Monday, October 5, 2015

Open House for the Smalls

It seemed like summer went on forever around here (thanks to a late Labor Day), so I was pretty happy when Open House was back on my agenda!  

Hudson's teacher actually ended up in Alaska during the last week of break, so we had gone to his "official" meet the teacher the week before, but he went with us to Finley's too.  They both have "repeat teachers."  Hudson has Ms. Cathy for Pre-K just like Reesie did, and Finley has Ms. Sherri, just like Hudson!

She was so ready for her chance to go to school!

Now that Hudson is in his third year of Preschool, he thinks he's big stuff.  He told Finley he didn't really need to go to Open House because he's been going to school for years.

I can't believe that this is their only year of school together and Hudson's final year of preschool. They've both been making the drop offs and pick ups here since the week after they came home from the hospital.  I still remember Finley screaming during the entire car ride for the first three weeks when Wyatt and Reese were still there.

I can't seem to find a picture of Reese and Wyatt, but here are Hudson and Reesie!  She was going into Pre-K like H, and he was on his way to three year old class like FQB!
And here are the Smalls walking into the school with Daddy!

We did our traditional Post-Open House Skinny Dip date with our Prechoolers.  They are going to have a great year!

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