Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring Softball

I guess I didn't blog much at all about our fall sports, so I figured the best place to start with spring sports is softball!  Reese finished up her final t-ball season last spring, and was 100% convinced that softball was the best choice for her.  We waited a bit to see if she would change her mind (Brian could coach her baseball team, he would stay with kids he's coached for a few years, and we think she could show those boys a thing or two on the field), but she wanted to play with "just girls."

Well, it took no time for us to see that she was totally right in her decision to play softball.  She LOVES it.

She ended up on a team with the best coaches, the best girls, and she learns a LOT.  Everything on this team "clicks" and you can see it on how the girls play, how they interact, and by the numbers in their win/loss columns!

Reesie knows what's going on when she's on the field, and she is focused.  She puts in her time in the outfield, but she also loves playing pitcher, shortstop, and third base.
I think one of the things that she loves about softball is that her team wears shorts. Ha!  No, but really, she was never a fan of baseball pants and belts, so I think the right clothes make softball even better!

 She is starting to hot her stride at the plate.  She and Brian have been working on her swing to find something that makes her comfortable!

Last week she hit her first "home run" at practice.  This is one of the best things about her team.  They get so excited for each other when they make big plays or hit well!

She also REALLY loves to catch.  It's probably her favorite position to play.

I think she likes being involved in every play!
And she can gun it back to the pitcher.

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