Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trick or Treat!

Another Halloween has come and gone!

The anticipation of trick or treating resulted in some very early wake up calls last week.  Wyatt was awake at 4AM on Thursday and Friday!  He is crazy!

We had pizza with our neighbors before we headed out to get some candy!
 Star Wars was obviously the popular choice with the older boys.  Between the Clone Wars and the new Rebels show and the new movie coming out next year, I predict that Wyatt will be a Star Wars character forever.
 Mulan and Ariel were clearly excited to go trick or treating.
 Captain America was happy to get a refreshing cup of lemonade at a neighbor's house.
 We are speeding up!  The neighborhood is now complete, and they finished the whole neighborhood in an hour!
Now that Halloween is over, we're busy making our Thanksgiving plans!  We've already started some Christmas shopping, and decorating will start soon (I don't like to be rushed!).  Only 3 weeks until our elf Parker comes back!

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