Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Soccer Season So Far

Our Spring Season is a hectic.  Everyone is playing baseball or tee ball, and both boys are also playing soccer.

Yes.  We have lost our minds.

It's actually a pretty carefully crafted schedule that we had to put a lot of thought into organizing.  Fortunately both soccer teams are practicing the same night, and we have carpools set up just in case!  The biggest issue is the Saturday shuffle - the little boys play, then the big boys, then Brian takes everyone to t-ball while I stay at soccer and wait for Wyatt.  Then we head to the fields to catch most of the t-ball game before his baseball game.  Then we all come home and pass out.

Hudson gets to play soccer and baseball with his good buddy Jesse.
Even when that means chucking oranges into the grass behind the bench and having to go retrieve them.
 He's working on his sweet soccer moves.
 While the little boys play, Wyatt and Jack hold court at a nearby field.
 Wyatt's team added a few players this spring, and he's been playing a lot of defense.  I get anxious just watching him play goalie!
 He seems to enjoy playing defense, but I know that he and Jack really want to get in there and score goals.
I had to take the big boys home with me quickly between games last week.  The other team's parents were shouting "Get the ball past them!,"and "Be aggressive!" at their kids every time Wyatt and Jack went to block them (and succeeded).  I asked them how that made them feel, and Wyatt said, "They probably think that yelling at their kids motivates them, but it really motivates us."  And Jack followed that up with, "Yeah, that just gives us strength to kick the ball back down the field and score."   Next week I expect them to tell me that they're "letting their haters be their motivators."  Ha!

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