Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring Baseball

Wyatt is loving always!  He is on a rec team this spring with a lot of his friends (kids he knows from playing with them forever, kids from his fall team, and even a few friends from school), and that always makes it more fun. 

Now that he's in Kid Pitch, there is so much going on!  He has to hit well off the kids who are pitching for the first time, be prepared if they're not throwing well (i.e. the ball is coming at his head!), focus on pitching, focus on throwing strikes, worry about runners, worry about the catcher not catching the ball, worry about BEING the catcher and letting the ball pass, and then worry about throwing out the runner.  It's SO much for the kids all at once.

Wyatt started Pitching Lessons last summer, when his old travel team was getting ready for their new season. He was going about once a week. They did a great job teaching him the basics, and he does a pretty good job practicing his form.  When he throws hard and focuses, man alive is he good at throwing strikes.  But if he's even just a little unfocused, well, those bases sure can get loaded awfully fast!  Ha!

I will say that he has a great coach (haha!), and his arm work is carefully monitored.  How often he pitches, how often he throws, where he's all checked closely by Daddy!  We never want his pitch count to be too high.  Wyatt has friends his age whose arms have already given them problems! That is absolute INSANITY to me!
And speaking of travel teams, this kid joined a new one.
More about that soon!

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