go to different schools again next year!
 Tuesday was basically the hottest day of the year, but this girl would only wear leggings.  Because she's a fashionista.  After she chose this for her first day of school outfit, there was no changing her mind.  She wouldn't even let me pull her hair back!

 And doesn't this guy look thrilled to head back to school?  Ha!
He's just stuck in his awkward smile phase again.  He was very excited to get to school, and he didn't shed a single tear at drop off.   He was so happy to see his friends!

Now we're back to the time of year where our schedule suddenly fills up.  I was just talking about next week's schedule with Brian - Wyatt has baseball practice twice, two games, soccer practice, a soccer game, and Reese has a tee ball game, too!  It's about to get crazy around here. 

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